59.Gestopo in America,

Police state?

Innocent until found guilty?

The cops want justice, just in case you’re innocent. Beatings.

You bet! Justice in our courts? Police brutality?

Read all the comments to this blog, from Citizen Victims ^

Tyranny in our nation increases.


Terrorists in America, you bet, the IRS, the ATF, the FBI,

the POLICE, the Code Enforcement Officers,

the Politician that takes away your rights.

This is real terrorism. We must stop police brutality.


This is a real problem in our nation, and it’s going to get worse.

We must STOP this:

If you don’t own a gun, it’s time to buy one, to protect you from the police.

The police may stop you if you are driving,

without any charge they can demand you exit from the car,

be subject to being searched,

and arrested

for any resistance, guilty!

Guilty of what?

Never mind WHAT,

you are already guilty of resisting arrest.

Well screw the police, most cops are out to screw you,

it’s time to fight back For FREEDOM.

What we have are Cowards in Blue, who love kicking ass, yours.


At this very moment in this nation,

you are subject to being “Stopped and Searched”

by the police,

at any time you are in public view.

You do not have to be subject to arrest for any crime at the time.

The police may confront you,

just for being out of your home,

even on your own property outside of the home.

Obey the police or else?    

Never ever trust the police.


The police do not like you taking pictures of anything,

especially the police in action, or pictures of any buildings,

or any outdoors subjects,

even though such photography is legal.

You will be subject to abuse, confiscation, arrest,

brutality, all by those who are suppose to protect and serve.


IV Amendment: The right of the people

to be secure in their persons, houses, papers,

and effects,

against unreasonable searches and seizures,

shall not be violated,

and no Warrants shall be issued,

but upon probable cause,

supported by Oath or affirmation,

and "particularly describing the place to be searched",

and the persons or things to be seized.


Innocent prisoner must still be executed, Why?

It might be you next.


Just like Supreme Court Justice Scalia wrote in the Troy Davis matter,

proving "actual innocence" after conviction does not necessarily mean

you won't still be executed or spend your life behind bars

if you had a trial already!

Troy Davis was executed on 24 Sept. 2011

Still claiming he was innocent to the last moment.

No evidence he committed any murder.

But the cops are convinced THEY, solved that crime,

at least "someone" died for it, innocent or not.

San Diego, CA police do not have to obey the law.


This comes up with an offer to purchase the film now.

But you get the idea what it was about.

Read the text on the opening page

under the heading

ACLU Statement on Raid at Progressive Candidate's Fundraiser

and see what happened in this location.


That sounds great, except the Internal Revenue Service

does not have to abide by that law,

nor your local Code Enforcement Officers,

and other government officials

who demand you open your door,

and let them search your property,

these appointed thugs may demand entrance,

to search your home,

for anything they determine may be illegal.


Cases of the IRS anonymously knocking on doors

demanding the resident show proof they have filed income taxes.

This in the land of the Free, and home of the Brave?

Not anymore.


How brave are you? I’ll be brave for you

when I’m elected as your President

Read the following: http://www.maxexchange.com/ybj/chapter7.htm

When will you fight back?



Will reveal what is happening all over our nation every day,

by out of control Gestapo type police.

“Protect and Serve”?

No way in hell.

It’s “Sit down and shut up”, or else.

“We the People”

must restore Justice to our citizens.


How dare we demand respect and justice,

who do we think we are.

We have made a mistake empowering some of

these thugs, Abuse is Rampant.



Next Example: 29th of July 2009:


I wish there was a way I could make this


“flash and sirens blaring” to get your attention.


I want you to look at this site, this is happening in Los Angeles Country,

to residents in rural areas,

“No warrants needed”,

read how District Attorney “representatives”

just openly demand citizens exit homes, arms held high,

so Code Enforcement and other county agents

can enter your property to see if you have any Code problems.

I want you to read between the lines,

NOTICE the statement that

“The District Attorney agents first enter citizens property,

“with no Warrant”,

“with guns drawn”,

just in case citizens

“try to protect their Constitutional Rights”.

Then agents in “4” FOUR cars invade the property

to confront and harass citizens.


Folks, This is America?

Or it was; now it’s the start of the New World Order,

and more police action like this.


Read this!

They call it: Nuisance Abatement. Abatement Teams,

and citizens are the Nuisance.


This is in MY community.

Be sure to read the citizens comments,

I think you will find this interesting, and shocking,

is this happening to all of America?

I hope not, but from my investigations

I believe this is a nation-wide problem.

Have we already lost America?

We must stop this:

Read “more” citizens comments:



Also look at #64 and #65 these are part of this problem in America.


Oakland, CA 15 Nov. 2009 The City of Oakland

has agreed to pay $15,000 to a Paraplegic motorist

who was pulled from his car by police

and thrown to the ground during a traffic stop.

Lorenzo Crenshaw files a civil rights lawsuit

against the city after the October 2007 incident.

Crenshaw who’s paralyzed from the waist down

and drives using hand controls says the officers

had given him permission to reach for his Drivers License

and registration under his seat.

As he was reaching for them,

he said an officer yanked him from the car

and put a knee on his back, causing him “excruciating pain”

Crenshaw was released after the officers searched his car

and found nothing.

He originally asked for $1 Million for unwarranted detention,

and victim assault.

Neither the city nor the officers admitted

to any wrong doing in the settlement.

In other words, this is standard procedure;

that all motorists must endure.

(I see something wrong, don’t you?

I’m sure this is not the only offense against motorists

by these officers)


I repeat: We must stop this:

When the Federal Government admitted

they let 3 men spend 30 years in prison,


but they couldn’t reveal they were innocent,

because it would make the FBI look bad.

Are you next?


when our police system wants to screw you.






Read all of this and you will see why I hate COPS.


WE are going to have a lot more of this all over our nation.


It’s time we Citizens rise up and stop this crime against innocent Americans


Chicago police abuse



other police abuse, Passaic, NJ and others.


Idaho cops demand identification illegally



We must stop this:

You can even be ordered: to exit your home,

or else;

to be searched,

under the threat that

“If” they have to get a search warrant to enter your home

it will be worse for you, so you had better submit right now!

OR “You are going to be in more trouble if you defy the police”.

Because: They are only here to try to help you,

if you help (SUBMIT to) them.


We must stop this:

You do not have to be accused of any crime for the police to do this,

any refusal, and you go to jail.

If the police order you to “STOP”,



to being Searched by the “AUTHORITY”

as they call themselves,

without any charge of committing any crime.

You are suspicious;

you are not Law Enforcement,

therefore you are a suspect.

At any time, you can be held for 72 hours on suspicion,

time after time, with no charges made against you.

This is 100% wrong. A good cop is a dead cop.


We must stop this:

Have you ever watched the Police shows on TV?

Where they stop citizens in public,

and demand identification and “submit to being searched”?

Did you learn anything when you watched this?

What if this is “you” next time?


Freedom Fighter Radio.net

Outrageous Police Abuse in Milwaukee Wisconsin


I want the 4th Amendment of the Bill of Rights

to protect you at all times, ANYWHERE,

“against Unlawful Search and Seizure”.

I want all of our Bill of Rights Restored, and Enforced.


Now that the police believe they have the right to stop you

and search you at any time, and any place.

Many citizens believe that if they are innocent,

that they have no reason to worry,

and feel the police really mean well,

and are merely trying to combat crime in the community.


In my community of Lancaster, CA the city recently

wanted permission to use aerial scanning of our back yards

to see what we had and what we were doing.

Total invasion of our Rights,

but the citizen uproar put an end to that idea.

But this is the mind-set of many of our politicians,

to spy on us at every opportunity.

August 2012

The city of Lancaster, Ca  is now spending $200,000 a year

to lease and operate a fixed wing Cessna to patrol our back yards,

to make us safer. Where is my 3” rocket launcher when I need it?


OK? Now suppose the police start coming to your front door,

and demand to search your home, and you personally,

and everyone in the home,

just to make sure you are not doing anything criminal?

Would that be OK,

“so that you can also be sure

none of your neighbors are criminals”?

If you’re not guilty of anything, why should you complain?

Your government just wants to keep your neighborhood safe, is that OK?


Then let's have the IRS monitor your bank account

to make sure you are paying your bills,

and why did you spend “X” number of dollars on Alcohol last month,

when you still owe someone some bill.

All for your good of course,



Why not have police “drug sniffing dogs”,

in any location of citizens?

On January 21, 2009, I watched police on TV,

take an accused citizens money,

place that money hidden behind the gas cap on the police car,

then have a dog search for drugs,

and when the dog identified this citizens money

as containing the odor of drugs,

the citizen was arrested.

While it’s common knowledge that 99% of our money tests positive for drugs.

Of course the police confiscated that money for the police fund. 

Did that gas cap test positive for drugs?

Did the cop place his money in the same situation, NO

No conflict of interest there.

NOTE: The cops didn’t have the dog test their own money for drugs.


In an American city July 2012 the cops

convinced the city council

to fund the purchase of Dogs,

trained in “sniffing out drugs”,

as they believe

“it will bring in more money for the city”.


If you are in any public accessible place,

such as an apartment lobby or hallway,

you are subject to be searched,

questioned and DETAINED,

without being accused of any crime.



Innocent 13 year old arrested in her front yard by cops,

and charged with being a prostitute.

Read about our out of control so called police in Texas.

Is your child next?

Are you next? So you want this abuse to continue in America?

Let's stop this.


Lets return: Freedoms to America;

our Police are out of control.

You must have government ID on you at all times,

when they ask for: “Your papers please”


Do you realize that police can have a drug sniffing dog

search the hallways of any apartment or hotel hallway,

to sniff out any drug odor,

then force your apartment door open, and arrest you.

You are wrong of course,

but you are subject to search at anytime.


Watch for more roadblocks to check your ID,

under the guise of looking for drunk drivers.

BUT! They check you for any Warrants,

Unpaid tickets or whatever illegal thing you may be guilty.

Traffic stops must be for driving offenses only,

or to actually charge you as a Specific Crime suspect,

not a fishing exploration.


Anywhere within 100 miles of the American borders, cars can be stopped,

you and the contents of your car are subject to search,

by the Border Patrol,

searching for Illegal Aliens they don’t, and didn’t catch at the border.

They do not have to have any other reason,

and you will submit, or else.

WE must stop this:


Yes! Suspicion of Drunk Driving is a driving infraction

that gives the police the legal right to stop you and determine if

you are drunk, but that is “all” they should have a right to do.


Legal? Yes! In reality, because they say: Driving is a Privilege not a Right.

I say that as long as you obey all driving rules, you have a RIGHT to drive.


You are subject to search; at ANYTIME you are in public even if you are walking.


On TV I’ve watched what I’m sure are well meaning Harbor Police

 confront swimmers in bathing suits,

and how dare that swimmer not have any ID on them.

This stupidity bothers me;

the arrogance of some police officers is shocking.

It’s that attitude that bugs me.

When we are all tattooed with an ID # this problem will end


I will take on the Supreme Court to restore our RIGHTS.


Unless there is Probable Cause to search your car,

such as visible contraband,

the police must not have the right to search you, or your car.

America Will not: continue to be a “Police State”

under MY power.


When you submit to having that (Radio Frequency Identification Device) RFID

inserted in your arm, then the police will be able to identify you

immediately, up to 40’ away.

Won’t that be nice?

You will be so much safer then: Won’t you?

We must stop this:


Now they can instantly identify criminals:

That’s great, until they decide: “You are a criminal”.

Did you recently vote for some law,

the government really wanted to deny you some right?

How dare you vote against some Government plan!

Then some judge says: You were wrong,

and the government has the Right

to deny you anything they want


Read the facts that I base some of my anger,

on the behavior of the police actions in America.

The police are the major government authority that most of us face most of the time.

NO more 4th, 5th, or 6th amendment for Americans anymore.

Is this the New America you want to continue?

WE must stop this:

Where is our 4th Amendment?

It’s in the gutter?

It keeps the government from its quest.


We’ve got your number!

In 1936 Social Security was started, to help seniors;

that upon retirement would have a small financial income to retire.

Just register for Social Security so your income would be calculated,

so someday you would qualify for retirement income.


We were assured that this “numbering system”

would only

be used for Social Security and “nothing else”.


But your SS # SOON became an identifier when filing your taxes,

and now other government files about your life.


You guard your SS #, why, everyplace you have to give them your number,

gives clerks and others in each office,

your name, address, age, date of birth, etc and your SS #.

Then occasionally companies, admit to loss of your information

in a file that contains all of your financial data.

You are constantly at risk of Identity Theft.


This then became a demanded,

part of your income tax information.

You did not get to deduct the amount of Social Security

from the amount you paid Income Taxes on,

so when you retired you would not have to pay

income taxes on your retirement income from Social Security,

“IF” you live long enough to collect Social Security.

Fifty percent of men are dead by age 48,

what happened to their Social Security taxes,

“That they” or other citizens (who died before retirement),

SS that they paid, that they will never have a chance

to collect from Social Security?

You list the SS you paid for the Year on your IRS return,

they tell us, that’s to give us credit

if we had more than One employer,

and overpaid your SS contributions for that year.

Whoope Doo.


President Clinton changed that, if you make over a certain income, $25,000,

your Social Security Income is taxed,

and now everyone demands that you give them:

Your Social Security “NUMBER”.


At first you only needed a Social Security number when you started to work.

Then it was decided that when you filed income taxes and listed dependents,

it would be necessary that each child had Social Security number,

just for Legal Income Tax requirements.

(of course)

What next your SS # tattooed on your arm?


Do you see where I’m going with this?

Next, when you got a Drivers License,

the State Government’s want your Social Security number,

"just for more Identification".

I am trying to open your eyes to what governments

can, “AND IS” doing.

Then the state tells you,

you must have a State issued Photo ID card

in your possession at all times,

even if you don’t drive.


No bank account, if you do not give them your Social Security number, why?

\What does your bank account have to do with Social Security?

OH! That’s right, our government wants to know all the money you have,

that you haven’t spent, or what you spent your money on.

Maybe you do not really need Social Security money

they promised you if you lived long enough.

The Feds, now say:

You have to meet a “means test”,

to make sure you are poor enough to get a return from SS.

When the time comes, and you retire.

(Did I mention the government has spent all the money you invested

to pay your Social Security

if and when you have lived long enough to apply to retire)


When I apply for Electric utilities for my home, or Gas,

or telephone service, or other services,

they want my Social Security number,

or else no service.

Bit by bit,

our government has instituted this identification scheme.

So how to increase this?


A semiconductor chip was invented so if your pet became lost,

our government could trace your pet. GREAT.

Next came the sly bit that to “help locate children”

that if you have what is now called an RFID chip implanted in your child,

that would aid in tracing your child,

if the child were abducted. Sounds great?


So our government claims that soon,

all children should be injected with this device

for their own safely of course.

So you grow up with an imbedded ID device

and you accept that as best for society.

You have accepted giving your Social Security number to everyone,

being told, “No number, No service”, so you submit.

Since you have submitted

to giving your Social Security number.

You will submit to more of this ID checking as normal.


Remember the ID numbers on the arms of Jewish prisoners in Germany, are you next?

Now they can read that chip you will have in your arm as far away as 40 feet.


Well! Keep researching this website

and others about the New World Order.

It’s shocking.

It’s treason against the nation our founders

struggled to give us, a nation that our veterans

have fought and died to protect for you,

and we are letting our leaders steal our freedoms,

without a fight at all.

Shame. What next?

NO ability to make any purchase

if you do not have an imbedded RFID in your arm, as ID.

That’s the plan. Is that the mark of the devil? 666


POLICE ACTION: Lets disarm our police,

so the criminals will behave with less violence!

If you think, fighting crime with “no violence”

will make this a safer nation; dream on.

All of these dreamers that think if we just disarm all citizens

that our nation will be safer,

I will attend your funeral so I can laugh at your naiveté.


Now there are many problems with our police protection;

we do not have “any protection”, only arrests after the fact,

if at all, of course the police “cannot” protect us per se.


We must protect ourselves first, the police can’t be everywhere,

and with DNA research now, many crimes can be solved

IF the police have DNA samples to detect the criminal.

Just discovered 7 May 2008, try this website for police actions:


Do we have a Police State?


Search more on Google for “Police State”


On Feb 1-7, 09 Texas authorities admit a 39 year-old-man died

in their custody in prison,

when it has now been proven he was innocent.

Isn’t that satisfying?

It’s things like this that just make me sick, how about you?


The police report that they don’t arrest Illegal Aliens,

that being in this country illegally is only a Federal Crime,

and they don’t enforce Federal Crimes.


Wonder if that would work for robbing Banks?

Why should it be a crime for me to rob a bank?

I’d only be trying to improve my income.

Then if they try to stop me, and shoot at me, can I sue them for injuring me,

and send the guard or police to jail for attempted murder, or murder?


Of course once I’m out of the bank, I’ll tell the police,

“You can’t arrest me, I’ll rob banks if I want to,

and you can’t send me to jail, I have rights in this country,

that money should be mine,

and you can’t do anything about it.”

Works for the Illegal Aliens, doesn’t it?


I do believe in gathering DNA evidence from everyone arrested, if that person is found guilty,

but if that person is innocent, any DNA sample must be discarded completely,

the sample taken must be used only for the crime being accused of committing,

and nothing else, unless that person is convicted of THAT crime,

then reviewing the DNA for previous maybe crimes would be OK.

This is to stop the police of dragging everyone in,

one at a time to build up a DNA database for future use.


Recently one of the DNA test companies was forced

to release the DNA test results in their possession to the Police.


I’ll tell you what is coming,

just like your child must now have a SS# before age 1,

a DNA taken of each child at birth, and registered with the SS#,

so each child can be totally legally identified

at any time later to prove who they actually are.


We must control the police stopping citizens;

based upon thinking they look suspicious.

Any stop must be based upon the citizen being charged with an “actual reported,

or observed” crime, if not guilty of “that” crime, “any” other evidence

is inadmissible at that time,

or in the future for what may be discovered at that moment.


As I said, I fear that it will become the law,

that every child at birth must have a DNA record

as part of their Social Security plan.

Probably when they insert the RFID chip in your child.


Any arrest “on suspicion of”,

and the defendant is found innocent

must not be recorded against that person’s permanent police record, at all.

No record can be kept of that occurrence.

All too often I’ve heard the expression,

Well you have been picked up on suspicion a number of times,

and you got away with crimes before,

but we’ve got you this time.


The Constitution states that we are to be safe

“Against unreasonable search, and seizures of persons

(and I’ll enforce that to extend to your vehicle),

houses, papers, and effects,

and “no warrants” shall be issued, but for probable cause”.

Citizens are constantly stopped, and searched in total disregard

to the protection of the Constitution.

Unless you are being charged with any crime,

and that must be an investigation for that specific crime,

it is no business of the police, who you are.


The Border patrol agents now tell us the Constitution and Bill of Rights:

Do not exist within 100 mile of our borders.

That we can be stopped and searched "against our Will"

 at anytime we are driving on American highways,

at that “place and time”, “we have no rights”

and must submit to search, and detainment if they so desire.

That’s certainly frightening,

when they decide Illegal Aliens are all over the nation,

so they can set up Road Blocks when and wherever they want.

Of course they already do that to see if we are drunk,

or have any Police wants, or?

This is happening right now in Tennessee, and Michigan 2011.


I keep hearing shock from citizens

when I’m warning them what is happening,

"stating that we have rights",

and even if cops overstep their authority,

that the courts protect us.



If the police tell you (demand you) to “STOP”, and you don’t;

you can be arrested for “failure to Submit”,

IF you Run, you may be shot,

even if you are innocent of any crime,

you must “stop and submit” to the police

and everything may be OK,

OH! The cops might think you fit the profile of some criminal,

but you are innocent,

OH! Maybe not, the prosecutor might offer you a deal,

confess to “some crime” they haven’t solved,

and the judge will give you less time in prison.

What! You are innocent?

So what, do you want to serve 3 years or 20 years,

when they convict you anyway?


But: “You are innocent!” Yeah! So what!

The police are above reproach.

Keep reading.


You are subject to being “Stopped and Searched” anytime you are out in the public,

regardless of you being innocent of any crime,

you are informed that you “Will stop” and you Will be subject to search at will,

by the police, or else.

They do not even have to tell you

if there are any charges until you are in court.


They read you your rights,

(if you decide not to say anything, that makes the cops even angrier),

and then lock you up.

The cops have many unsolved crimes,

and if they pick you as “guilty”,

then they can show the public,

they are protecting the community and getting criminals

(YOU) off the streets.

Makes the cops look good, and makes you Guilty.

This makes me mad.

No more Plea Bargaining,

either prove the arrestee guilty or stop this.


There is a case right now Oct. 09 where a young girl swore

that 7 people were involved in molesting and raping her,

the seven people even admitted guilt.

Now the girl claims she made all of it up,

and her conscience is bothering her,

and wants these people released from Prison.

The court and prisons are reluctant to do so,

because the defendants admitted guilt.

Why would they admit guilt if they were innocent?

I’ll tell you why, some prosecutor probably

offered them Plea Bargains, if they admit Guilt,

they’d get less sentence.

NO plea and they’d spend probably 20 years in prison.

How many innocent people are in prison, because of forced Plea Bargaining?

That is such a crime against our citizens.


There are many innocent people now getting out of prison,

who have served years, and were 100% innocent.

Think you are safe!

Can you afford a lawyer, or even find a lawyer that is willing to help you?

Or an attorney that is “capable” of representing you. Heaven help you.


Author John Grisham’s book “The Innocent Man”,

about convictions in this nation of innocent citizens,

railroaded by the police,

the prosecutor,

the courts

the prisons,

citizens in prison innocent,

and some have been executed, because the law really doesn’t care,

as long as someone was convicted,

that’s all that is necessary.

Why do we submit to these transgressions of justice?

I’m tired of this treason against our citizens

that can’t really afford a good defense.

You may be next; do you look like someone

that might be identified as the person that committed some crime?


How would you defend yourself?

I want real defense for you if you’re innocent.

Once the police arrest you,

“they” are sure they have a criminal locked up,

or they would not have arrested you.

Now YOU have to convince the cops you are innocent,

they do not believe you.

Nor “do they have to or want to believe you”.

Do you think the Jury considers you innocent until proven guilty?


Jan 1, 08, COPS program on TV, knock on door of motel room,

because tenant was making a number of phone calls, suspicious?

The police first checked the name of the occupant,

and was aware even before they knocked on the door,

that one of the occupants “had” been on probation.

Upon searching the room, they found a drug pipe, “arrested”!

So make sure you don’t make too many phone calls,

or you are under suspicion.

Justice? I don’t think so.


With the “New World Order” it will be worse.

The cops are already “monitoring how many phone calls you make”?


What the hell is going on in America?

It is common knowledge that if you seem to be

using excessive electrical power the police want to check your home

to see if you are using a lot of lights to grow marijuana.

They use audio surveillance with very directional microphones, to listen in on you.

Not much, but any occurrence is an infringement of our rights.

We have a lot of crime in America,

and I want to sit down with the police in our nation,

and honestly discuss what is legal, and what we can do,

we have to do something, our crime is up 200% to 500% since 1960

all over our nation.

Did you know that in the day of Dial Phones the cops were able to listen in to your home

even if the phone was hung up,

is was possible for them to connect to the microphone in your phone.


Cute joke right how, someone is looking at a pushbutton phone

and asking what does it mean to “dial” the phone?

Where is the dial? DIAL 911, hmmm.


Police respond, take a lot of reports,

but not much actual solving of our crimes.


How many in prison are guilty of real crimes?

We see a lot of police chasing automobiles,

very exciting to see the police in action,

but driving infractions are only the tip of the crime wave in our nation.

Yet those infractions get the most attention of the police.

The police love those chases, real action, and excitement.

Have you been burglarized?

Have the police actually found your property?

or did they just make a report

so you can submit that to your insurance agency?


Rape, assault, auto theft, crime after crime statistic,

and how much of that is actually solved?

Not much.

Who are in our prisons?

Drug users, and those convicted and sentenced on “Plea Bargaining”?

We have to do something in this nation to protect us “from the police”,

and to get justice.

What we are doing, does not seem to be the solution,

and yet stay within our Constitution, and Bill of Rights.

As far as I’m concerned, only American citizens have any rights

 and we don’t have many rights either.


Can you imagine our police force, when the Constitution

is repealed by the North American Union?

We will be told we have no rights,

that police can be judge and jury, right on the spot.


Beware: As I said about electing any Republican or Democrat,

as either party will continue to remove our borders,


Our government officials constantly try to overstep the Constitution,

and Bill of Rights,

or we would not have cases brought before the Supreme Court

to decide what law overstepped our rights.

Now, those members, who may still not be on the side of the citizens,

have staffed the Supreme Court.


With all of police action, are we safer than let's say 1960?

Check out the crime rate in America here. 



Do you feel safe in our nation?

I sure don’t. I don’t know all the answers,

but we need to do more that we have been doing.

Solve a lot more crimes, with more police if we need to do so,

and not just more manpower,

but more intelligence in the departments.

Small town America can’t afford this; so let's work towards finding a solution.


More, and more police departments will come under control of the Federal Government,

as the Fed’s contribute money to the police departments,

and now will decide how the police departments enforce the laws against citizens.

In other words, either the local police follow federal orders,

or the federal government will take over the local police departments.

That is not a bad thing, as many local laws

supersede Federal Laws given to us under the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

I want more crime solved but: We must have justice in America.


I don’t really believe “all the police” are bad.

In police training they have been indoctrinated with this attitude,

“To believe they are superior to the citizen, that citizens are trash”, don’t give in.

They make themselves the Moral Police.

Very few small town police are professionally trained,

just hired from the local population, by friends in City Hall.

With all the criminals out there in public, the cops are fired

if they don’t arrest someone:

the boss thinks they are not doing their job.

So arrest, arrest, arrest. YOU.


Read the “Bill of Rights”, that’s your rights to be safe in America,

that was “until” Bush cancelled The “Bill of Rights”,


“The Homeland Security and Terrorist Act”,

and the “Military Commissions Act of 2006”,

so you “are not” guaranteed your day in court.


Do you have Hispanic gangs running your community?

You had better keep quiet, wouldn’t want to offend

some Hispanic gang members, you racist you.


The recent (Oct 2005) videotaped arrest of a citizen in New Orleans, LA,

a 63-year-old African American man, a retired school teacher,

was being assaulted by the police as they attempted to arrest him,

claiming he was drunk.

He claimed he hasn’t had a drink of alcohol in 25 years,

this demonstrates the typical police action in all of America.

Now the local TV station personnel were trying to Videotape this event.

The assault on a TV station personnel who witnessed the event

shows how the police use intimidation to stop the videotaping

of wrong doing by the police,

the obvious action of the officer on horseback

who backed up his horse to prevent another person videotaping that event,

shows what is wrong with the police in all of America.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWNJra1iAWM New Orleans justice at work. Stop this.

Sorry Hurst removed this site, too controversial, showed cops on horseback,

backing up to block view of police brutality.


The belief of most police is “They are the police, and you are shit”.

I’ve had enough of this attitude, haven’t you?

What they want is total submission,

keep your mouth shut,

obey every command,

or they are willing and ready to shoot you.

Well that does not set right with me.

Bull, we have rights,

and I demand my Rights, do you?


As a young man in Los Angeles, CA (1944-1950),

I was occasionally (all too often) stopped by the police,

because I was walking home after midnight,

walking because I didn’t have a car,

(remember we just got over WW II, and cars were hard to come by)

the buses, and streetcars stopped running by midnight.

I would be detained for as much as a half hour while they checked me out,

placed in the patrol car with the door locked, totally unreasonable,

and treated as though guilty of something,

how dare I be walking at that time of night.

I was not guilty of anything, and was never convicted for any crime

because of that, that was “unreasonable behavior” by the police.

Where have I been? Where am I going? None of their business, as long as I’m not loitering,

I’m headed somewhere, I’m not hiding,

and yet it’s after midnight

so I must be guilty of “not owning a car”.


I’ll admit, I was uncooperative, and mouthy, but I was not guilty of anything other than

“not respecting cops that are about to arrest me”, when I’m not guilty of “anything”.

I was never drunk,

I was not standing still,

I was walking,

Guilty maybe of failure to Kiss Ass,

but I don’t KISS ASS.

I demand my Constitution and

“Bill of Rights”, so I hate cops with a passion.

We need police, but I demand the police respect and protect our Rights.


We actually live in a police state; you just didn’t believe it.

You only thought you had rights.

On 7 occasions during this time (1945-1949) I was actually locked up,

on suspicion for two days or more, but never convicted,

because I was never guilty of any crime,

and when released as “INNOCENT”,

there was absolutely no apology or financial payment for my time lost at work,

just “you’re lucky you were innocent”,

and of course with each successive detainment,

they still had on record that I had been in jail before

(even though I was innocent),

so certainly I must finally be guilty of something. Bastards.

Not only that, they release you in downtown Los Angeles at 2 AM,

when NO Buses or Street Cars are running,

it’s up to you to figure out how you are going to get home.

Totally pisses me off.

Good cops are few and hard to find, but there are a few.

It’s time for cops to respect OUR RIGHTS.



However, one time I was arrested one night in August 1949 (I was 22)

walking home after work (about 9:40 PM at a well lit intersection, 6th and Wilton Pl. in Los Angeles, CA,

a block from where I lived in a rented room.),

I was stopped;

Stopped on “Suspicion of Burglary”,

and as I tried to explained to the officers that they could escort me

back to a local drug store lunch counter (at Wilshire, and Western)

where the counter clerk could verify that I had just left there

a few minutes before, and had sat there for at least a half hour.

I had a small cosmetic case with electronic tools in it, as I was a TV repairman,

and had a soldering iron, screwdrivers, and other tools,

plus a roll of black plastic electrical tape.

A bag of purchases (phonograph records) that I had bought about an hour before that,

and that a TV store owner could have verified that I had been with him, in fact

“at the said drug store counter”, talking about business with him.

A nearby home was burglarized, and had a broken window

that someone had used black “cloth” automotive tape to hold the glass together.

So I was under suspicion because of the tape.

The cops refused to go back to the drug store to verify my alibi.


I was held until the next afternoon, after my employer

had contacted my parents as to why I didn’t come to work,

only then, when my family tried to find me,

and found I had been arrested, that my family tried to verify my alibi.

My parents had to get the TV storeowner, and the drug store clerk,

and bring them to the police station to verify my alibi; only then was I released,

with no apology from the police again.

The police “would not, could not” be bothered to check my alibi,

after all as far as they were concerned I was guilty,

why waste their time on facts.


I did not get my tools, or phono record purchases returned;

they were kept for evidence. Why?

That one incident colored my opinion the rest of my life,

as I saw more and more of this police behavior versus citizens.

How many citizens are arrested every day on the same kind of police action?


I’ve hated the police ever since that incident.

Again: “Where I was coming from, and where I was going to”, “was, and is” no business of the police.

How dare I not afford a car, and now the government wants more of us to use public transportation,

when such is not safely available, at least every 10 to 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Honestly, I wouldn’t stand on any street corner,

or walk anywhere in Los Angeles, Detroit, Cincinnati, Saint Louis, or New Orleans,

or many other cities in America anymore, day, or night.


In my opinion, only Vancouver, WA seemed to be a very safe city. OOOP’s wrong again,

the gangs have invaded and taken over another American city,

property values dropping fast, but Vancouver built a new 1000 man jail,

to hold those guilty of minor crimes, murder, carjacking,

assault and battery, larceny, etc.

Just another beautiful city destroyed,

thanks to the lack of Homeland Security.


Remember the passenger in a NY subway that shot

the four Black passengers that accosted him

and demanded he give them his wallet?

The cops wanted to convict him for using “self defense”,

he should have just given them his money and reported it to the police.

Is that justice?

No way.

You are not supposed to fight back, just submit,

and make a police report, of which not much is ever solved.


Some police are honest; “caring for society,” type people

but overwhelmed by the amount of crime that they have little chance of solving.

The police indeed have a hard job, and over time get jaded in meeting citizens.

They get to a point that everyone they meet is a likely suspect.


The police must be allowed to determine the citizenship of anyone

legally stopped for a valid legal reason, but not a witch-hunt,

since our government has allowed so many people

in to this country without proper permission.


A simple prove “who you are”, should be sufficient


they have a “valid” reason to question you.

Show ID “if and only if” you are being charged for a specific crime.

But I’ll tell you, if you don’t speak English, and have no Passport,

you are immediately under suspicion.


If the police ask your permission to search your home, person, or car,

and you say NO, that’s it, NO means NO.

Of course their attitude is

“What! How dare YOU tell us NO”.

What the police really mean is that they are going

to search your home, or car, and you’d better say OK, “or else”.

The Cops real attitude is that if you have nothing illegal,

why should you deny them the right to search your home, or car, that is wrong.

That is not what the 4th Amendment said.


People are being convinced that you must submit to being searched,

after all what do you have to hide if you’re not doing anything wrong.

Wake up Americans. THIS IS WRONG


One of their tactics is to stop a car for a burned out taillight,

or some minor vehicle infraction, “you were weaving back there”!

We must stop the fishing expedition used by some police,

to search people, vehicles, and homes.

Cops may only give you an order to get a defect repaired, and “nothing else”.

State Police in Louisiana were finally convicted of stopping interstate drivers

with out of state licenses, and vehicles confiscated and money seized,

leaving motorists as victims.

But the cops were not sent to jail or anything, just fired.


Remember the movie “1984”, where microphones were placed in every home,

with voice recognition software to detect any seditious conversations.

If you are not doing anything illegal

why not allow the government to monitor all conversation in your home?

What do you have to hide?


Do you want a police state? If you open the door to your home when an officer knocks,

“and” you let him enter, the officer then has “Carte Blanche”

to search your home without any further orders, do not.

“Under any circumstance” ever let an officer enter your home,

talk to them with them outside, do not step out of the house,


if “you: have not called the officer for help”.


We must re-establish the rights of citizens to be secure

in their “person, papers, and place”.

 4th Amendment.

Too many of our police in this country are not educated,

as a police officer should be trained.

Unfortunately some of our police do many illegal things,

and demand citizens give up civil rights, or else.

“Police do lie”.

They threaten you, and then tell you, they are just trying to help you,

and “if you help them, they will help you”.


Make them prove every little bit.

These orders do not include the IRS, as they are immune to the 4th Amendment.


A lot of the police use intimidation under The color of Blue, how dare you think you’re innocent.

They are the Police, and you do not confront the behavior of the Police.

The police must do things legally, or be arrested for their own misbehavior,

as they demand we submit to them, or else. 

How dare we confront the police when they misbehave?

There is way too much illegal police action in this country.

Who do we think we are? American Citizens?


Thank goodness citizens now have Camcorders to video record police action as evidence.

We have seen police demand a citizen stop recording,

and demand they delete the recording by the citizen, why?

The police claim it is against the law to photograph

or videotape any police action,

that only the police have the right to photograph or videotape the police action.

That’s to avoid any proof of misdeeds by the police.

Yet the police assume they have the right to Videotape you,

and do so anytime you are in public”.


Too often the police set themselves up as Judge, and Jury; you’re guilty until you prove you’re innocent. With all of this, I will still demand that when the police tell you to Stop, you must Stop, if you aim a gun at the police, you’re dead. They can affect the arrest, using whatever reasonable power is needed to effect that arrest, (do not run), then hold you over for court, to let the judge, and jury decide that you’re guilty, until that time the police must treat you as “innocent until proven otherwise”. You are guilty of course.


I vividly remember the case shown on TV of where a young black man was running in pouring down rain, and the police hollered to him to “Stop”! He kept on running, he was shot dead, “then” the cops discovered the man was deaf. Oh well, he was probably guilty (running while black) or something wrong anyway. There is too much of this happening in America. We need the police to protect us, yet with intelligence of the rights of the citizens.


I think we citizens should demand that the police videotape all arrest conditions, and have that tape on hand as proof of what happened during the entire arrest procedure. Good, or bad for the behavior of the police. No tape, no conviction. Thank goodness we have the program on TV called “Cops”, I’ve seen bravery, and I’ve seen injustice as we watch the behavior of the police, and I’ve seen compassion on the part of the police, but let's face it, policing is hard, all too often the police overstep legal behavior, then use the power of Blue to avoid punishment.


There are too many Rodney King events in the Police history.  Recently, when a young boy (16) was roughed up by the police in Inglewood, CA, this was videotaped by a citizen across the street from the event; without that taping, citizens would have never known what happened. The police feel this kind of behavior is their right.  Then the citizen who had videotaped the event was arrested, supposedly for some other crime in the past. In other words, “Don’t videotape the police”, or you will be arrested for “something”, guilty, or not. What crime was committed? His father’s car had an expired license tag, and they were in a gas station for refueling. The kid apparently bad mouthed the cops while seated in the passenger seat of the car, removed from the car, now prone across the trunk of the car face down, and the officer in pushing this kids head in to the trunk, the kids hands were handcuffed behind his back, and when the officer came up to him, claimed the kid grabbed his genitals. Who needs police like that? Oh! and the kid was an African American. But then, you knew that didn’t you?


This happened again in February 2006 in San Bernardino County, CA after an accident where the passenger was ordered by the Sheriff to “stand up”, and when he did, he was shot 3 times, fortunately again someone videotaped this event, and the officer is now on trial for attempted murder, (the officer was found Not Guilty of course, but he was fired). This is happening all too often all over America. Again the video-taper was arrested for supposedly being a wanted person in another state, police collusion? Hey! all the police help each other. What else would you expect?


Big point here, and in another item in my presentation, is that if you’re found not guilty after being arrested on “suspicion”, the police/court must pay you for your loss of employment, and freedom while locked up, a minimum of $400 a day while waiting for trial, until released by the court.

We must have more fairness in the trials too, not have the police lie to cover their error.


After release, I will demand the police return the arrestee to the location “of the detainment”, if the person so desires. Not released downtown at 2:01 AM, miles from transportation or safety.


Too many judges, and jurors figure the police must know “if the defendant is guilty”, so the judge/jury finds the defendant guilty as the easy solution. WRONG. If the officer is found guilty of lying, that officer will serve time in jail equal to the sentence the citizen would have faced. Trials just waste so much time, you’re guilty.


Two years ago, my car was vandalized in front of my home, I asked the police for help, I was told that even if I saw someone vandalizing my car, I could not assault that person, or injure that person as that is just a civil matter,

that “if”

I know who the person is, I can take them to small claims court to recover damages. If I don’t know who the person was, or how to find out whom they are, it is not legal for me to do anything, other than court action.


NO help from the police at all.


Then: I asked if I broke the windshield of a police car, would that same law cover that event, no, I would be arrested for that. Funny how there are two different versions of what is legal, of course.