I will enforce that hiring illegal non-citizens is a criminal offense

against the best interests of the nation.

We have E-Verify so employers can check if the applicant is a legal citizen.

Support E-Verify.


Any employer, citizen, big, or little company,

(that includes the CEO) found guilty

of employing any person in this country illegally,

will be subject to imprisonment, one year in prison for each employee/year,

whatever wages paid to the illegal alien

shall be paid in triplicate to the state's unemployment departments

to compensate for the American citizen not filling that job.


Want some yard work done?

Employ an American.

Or pay the penalty.

Do not employ these Day Workers

standing on the corner

unless you verify they are American citizens first. Get ID.


If a job could have been filled by an American citizen

was worth $60,000/yr, and the company pays a legal non-citizen $20,000/yr.

I will tax that employer $40,000 for that period of employment/yr.


I will bring employment back to America.

Tariffs will be stiff on any foreign product

that competes with an American product.

Let's bring production back to America.


Other countries have big tariffs on imports from America,

they donít want American competition with their industries,

and they want us to butt out.


The employer had better make sure that employee is a legal citizen.


With computers now a business standard

we should be able to determine

if the employee/applicant actually

is the same name as on the Social Security number offered as ID,

and make this service available to employers,

who may lack the technical ability to get this confirmation of citizenship,

or legal right to be employed in America.


We do not need 808,000 Foreign workers in our nation each year

under H-1b or any other foreign worker Visaís. Hire Americans.