I will make big changes in our court system. Judges are hired/elected to make legal decisions in a trial. The judges often demand that the citizens must be dressed so as to not offend the judge, this is Justice Denied? I don’t care if

a defendant comes to court in a bathing suit, or is poorly dressed in the best that person can afford, or just wants to appear in public as they wish, even if done to show “the citizens attitude towards the court”, as long as the citizen is dressed decently as would be accepted anywhere on the streets or else, other than in the court.


CRIME! I’ll tell you where more Crime exists than anywhere else in America, “IN OUR COURTS”.


How dare you raise your voice to the judge, he is a supreme person, and you are! well you know that answer.

I am offended by the behavior of the legal system, that lets this injustice continue, “to convict innocent persons”, to make the job of the prosecutor easier. It is time for the Prosecutors to prove the defendant is actually guilty, and stop the practice of “Plea Bargaining” to make their job easier.

PLEA BARGAINING is only good for one reason, to save the prosecutor from having to prove guilt.

That’s why we have the Fifth Amendment, so you cannot be forced to give testimony that will prove your guilt. See # 63


NO more Plea Bargaining.

Of course the Judge can throw you in jail,

until you tell the Judge what he wants to know.

Contempt of Court it’s called, I call that contemptuous.

Oh Well! Just one more of our Rights taken from us because you think you can’t fight back.

And you can’t because the Courts are running the system, not the citizens.


The court systems are open to all citizens to monitor,

the judge is only the referee,

and not above the citizens.

I want the judges to be at eye level from now on

with others in the court.

I have not been a party to any action in the court,

so I’m not complaining about how I was treated, or mistreated.

Not only that, if you’re hearing impaired, and can’t hear the Judge,

he is annoyed that you can’t hear him, how dare you annoy him.

Most Judges have Zero tolerance. We need audio assistance in these cases.


Just on (1Dec 07) a judge was reprimanded because someone’s cell phone went off in the courtroom,

and no one would admit or tell who’s phone it was,

so the judge had everyone in the courtroom arrested and jailed.

That is a disgrace; the arrogance of that judge is beyond belief.


The judges are not Royalty, or above the law, (a throwback to the time of the Judge being his majesties representative), the judge is only a citizen with the knowledge of law, the same as anyone else.

Judges want to impress us that they are special, above us, and infallible. If that is so, and these judges are so knowledgeable about the law, then why can’t the Supreme Court come to a unanimous decision on matters brought before that court?

It is obvious that these judges base rulings upon their personal beliefs, and not the laws of our nation. From now on the Supreme Court must decide “unanimously” on all laws before them, based 100% upon the law. Not on the Judges religious convictions. We have decided that Juries must make unanimous decisions on cases before the Jury. It is time that we hold the Supreme Court Justices to the same standard. 9:0 or nothing at all.


I will also demand that TV cameras be installed in all courtrooms, able to broadcast a wide-angle view of what goes on in every courthouse in the nation, I want our citizens to see what actually goes on in our courts.

We have open courts, the public are invited to attend every court session in person, however not everyone is able to attend in person. So now that TV cameras are so inexpensive, and cable TV is capable of many, many channels, and since cable systems use the city land to distribute their signals to our homes those cable systems, (but not satellite) should donate channels of coverage so “all” citizens can monitor from home, “all” the actions going on in all the courts in that jurisdiction, (except for juvenal court trials). Many judges are not qualified to be on the bench, they overstep our Constitutional rights, they are arrogant, and unfit to make decisions, these judges need to be removed from service and lose all retirement benefits if found guilty by a jury. We hear of cases every year that are just a disgrace of justice. Judge Judy on TV is an example of Power mad decisions; Judge Judy really oversteps the rights of the looser in her court, arrogance deluxe.


Many citizens will be shocked to see what actually goes on in our courtrooms. There are many civil wrongs going on in our courts that need to be observable to the general public from now on.


I’ve seen many miscarriages of justice in our courts, and as usual, citizens are threatened, to shut up if they don’t like it, or to be found “in contempt” if they challenge the judge in any way.

Judges don’t like to be confronted with evidence from YOU, only from the prosecutor. I want changes.


This is injustice in too may cases, is Justice Denied?

This has to stop or we have no Justice in America.