I will set up a schedule of pay for jurors, the Judge is “very” well paid,

the Attorneys are being paid, (unless the lawyer is handling the case Pro Bono,

jurors should get some level of pay

if they are not paid by their employers for serving on jury duty.

It should at least be at least minimum wages (tax free),

and for trials that run more that 10 days service,

the scale of pay should be increased,

so many more Americans can “afford” to do their civic duty. 

Believe me if the Judges, and Attorneys weren’t being paid

they wouldn’t be there either

Only the jurors should donate their time?


I actually believe citizens serving for jury duty

should be paid what they can prove is their normal daily income,

as long as they are on duty.

We fund the court system in America for Justice,

do we get Justice?

Only if you can afford Justice?