First we must stop “Public Law 87-297” to disarm all citizens.


With this law, our government is ready to sell America.


This law allows our government to totally “Disarm all citizens”, then “DISARM OUR MILITARY”.


WHY? So our nation can be turned over to the United Nations “NEW WORLD ORDER”.


Don’t believe me, check this out for yourself:



Read this law on various locations on the Internet.


From internet comment: Currently they cannot confiscate firearms from U.S Citizens,

 but if they declare Martial Law, the Constitution is suspended and obsolete

and our 2nd Amendment right is no longer valid


I will demand that we allow “all” citizens to bear “any and all arms”

to protect themselves as the Second Amendment promises.


The Supreme Court has just decided that the Second Amendment actually meant

that citizens have a right to bear arms, (in the home) based upon a case for the District of Columbia,

but they want it to be only hand-guns, and shotguns, no assault weapons.


Let us review why the Bill of Rights gave us the right in the first place to “Bear Arms”.


A well regulated Militia, being necessary “to the security” of a free State,

the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.


Notice it says: “The People have the right”, not the Militia, while people form “The Militia”

It does not say the Right of the Militia to bear Arms. 

So the people can form a Militia “if and when” needed to protect the rights of the citizens.


If the Supreme Court doesn’t understand that right,

then we must replace the members of the Supreme Court,

with judges who are concerned to support our Constitution.

Currently I don’t believe any member of the court believe in any of our Rights.


We must ensure citizens of the New United States

will be able to protect ourselves from out of control government.


To allow citizens to establish a new government if the current government

should became unbearable for the rights and needs of the citizens.


I’m afraid we have met that point in our history right now.

It is not probable that we could form the necessary Militia to achieve this need,


With the current weapons we are allowed to own,

as our in-power government forces are ready to stop you forming a Militia.


If it should come to the point that our nation is being taken from us,

by those who want to end our Constitution and Bill of Rights,

then we may have to form local Militia’s of Armed Citizens

to protect us from the government.

We have a Constitutional right to do this.


The problem is: Equal power of the citizens vs: the government forces.

That requires us to have equally powered weapons.

Now of course a government that wants to take our rights will tell us first

that we do not have the right to defend ourselves.

Do you want to protect our rights?

The second Amendment did not say we had the right to own ammunition.

Read the opinions of many at the time our Free Nation was founded.



If we need ownership of assault weapons in order “to protect our rights”,

then that’s what we need.


The idea that we can own guns “as long as they are non-operational”

is also not within the meanings of the Second Amendment,

for citizens to protect themselves from an unreasonable government.


That’s like making it against the law to have doors on your home,

as doors gets in the way of those who want to burglarize or rob you.


It did not mean: “To have as Antiques” either.

We need to protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights

 that they are trying to steal from us.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights are not antiques; they are living documents.


This means our rights under the “Constitution, and Bill of Rights”; can be denied by the government.

In this case Federal Law supersedes local laws, and your right to own, and to use a gun.

Start demanding your rights.



GUN CONTROL? The 2nd amendment to the Constitution guaranteed your right to have,

and to use guns to protect yourself and our national sovereignty.

What did the Declaration of Independence say about your right to be armed?

While others tell you that right, was just to have an “armed militia”,

various states now deny you this right,

the local governments say you do not need a gun to protect yourself.

The police will protect you, HA.

You need guns to protect you from the government police.


Thomas Jefferson, "who wrote the Constitution",

wrote: “No Free Man shall ever be debarred the use of guns,

The strongest reason for the people to retain their right to keep,

and bear arms is as a last resort to protect themselves against “tyranny” in government“Nuff said?”

 So demand this right.


Don’t give up our rights for Freedoms: Once lost, lost forever, until the next revolution.

“Without guns, of course”, Understand?

Without the guns that our ancestors had, there would have been no Revolution in 1776.

Without guns now, we can lose that freedom we so love.

We need to stay armed to protect us “from our government”.


Be sure to read about “Public Law 87-297”, and “REX 84” elsewhere in my presentation,

when our government is planning to disarm ALL citizens in the near future.


Our government wants to make sure you citizens can NEVER again take control of your government.


In many states you have the right to own a gun,

but you had better not use it, or you go to jail for trying to protect yourself, WHY?

Keep your gun locked up so intruders won’t get hurt.


If you own guns, do you own them to preserve our Constitution and Bill of Rights?


The founding fathers of our nation, knew citizens needed to be armed to preserve our rights,

to protect us from those we elect to run the nation,

“We have let” our government remove these rights, to protect us from the government.

 It took guns to free us from an intolerable British domination,

do we now have to resort to guns again to keep our freedom,

or can we do it in the ballot box.

Yes! You voted, but you made a mistake, and things are going to get worse, a lot worse,

until you elect someone who wants to RESTORE or nation. Not CHANGE.

We must RESTORE our rights, and continue to protect this nation,

or we will have to totally surrender and be dominated

by the New World Order, One World Government.

Are you ready to surrender? Or fight?


Do any of you gun owners actually believe you can save this nation,

confronting our government to preserve our rights?

You are out-gunned; you have no actual chance in hell,

to save this nation right now, when this government decides to sell us out to the New World Order,

unless you can own REAL MILITARY GRADE weapons.


This is not 1776; we cannot save our nation with 1776 weapons.


Lets fight to save our nation with real guns, if ballots won’t do it, then bullets?

Every right for citizens listed in the Bill of Rights are for individual citizens, now they tell us the

2nd Amendment is only for (National Guards), the Militia, WRONG.

Our founders intentions were to spell out our “individual” rights for each one of us.

We must restore and retain our rights, and not allow anyone to destroy our rights.


Look at the many links in this website and think, think, think!

We have been attacked, and we are being subject to Treason from our politicians in Washington DC.

Let’s stop this now. Or else!


However once a citizen uses a gun for any illegal purpose (non political) they will lose the right to own a gun forever.


Demanding that we register our guns is just one step away from “Confiscation at the will of the government”,

as done recently in Australia, where crime is now rampant.

I will institute more legal rights to self-defense, to make you safer.

This crap that you should have tried to escape first, is a lot of bull.

If someone is accosting you, you have a right to protect yourself,

and to stop that person from coming back later to get you.

I will agree to that; when police no longer carry guns themselves.


Cops cannot protect us 24/7; we have to have more safety.

Even if we have to do this to protect our sovereignty before they turn us over to the United Nations.

In most states, if someone is stealing from you, you may not use force to stop them,

just let them steal from you, and call the police.

The police will then issue you a record of the theft

so you can collect from your insurance company “if” you have insurance.

If not, do not expect the police to find your property. They could care less.

They have more important things to do.


I like the gun law in Texas that says: You have the right to use a gun to protect yourself and your property.

You should not have to run from fear of injury when confronted by anyone meaning to harm you.


When I was a victim of vandalism damage (in California) I was told I could not stop the crime,

if I confronted the criminal I could be arrested for assault.

I could only call the police, and they would show up when they had time,

to make a report.

If I knew who did the damage, “I’d” have to take them to court to receive damage recovery.

The police are not interested in any assistance in these matters.

In fact the police most of the time are not interested in helping citizens.


In some states, local Politicians say “To hell with the Constitution,

people don’t need to protect themselves”,

of course that doesn’t mean the Politician

can’t have armed guards to protect them,

of course with some of the stunts our Politicians pull they need police protection.


I do not now, nor have I ever owned a gun. BUT, I’ll defend your right to own one.

That also means, I’m afraid to go many places, so I’m a prisoner, out of fear,

best to just stay home, maybe.

But of course as President, I’ll have 24hr protection,

wow for me. I wish you all had 24hr protection.

Believe me, there are places the police are also afraid to go into.


In California and other states there are laws about what type of guns you can own.

Such as the AR 15 rifle, that is a single shot, magazine rifle,

that California prohibits ownership.

Now let's look at “why” our founders decided that citizens needed to retain the rights to own weapons.

The guns my ancestors may have owned during the Revolution, and the Civil War,

were crude in comparison to today’s weapons, while that is true,

our needs for better weapons to protect us from the government has also increased.


Automatic weapons, or machine guns might be needed today to protect us “from a government out of control”.

It is obvious from comments made by Thomas Jefferson (who physically

wrote the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights)

that the whole reason for the Second Amendment was that:

He knew the new American Citizens needed to continue to own guns to protect citizens from tyranny of the government,

forever in the future.

Since governments have a tendency to slowly remove freedoms, to protect the government from the citizens.

Well now we need to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government,

who are determined to overpower us, and disarm us.


I want US to be able to protect US, to defend our Declaration of Independence,

our Constitution

and our Bill of Rights,

to remain free citizens, with a free nation.

I want all weapons to be legal.

Even grenades, or any and all other weapon, if that is what it takes for us to remain free.


Guns were for the citizens “to protect themselves from the government”.

That’s why it was part of the “Bill of Rights”,

the need of citizens to replace a Government that no longer serves the rights of the citizens.

Those brave citizens who signed the Declaration of Independence,

put their lives and futures on the line, to start this Freedom for our nation.

That day is here now, for us to continue the defense of our Freedoms.


Our government has lost its way, we are losing our rights, we are being denied our freedoms,

and rights of Free Speech, and the rights to a Trial if arrested/detained,

the stealing of our personal Real Estate to sell or give to others who desire our property for financial gain.




Our so-called Federal Government has overstepped our rights.


Citizens join me to save this nation.

We are told: “We do not need arms to protect us from the government;

our State controlled (under federal control) National Guard will be all the protection we need”.


When the Federally Controlled National Guard is standing at your front door,

demanding you surrender all weapons in your home,

will you fight back,

or surrender your Second Amendment right to keep those weapons?


You are a law-abiding citizen, and you will just give them whatever they want, Until the Revolution.

What! No weapons to have a Revolution?

What happened to our “Freedom” nation?


When our system of government, limits our rights, and this become unbearable,

we citizens have the right,

to restore a system of government; that is best for the citizens of our nation.


HOW can we do this?  By overthrowing the present government,

first by electing an Independent candidate to lead us in a new way,

to re-establish those freedoms, and rights that our government started in 1776.


Now I’ll admit, the likelihood that armed citizens could actually physically overthrow our government,

or even to protect us from the Martial law takeover of our nation is remote,

but that threat bothers our government,

who certainly do not want any armed confrontation.

In order to save our nation,

you do not shoot the members of the SWAT TEAM,

you shoot the leaders that gave them the command, if it ever come to that point in time.


I will demand: That “all responsible citizens, by Constitutional Law are enabled to own, “and carry” guns everywhere in the United States,

to use for legal protection of themselves, and to protect all of us, against unreasonable illegal government controls.

It’s not up to the Supreme Court to decide: Our founders decided that for us, and enacted those rights in 1787.


Do you actually think the “State National Guard” (armed Militia) will protect us from the Federal Government?


Restrictions by local governments will be, overridden by Constitutional Law,

to maintain the freedoms the “Constitution declared” that we have, as citizens of this nation.


Continue for more reasons to defend citizens from out of control police