Are you innocent?

It is quite obvious that recently more, and more convicted, and imprisoned people have been found “innocent” of the crimes for which they have been serving prison time.

It is criminal that any innocent person spends even a minute in jail.

See http://www.innocentproject.org/ and http://www.bushwatch.com/executions.htm,

and yet another site listing those not guilty:   http://www.talkleft.com/section/innocencecases


If you want to see a real miscarriage of justice, search Google for “Dustin Camp” for how to get away with murder in Amarillo, TX.



Now this may not seem important to you, unless it is YOU who is in prison, for a crime you didn’t commit. How many people are truly innocent? Even the FBI admits errors in supplying testimony in thousands of cases over the years, according to an article in the Washington Post. Now the FBI is admitting errors after Frederic Whitehurst, an FBI lab technician whistle blower, admits he knows the department made mistakes. The FBI is stalling on supplying information to help the convicted get access to these reports. As usual stonewalling, claiming they can’t afford this time to do this.

While you sit in prison!


It has finally come to the attention of the news recently, that 3 men were innocent of murder, but the FBI let them be convicted, and they served 30 years in prison, because the FBI might have to give information that would be embarrassing.


The arrogance of too many police who “falsely testify” just to get a conviction is worse than anything a criminal may have done, they love to entrap suspects who did not, or may not have intended to commit a crime, it’s sort of a game cops like to play, makes them feel like they are so wonderful, and the citizens are so naïve.

Sort of like how John DeLorean was set up by the Fed’s on a drug selling scam. “Near the end, in a desperate attempt to raise the funds his company needed to survive, John De Lorean was filmed appearing to accept money to take part in drug trafficking, but was subsequently acquitted, on the basis of entrapment, of charges brought against him. (Wikipedia)”

We hire police to protect us, their false actions degrade the respect for all law enforcement, and most police really don’t like citizens.


One of the tactics used by the prosecutor is to tell the defendant, that:

“You will be found guilty”,

so if you will just admit (Plea Bargain) guilt to a “lesser charge”,

for lesser time in prison, then you will get off easier.

How dare you claim you’re innocent, the police

and the court are going to find you guilty anyway.


So many fear this situation, that they admit guilt even though innocent, then the judge throws the book at them, and when you say, “The prosecution promised me a deal”, you’re told, “Sorry the prosecutor had no authority to offer you any deal”. You just have to read about “Case after Case” to appreciate this crime against our citizens is occurring.

This is sickening. This happens in “America the Ugly”.


I will demand that DNA research be used in any crime where the accused faces jail, or prison for any offense,

if there is likelihood that DNA research would have found that person innocent.

I hear that “WE Can’t afford to do this”,

We can’t afford to NOT do this,

if any single citizen is sitting in jail that is innocent,

what if that person in jail is YOU!


I want “all” people who are in jail, or prison “right now” offered

the chance to again prove their innocence

if material evidence still exists that might prove them innocent.


The attitude of the police again is disgusting where any innocent person has been convicted, and then much later evidence proves them innocent, and the police demand that they are still right, and don’t respect any proof that the person is innocent. The police don’t want to admit they were wrong


I do not like our police the way they operate. We certainly need police protection, from better-trained police. The FBI, and the CIA, has recently been found to leave a lot to be desired, do I trust them? NO. It’s all-political; they are not doing the job we pay them to do.


Needless to say, I don’t like most police behavior, or attitude. This is not to say that there aren’t many police officers that are heroes that have saved a citizen in some accident, or dangerous situation.


On December 10th, 2005 I had attended a nice Saturday luncheon with my daughter, her husband, with my two grandchildren ages 2, and 6, then upon leaving, my family said they were going shopping at the local “Walmart” across the parking lot, for Christmas gifts, I invited myself along so that with their help I could buy gifts for the family. Now I didn’t have my electric wheelchair (that I needed at that time) with me, not expecting to do a lot of walking. Since I was just recovering from the Flu, (I still had a fever of about 100 degrees, (my normal temp is 97.6) but for a nice lunch with the family. OK. The “only” reason for my weakness at that moment.


So upon leaving Walmart: I waited for my daughter to pick me up in her car, drive me back to the “Home Buffet” to get my car. As we returned to Walmart, I drove up outside of Walmart where there were then no Handicap parking places then available (I have a Handicap Permit) (Christmas Time) my daughter stopped at the red curb, and I stopped right behind her, not even out of the cars, I observed a sheriff’s car pull in at high speed, on the sidewalk, just missing my son in law, and my two grandchildren by about 2 feet, with two carts of purchases, as the officer exited his car, he almost hit my granddaughter by inches with his door. Seeing the officer exiting, I exited my car, and got to the back bumper, the officer approached me with the snide comment: “OH! What kind of medical emergency do we have here?” as I started to explain, I am hypoglycemic (too much sugar too soon, and now I was out of sugar, I have to pace my sugar intake, I had just spent $1.20 for a small 20 oz. Coke to get more sugar in my system), but I felt too weak at that moment to walk further. The officer told me, “Shut up, or I’ll arrest all of you, and have the cars towed”.

He proceeded to confront my daughter, not even yet out of her car to issue her a ticket. Now at that time I was 78,

I’m 5’6”, about 155 lbs. I was incensed at his remark, my son in law is telling me to “shut up, you can’t do anything else, but submit”. “Like Hell”, I wrote to Sheriff Lee Baca, the head of the Los Angeles County, CA sheriff’s office to complain, that “if this was how seniors were treated in our area, we have a problem”. Sheriff Baca’s office responded; for me to contact an officer in the Palmdale, CA sheriff’s office about this problem, and that officer told me the Senior Officer in charge was sent on his own time; for some reeducation.

I explained to my granddaughter: This is what police really are like; “they are not” your friends.


Probably didn’t happen, at least I got their attention. I was told that if that happened again to use my cell phone, to call the Watch Commander for assistance. If that ever happens again,

I’ll try to use my cell phone, knowing police the way I do, the officer will probably shove it down my throat.

Some of our police are HERO’S, I wish more of then were, too many are not.

By the way, I’ve never been convicted of anything, other than traffic tickets.