64. ILLEGAL ENTRY “by police”:

see Donald Scott below, and report from his daughter.

This is sickening abuse by those who profess to want to “Serve, and Protect” us: Bull.

There have been way too many cases of police breaking in to a person's home by force in the middle of the night, or early morning while the citizen is asleep, then when the citizen exits the bedroom to see who is there, and is armed, they are shot, and killed, and the police claim they had a right to kill the citizen to protect “themselves”, then there is no proof that the citizen had broken any law except the political system decided that person “had property” the government would like to possess.


When I’m President the “entire” police system, will be prosecuted; for murder in these cases, and each officer involved will go to prison for a minimum of 20 years, when their time has been served they will find they are unable to find employment because of their record in prison, put them in the same situation that many convicted criminals find themselves, let them find out exactly how other criminals can only survive by doing more crime, since they can’t find jobs anymore.



view this scene as Passaic NJ police assault on an innocent man.


We have to hire, properly trained professional police to fill those positions. Many small towns in America have hired a local citizen, given a badge, and power that they feel they deserve to protect the community, with authority given by the Mayor and city council. These officers often serve as judge and jury on the spot. They know the citizens personally and feel they are doing what is best for the community, even if they have to stretch the law a little bit or a lot a bit.

The big boys club.


     The law says the officers should knock on the door; advise the people that they have a “Search Warrant”. Not bust the door down, and rush the residents. Let's start doing the job legally. From now on all smoke bombs must also not start fires. That is ridiculous behavior. 

14 May 2011:

State of Indiana now says you have no protection of/and from police who enter your home without a Warrant. You will submit and follow orders in Indiana or else. You can file a report against the police after they are done with you. Wonder how that will work out, when the police return to show you how they feel about you complaining about them. As I told you, bit-by-bit, we are losing our Bill of Rights, do you want this? 


     In Sylmar CA, police were concerned because a home in a high crime area (was surrounded by an 8' high Chain Link fence, with lights, and surveillance cameras all around) decided that this was a crime, or drug location, so the police cut through the fence early one morning, rushed in to the home, and when the homeowner exited from his bedroom with a gun, police shot him dead. Oop’s, no drugs, or anything found illegal, after all the homeowner was armed so the cops had good reason to shoot him, an honest mistake, case closed, of course.


     Friday, October 2, 1992 in Ventura Co, CA cops decided that “maybe” the owner of a large Avocado orchard, Donald Scott, (Millionaire of the Scott Paper Products Company) might be growing Marijuana somewhere on his property, so they invaded his home, about 8:30 AM, and same thing, homeowner is in the house hearing all the commotion, exited the bedroom door with a gun in his hand, he was shot dead. The cops had even estimated how much the cops would inherit; for the police department if they found drugs on the property. Guess what, no drugs, no Marijuana found, homeowner dead.

End of story?

Not quite, read on.

Respect cops? With those kinds of cops, who needs enemies?

Read the story, and the Factual Summery about this crime committed by our law officials.

An anonymous emailer sends this tidbit about Donald Scott:

At a hemp rally in Venice, California in 1995, I was approached by a young woman identifying herself as Susan Scott, daughter of the late (murdered) Donald Scott.

She claimed that at the time of his death, Scott was only recently re-married and that the Ventura County Sheriff who instigated the raid on the Scott property (and probably fired the bullet) was the former (jilted) lover of Scott's current wife.

If it never was about drugs, or property then what?

Whatever instigated Scott's murder, the drug war gave sufficient cover.

Posted by Radley Balko on September 29, 2002


     Just search Google; for “Donald Scott”, and see the information available,

or log on to http://www.outpost-of-freedom.com/scott.htm or http://www.fear.org/scott.html


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