How to be SCREWED by the police.

This is more of the sick example of what else is totally wrong, going on in “America the ugly”.

As a continuation of the above problem, this is what happens along with illegal entry by the police,

the confiscation of your property all over the country.

Civil Asset Forfeiture to steal from you.


The police using the power they have to enrich themselves, worse than any criminals in the nation.

Reminds me of the cops of the 1930’s in America. Thugs in Blue Uniforms. >> Policing for Profit


They just laugh at you as they steal anything they want,

and you’re guilty until you prove you’re innocent.

Wake up Americans, this is serious.


In Ohio a concerted effort was conducted to confiscate food.

Is your home next?


This is real watch and cry about what our nation has become,

the reason why citizens are right to kill cops.

A comedy showing the stupidity of Civil Forfeiture in America


Jan 2012:

A recent report in from motorists going through Virginia,

now victims of police confiscating any money you have.

Two church members headed south to buy some real estate for their church,

caught the attention of the police that pulled up on the left side of their car,

cops ordered them to stop, claiming they had been wandering back and forth,

NO way,

 then when they discovered they had CASH in the car,

that did not belong personally to either man, confiscated the money $44,000.

They did not issue them a ticket for any driving offense, they just confiscated the money.

Other victims in Virginia reported they’d also been robbed by the cops in similar situations.


I will stop all confiscating of property; for any crime (that enriches police departments);

police have started using this to control crime, laughing all the way to the bank.

All too often, the person is found guilty just so the police can keep the property;

 for financial gain of the police department.

Most of the police are worse than criminals, they have the power to fuck us, and get away with it, they deserve to be shot, and mutilated.


 have some real justice in America, Elect Me Don Cordell for President.


Even if you’re “not guilty”, the cops keep your money, and belongings, and dare you to confront them to get your property back. They give you 3 days to make a claim; for return of your property, and then make sure you don’t have a chance to do so, as you’re being booked, you’re given a receipt for the property taken, and then not allowed to keep the receipt that would have allowed you to reclaim your property, then told:

“You didn’t file for the return in time, too bad”.


Cops are crooks.

Our system of government says “Punishment that fits the crime”,

not what will enhance the financial status of the police.

There are too many cases where the citizen was found not guilty, and still the police kept the citizens property.

The owner of a home “let for rent”; has the home confiscated, for actions done by the renter, Wrong, Wrong, Wrong.


In Los Angeles business owners of a Mini-mart on the SW corner of Roscoe, and Sepulveda, were warned that if “They didn’t keep drug dealers away from their business’, they would force them to close.

What a lot of crap, do we close Banks because they attract criminals? No!

Just “Lazy Cops”.  (There are about 8 businesses at this location)

Maybe the cops could confront the Drug Dealers and arrest them?

NO of course not, might be the brother of a fellow cop.


In Tewksbury, MA the city is trying to take a Million dollar Caswell Motel,

claiming Illegal events happened in that motel, so they want to take the Motel by forfeiture,

even though the owners have never committed any crime.

The FBI and the City then will sell the Motel and split the money.

Leaving Mr. Caswell standing on the street.

Remember it is still a crime for unmarried adults to rent a motel room together in Massachusetts.

Until recently it was against the law to sell condoms in Mass.


With Cops like this who needs “Crime Lords?”

Check out this website, and review other links with Google for Property Confiscation.

The New World Order believes the government should own all property to share with all human beings.

Except for those humans who are more important than us.



The government realizes that most of our money already checks positive for drug residue.

Imagine trying to prove where you may receive some money you have.

How often is someone arrested, and “my goodness”, the suspect had money in their pocket,

 “wow”, must be guilty of something,

With our system of taxes, how could any citizen still have money to carry around.


When the government has already estimated how much property they can confiscate,

and it’s value before taking action, that is a crime in itself.  I’ll protect you from this criminal behavior.


Now even more damaging, if possible this next site will turn your stomach,

this is an example of how the police will Fuck You every opportunity they get.

While this occurs in California,

I’m sure this is standard all over our nation, by the POLICE POWERS,

so our “Protect and Serve” police screw us.

Log in to this site, and see a long list by the San Jose, CA Mercury Newspaper article

about the robbery of American citizens by these mother fuckers.

Yes I use language like this when I see injustice by those we hired to protect and serve. 

I’m not going to sugar coat anything that’s wrong.



And then there are the Fucking police in Tenaha, TX confiscating money and valuables

 from Black and Hispanic motorists who dare drive through that town.

More bad cops, and the District Attorney is too busy being a Country Western singer

 to be available to the press to answer charges.

America this has to stop.

California is not prejudice they will take everyone’s money, Black or White, or Hispanic.

If they stopped me, and took my money, I would not cease until I had killed every cop in town.

Stop this thievery. Fuck the police.


Now you will understand why I say I hate cops, I hate the courts.

Unless you have been a victim, like some of these represented

you would not understand what is going on by crooked cops.

In California, that includes about 99.99999% of the force.

Now: I have not been a victim: yet, but I want to represent those citizens who have been screwed by our cops.

This is just one example of things wrong in America.




I know Cops have a hazardous job, and they meet the ass holes of the world, so they have a saying:

I’m the law, and I do not need any shit from you,

you will do as I say, you will obey my every command

or I’d just as soon shoot you.

They really don’t care what your problem is, they have a job to do,

and if you do not cooperate, you’re likely to end up dead.

But this goes on so long and to such extremes that we are in trouble in America.

Remember the Cops “have not” sworn to uphold the Constitution or Bill of Rights,

their law is that gun in their hands, and almost always, the cops get away with terrorism,

and the violation of all of your rights. When you see a cop do you feel secure or scared?


This is really what I’m talking about. Many of these officials and cops should be taken out, and shot.

This goes along with my complaints about those arrested and convicted

and imprisoned and later found completely innocent, after serving as much as 30 years.

That’s criminal.

If you elect me, I’m going to do something about this.


Airline lost luggage: Your luggage.

I cannot believe that luggage lost by airlines, is turned over to the police to auction off,

and the proceeds of those sales goes to benefit the police departments,

why should the police benefit from the sale of your lost luggage?

Also much of that “not delivered luggage” is sold to a store in the city of Scottsboro, Alabama.

Even if your luggage is not lost, the pilfering done by many luggage handlers is also a disgrace;

I want total video surveillance of all luggage-handling area, to stop this thievery of your belongings.

If Las Vegas can handle security, so can the Airports.

We need some kind of seals on each piece of luggage, to indicate any mishandling,

or illegal opening of your luggage, after you have submitted the luggage for inspection in your presence.

“I will pass a law; for luggage lost by airlines”, that the person losing the luggage be compensated at the sum of $10,000 per “each” bag.

Enough of this attitude by the airlines.

At this cost, believe me the airlines will never lose even “one” bag after that.

The disgraceful sale of lost luggage conducted, in Scottsboro, Alabama will end.

See http://www.unclaimedbaggage.com/