If you “Drink and Drive”, you don’t want to elect me,

because you will probably end up in jail within the next year.

I don’t care how important you think you are,

if you’re a drunk, you are in trouble, and you are going to jail.


The message is, “Don’t Drink, and Drive”, in fact Don’t Drink.

I will demand that Drunk Drivers arrested the first time with .05% (or above) alcohol level

lose their drivers license for one year; .

08% will lose license for 5 years.

The second offense; for over .05% will lose drivers license; for 10 years,

“and” serve one year in jail, and in this type of case,

confiscation of the vehicle; for 90 days (unless owned by some else other than the driver,

or needed by the non guilty spouse, or family member that needs the vehicle to obtain work),

since it is indeed the item that makes being intoxicated dangerous.

If you drive on a cancelled license, you are going to jail for 10 Years.


The third offence will be 30 years at hard labor, no matter who you are,

and I don’t mean laying on your backside, watching TV

and exercising in the weight room,

I mean Hard Labor,

I want this to stop, and stop it NOW.


We must stop the killing of innocent people by drunk drivers.

If the drunk driver has an accident, no sympathy at all,

immediate arrest, and 30 years in prison.

There is no excuse, if you’re drunk,” and just scrape another car or worse,

that is an accident, and you’re out of society.

Driving is a privilege, not a right.

That doesn’t mean someone not intoxicated won’t be allowed

to have an accident.

We all might make a mistake in driving,

not intentional but from a lack of skill,

or in-attention at some moment.


An offense committed knowingly, will no longer be tolerated.

One arrest is already too much,

and “one” death by a drunk driver is “two” too many.


I honestly think Prohibition was right, as my Quaker ancestors insisted upon “NO Alcohol”,

we only gave in to the Criminals who continued to manufacture alcohol,

and the drinkers who flaunted the law until prohibition was ended.

Alcohol serves absolutely no purpose other than to get drunk,

and avoid responsibility, and avoid the truths about life.


While alcohol is legal to use in most of America, using alcohol,

and then driving is a conscience act,

the user must be responsible not to cause any harm while drunk.


How many of our politicians do you think also “Drink alcohol”?

I’m sure they think they are beyond responsibility for this offense.

I’d bet at least 50% of Congress and the Senate drink alcohol.

It would be interesting to find out.


Notice, don’t drink at the Ball Park, or Bar, and then attempt to drive home.

However, I’ve seen passengers in automobiles stopped:

for something the driver did,

then the passenger is arrested for “Public Intoxication”.

If you are a passenger in an automobile, you are not in public,

until the arrogant stupid cops take you out of the car.

That is “Wrong,”

If the driver was not intoxicated, and was driving the other person anywhere,

that’s police power abuse. So much for someone being the sober driver to take friends home.

The next thing to come is for cops to go to NASCAR races and arrest the drivers for speeding.


But, Why do we need to serve beer at the Baseball parks?

Of course the drinkers drive home after the game.

I’d check every driver leaving any ballpark or bar.

STOP THIS it’s not funny, it’s deadly.