We are constantly warned about global warming,

and the consequences of Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere,

raising the temperature of the planet.

What can reduce Carbon Dioxide? “TREE’S”.

Trees and plants convert Carbon Dioxide to Oxygen. 

Many of the Brazilian rain forests are being cut down,

we in America need to plant as many tree’s as we can.

Let's talk about percentages.

Nitrogen is 720,000 parts per million.

Oxygen is 180,000 parts per million.

The people claiming we are in trouble because

CO2 is up from 280 parts per million to 360 parts per million.

That’s about .001 percent of the atmosphere.

I agree to the need to plant more trees,

to compensate the loss of the Brazilian Rainforests.

When Liberty comes to rescue America


Scientifically our world had gone through many changes in atmosphere

over the billions of years since this world was formed, and will continue

to make major changes over time. Our Sun actually varies in output all the time;

so most changes are way beyond our ability to ever control.

Natural forces, fires, volcanoes, and all the out-gassing from deposits in our earth

can cause many changes we have no control over.


Do I believe Carbon Dioxide is a real threat? NO, and NO again.

But this is part of the plan to reduce America’s use of Hydrocarbons

to aid other nations to use what is available for their expansions. 

I understand more of what is going on with warming,

but don’t need to go in to details here.

Most scientist agree that there are other reasons

that the temperature on earth has varied for Millenniums,

and we have to adjust to what is happening on earth to counteract this condition.

Why did we have the Dust Bowl condition in the 1930’s, and don’t have that now?

This is nature, and we are not in control,

but we can counter-engineer to minimize how it affects our world.

CO2 weighs 1.5 time the rest of what we call air, so CO2 is at the lowest level on  earth.

Not in the upper atmosphere at all.


There was a conference in Kyoto, Japan (The Kyoto Protocol) about 20 years ago,

where it was discussed that if the United States would shut down,

"then" the rest of the world could advance and develop

to create Carbon Dioxide contamination,

“claimed to cause global warming”.

Other nations are emerging, developing manufacturing,

and if we didn’t shut down America,

then “we” are responsible for destroying our atmosphere,

while they expand and pollute.

We did not go along with this, because it’s not that simple.

I do not scientifically believe these claims, about Global Warming

being caused by Excess CO2 .

All humans/animals breathe in Oxygen, and exhale CO2.


As Europeans populated this continent when they came here,

they moved all over the country cutting down the forests to make farms, and cities.

We must now start to reforest as much non-city/farm land that we can.

This will change the atmosphere, for the better.

Scientists claim we actually have more acres of forests in the United States now,

than there was in 1620.


When areas such as western New Mexico started using irrigation to establish farming,

the weather changed to bring more, and more natural rain.

We could improve our nation to counter-act the Carbon Dioxide problem,

and make this country more beautiful, and safer, for future generations.

We must counteract what caused the Dust Bowl conditions

in the Plains of America in the 1930s.

Excess rain in one area; directed to other locations all over the nation.

If we can pipe Natural Gas all over our nation, we can do the same with water.


There is excessive ground pollution all over the country

that must be cleaned before we poison ourselves,

and make the land useless.

We now have a good start, and it will be expensive,

this must be done so we leave a country for our future generations to enjoy.

I know this can be done, and I will do it.

My knowledge of Electronics and Chemistry will aid in getting this done.


We must find ways to stop using so many chemicals,

and revert to more human friendly ways to protect us from insects.

We spray our lands with so many chemicals that

eventually drain off with the rain, and pollute our waterways.

Containment and neutralization of urine and other animal wastes

must be done, not just drained down our rivers or allowed to contaminate adjacent farm land.

I want containment of this problem to prevent this

from sinking into the water table. I want it done NOW.


I/We now have a solution to clean up much of the pollution;

I will institute that clean up.

I want to work with the chemist is this nation to reverse engineer some of this contamination.

There are answers, we just haven’t faced what must be done

to clean up, rather than dump our waste.

Recycling of everything should be done.

For centuries man has just dumped stuff in holes in the ground,

now we must stop this.

No more dumping things in the rivers and oceans to get rid of what we don’t need any more.

Convert back to the basic chemicals, and detox our earth,

various prescription medicines that have been flushed down our toilets,

now in our drinking water, we have a problem, lets solve this.

This is a problem all over our nation; we can’t continue to do this.

We have radioactive waste that must be recovered and safely disposed of in sealed locations.


I’ve been working on how to do some of this right now.

There are answers to these problems, to neutralize the contaminations; let's do it.

See: http://www.bushwatch.com/environment.htm