It is time to stop forcing integration of the various races in America.

This nation must have equal rights, not forced rights.

Equal Rights also means Equal Responsibility,

I’m ashamed to visit cities in America, and see the total destruction in those communities.


Racial problems: Hate Crimes Review this website about our problems

Then we will start to analyze what to do.

We have coddled this problem, hoping that more access to education, and jobs

would change the attitude of Black Americans to reduce the poverty crime,

that hasn’t worked.

I find the arrogance of minorities that they feel is justified

because of past abuses, and can’t seem to move forward to join other races as equals.

We must stop the Black on Black crime, to reduce the fear of everyone in the Black communities,

for what I call Equal Responsibilities,

as I continue to stress in this file.

Let's work together so all of us can enjoy life in peace.


To be EQUAL, means to have equal opportunity

to achieve a better standard of living, to live safely in a community without fear.

I’m advising the various ethnic societies in America,

that “your reputation does precede you”, it’s not your ethnicity that is the problem,

it’s your behavior that is objectionable,

civil communities don’t want that behavior around them.


It’s time; for all ethnic communities, to clean up their act;

this lawlessness will no longer be tolerated.


In my life, I’ve worked with Black engineers, Black Doctors,

very educated Black citizens, who lived happy fulfilling lives.

No display of anger towards White co-workers, that was apparent. Why?

They left the “I’m the Victim” so don’t expect much from me,

it’s all someone else fault that I live a desperate life.


BUT: I worked at Los Angeles Valley College in Van Nuys, CA, just before retirement.

I had many coworker friends at the college, of all races.

After retirement I moved from the area of Los Angeles County

that is known as the Antelope Valley, NE Los Angeles County,

(50 miles from Van Nuys) and exiting a local market,

I met one of the retired coaches, “my friend”.

I said: “Hey let's get together some day”,

and was stunned when he said, NO WAY WHITEY. So Racism is still alive.


My mother’s side of my family; were of Quaker ancestry,

and most of my contact was with that side of the family.

Sometime in 1942 a black family moved in to a home in our neighborhood in Detroit.

The first night they were in that home,

I couldn’t believe that someone had burned a cross in their front yard,

I had never heard of such a thing.

One of my great, great, great grandfathers had been part of the Underground Railroad,

as were so many of my relatives who were involved in helping slaves

escape from the south. As such, our family had sympathy for all races.


The race riots in Detroit in 1943 were also a shock to me.

The African American children going to school with me

were treated the same as all the rest of the children.

We respected them as just as any other children going to school with us.

There was no thought, that they were different from any other child.

No Prejudice at all before the 1943 riot, nor after the riot.

Now that situation is not the same in Detroit, that’s a shame.

When I view the destruction of Detroit, I can only feel anger at those who did that destruction.

Many citizens of Detroit were unable to sell their homes,

and just left town, to escape.

More and more abandoned homes destroyed, mile after mile of empty home lots,

where families grew up together, now gone.

Why? Is this the future of all American cities?


When I become your president,

I will stop this and rebuild our cities, with safety for all.


We really haven’t progressed much from that time,

we only “pretend” to have racial harmony, “we don’t”,

there are still many problems that have to be honestly approached, and worked on,

I intend to work towards that goal. It’s time for some honest evaluation of the problems, “and” solutions.

Until any citizen of any nationality,

of any ethnicity,

can walk down the street in any community

in this nation,

and be safe to do so,

we have a problem.


My Quaker ancestors fought; for the right of “all” citizens

to be treated equal, Men, “Women”, and anyone of any race.

Lucretia (Coffin) Mott abolitionist, (1793-1880)

was a relative of mine, she was involved as a Women’s Rights activist,

and the ending of slavery.

As was another relative Levi Coffin, abolitionist,

President of the Underground Railway, to help slaves escape from the south.


I vividly remember a scene on TV, where an African American man

was being interviewed about his community,

he pointed to an alley behind his apartment building,

that was strewn with broken glass, as he arrogantly exclaimed,

“Look how we have to live”

Do you think he might clean up the glass?

I don’t, he didn’t. He wasn’t questioned as to why that broken glass was there.

It was the action of the citizens in that community, no one else,

so destroying the quality of life in the community that you have to live in

does not make sense.


Apparently he didn’t understand that either.

It is time for those neighborhoods to clean up the graffiti and trash, and join America,

you make the mess, you clean up the mess,

be proud of your neighborhood, don’t put up with this trash.

Stop glorifying Gangs in your community; fight back.


I want to have serious talks with representatives of the various races in America

to achieve more responsibility to clean up these communities that are a disgrace to all citizens.

This behavior will not be tolerated anymore.


In the Future, of course African Americans are going to have

to learn Spanish in order to get jobs in America,

unless I’m elected President.


I must admit though that much of this situation has been caused

by the loss of jobs in America.

Jobs will return,

All Americans deserve to have decent employment.

Unless you’re planning on moving to Mexico, or the Asian countries,

where else are you to find jobs?

We “had” a lot of manufacturing being done in So. California up to the 1960’s,

that is now gone, imports from the Orient now provide those products. Why?


Who won WW II? I guess it wasn’t the United States of America.


We "all" have the right to live where ever we want,

as long as we can afford to own that home, (or rent)

in “America the Beautiful”, can we still have this?


Prejudice?: African Americans, It’s not your Color, it’s your Attitude.

Who wants to be with you when all you do is claim

“your failure is someone else’s fault”.

Why should you work, when “we” owe you welfare?

All Americans of other nationalities

don’t believe you deserve special attention.


Get an education, learn/use manners, learn to be a productive citizen,

and show America that you respect men and women of your race.

Stop the drugs, stop the alcohol, show America,

that your race is not an impediment to civil behavior.

Stop having children out of wedlock,

take care of your children, and provide for them.

Join society as a productive member of the community.


From the late 1600’s my Quaker ancestors were anti slavery, and avidly did all they could to support freedom for African Americans. My ancestors had migrated south to North Carolina in the 1770’s, but could not tolerate the slavery they saw in those communities, so 30 years later, starting in 1800’s these Quakers migrated north to Ohio and Indiana, non slave states, then formed the Underground railroad to smuggle slaves north to freedom. The Civil War “was” fought to stop slavery, why else did the south want to secede from the Union? “To continue slavery needed for their economy”.


If northerners did not fight the Civil War, African Americans would still be slaves.

I care how “all citizens” live, and I want equal rights for equal behavior. Join all of America to live the better life, if we still have any jobs, before you have to move to Mexico or China to find work.


If African Americans are still doing nothing, because their ancestors were slaves, then they are still slaves today in their minds.

That is my nickels worth on this subject.