This will no longer exist; for employment, any other situation

that has been based upon some racial quote is over.

Placement, or any other entitlement will be based upon

ďyourĒ ability to do a job.


Home purchases will only be based upon the purchaserís ability to pay.

No more getting a free ride because the citizen was too lazy

to get the education needed to support that person in the style

they would like to achieve.

Donít think you can skip school, and not learn to support yourself.

Donít plan on a life of crime to make a living; those days are over.

Either you struggle to learn, and get ahead in life, and support yourself,

or you live homeless on the street.


The idea that telling a company they must hire a certain percentage

of some racial minority as employees,

when a company owned by that same racial group

would scream to high heaven if told they also had to hire the majority

in their own business.

Itís a two way street.


Behavior will be expected to match the majority of the population.

We/I/You want safe living conditions in Beautiful America,

ďandĒ we are going to have it.


Iím an honest person and I want to have honest talks

with our citizens to change the behavior of ethnic problems in America.

Itís a lack of honest conversation with everyone

to make changes that will improve all of our lives.

NO pussy footing around and denying what is wrong.

Let's face reality.