We need to improve Voting Rights in all the nation,

there is so much fraud, and now that

they are trying to establish “Electronic Voting”

without any paper trail

this will give the politician an easy way to steal

your right to control elections.


There are so many scams to steal your vote all over the country,

that we now must control this in a more secure way.

How do the homeless vote?

Do those mentally challenged have a right to vote?

Yes, but can they vote knowingly,

but not be led to the voting booth by someone telling them how to vote?

I want those people to vote if assisted by a family member,

or appointed guardian. NO one else.

What a joke it is that we send American representatives to other nations

to monitor their elections to control fraud,

when that fraud is rampant in our own country.


Future voting will involve using a photo, tamper proof, ID card

that can be scanned as you enter a voting location to vote,

to ensure that you, and you only voted in one location.

This card will also contain your fingerprint as further ID.

This may not be available in very small communities.


You will be allowed to vote at any location in your city

since your ID card will tell the computer that you voted only once.

You will then be issued a tamper proof receipt

with a serial number matching your submitted vote,

of your voting choices, to submit if a recount is commanded.

This can be a simple credit card type scan-able magnetic stripe on the card,

reusable in the future, or part of your ID card used to vote in the first place.

These ID cards will be supplied to citizens free of charge

when they register to vote.

For voting by mail; the application for “mail ballot” signature

must match the signature when registered to vote,

as is the law now.

Ballot will “only” be available in English,

learn English. Join America.