When I started to analyze what we had to do, to identify everyone in the nation,

I myself felt we had to issue, a standard type of Identity/Drivers License Card,

but now after looking at the extremes that our present government could use

to abuse such an Identity system I must recall my opinion about these ID cards.

I can be wrong, and I’m constantly reviewing all of my platform,

that’s why I date my website, so you as Americans can see

that I’m listening to many other opinions,

and can change to do what is best for us,

as American Citizens.


This act was to start 11 May 2011, will now start in 2020

are you ready to submit Papers Please, or Screw YOU?

There is data that they will be able to locate any citizen

within 3’ where ever you are. STOP THIS.


Log on to this site and send your Congressperson an email

to stop the National ID act.





Now! What can we do to filter out those in our nation Illegally?


have no idea how many illegal aliens there are in America.


have a dangerous situation.


have not just Hispanics, but people of all nationalities

who have overstayed their Visa’s,

or those who have entered our borders illegally to begin with.


have to be ever vigilant as many of those in our country mean to do us harm.

Whenever anyone is arrested for any crime,

we need to find out if that person is in this country legally.


Our police are spread too thin, to spend much time on doing immigrations job.

But in some cases these Illegal's have already been “Deported”,

then returned to our country, and are committing more crimes.

When I’m elected, any illegal alien found to have returned to the United States

after being deported once, will be executed.

We must enforce our immigration laws NOW.

I want every immigrant fingerprinted,

with proof they are legal visitors.


When our police call Immigration, to report an illegal alien has been identified,

I want that office to take action.

Any report that Immigration did not follow through

gives these criminals proof that they are powerful,


that our government does not care about our security.


Now we have these people who do work in this nation, that use illegal ID’s.

We must at that time make these people identify themselves.

Citizens have been issued Social Security numbers; soon after birth,

I want all citizen submit to be fingerprinted as positive future

identification of that citizen.


Remember in school, when we were threatened

that our transgressions will be recorded in our

“Permanent Record”,

well that is about to become a reality.

A Permanent Record on all Americans, so the database can see

you are buying cigarettes, and alcohol;

as the Federal Reserve Banking system sees

that you are behind on your credit card payments.

Payment to the bank must come before any more purchases

can be made.

Total control of all your expenditures controlled by the bank.

No more payments in cash, only using your National ID card.

And you let this happen, because you didn’t care,

and elected a Democrat in Nov 08.

The card will be able to verify if your implanted RFID chip agrees

with your ID card information.

What, you’re a Diabetic?

What are you doing buying candy, sorry purchase denied,

by your National Medical Insurance.

You wanted this?


When we use that number for any identification purpose

the Social Security Department must be able to send

the correct name that number was issued to,

but not the reverse,

we will never give out the Social Security number

requested for a particular name.

Not only that, but this should trigger a question as to whether someone

using that number seems to be employed or has had income reported

from different address’s or locations in the country at the same time.


That’s something that should bring up the question about

“If this number is being used by more than one person”,

especially if they are using the same name

in two locations at the same time,

that many, be many miles apart, how?


There is a danger in our system that too many people legally now

have the right to know your SS number.

Bank employees, all employers, and employer’s staff

have access to this information,

so this allows many to commit Identity Fraud.


This is not a quick review system,

because reports of income are only done quarterly

 as employment taxes are collected,

but with the computers we already have, entering this information,

computers are able to spot this inconsistency,

and print out a question that can be reviewed and analyzed.

If we are told this would be too much of a problem,


WE have too much of a problem.


People should not be able to invade our nation,

and continue to stay here,

when we limit Legal Immigration to only so many people a year,

it is unfair to those who wish to join us, to become citizens,

to wait, to immigrate legally.

Why should anyone wait?

When we are allowing illegal immigration to exist.


No more illegal immigration.

Illegal Immigration must be a Felony.


NO way should we give have to give someone our Social Security number upon any request.

But we can respond to any request of a Social Security number as to what name that was issued to.

We have bankcards that can be accessed worldwide,

yet we are told the government can’t verify Social Security identity

when someone applies for a job.

Believe me the government can identify you

when they really want to;

when it comes to collecting taxes.


Social Security has become somewhat of a National ID,

we were promised in 1936 that “this” numbering system would


be used for any other purpose, HA.

You were also told; Trust your Government!


Do we have a mandatory ID system now?

“You bet”

Try telling the police that you don’t have to identify yourself.

All adults “must have” a State ID, or Drivers License

with their picture on it in their possession when police ask for ID.

Social Security cards will not be accepted as ID.

Our Social Security should have photo ID,

reissued every 10 years

(for children issued the first time at age 10,

or at the next Census after their birth)

when the country takes the Federal Census.

With Digital Cameras so inexpensive this can easily be done.

While it seems that legally in some states,

you do not have to show any ID,

that sounds great, except the police in those states

do not follow the law, show the cops ID or else, and it gets nasty.

How dare you defy the police, who do you think you are, a Citizen?


You must have a Social Security Card to get a driver's license in most states,

yet your Social Security Card doesn’t have your picture on it now, it should.


Your birth certificate does not have your picture on it,

so how can you prove it is you?

Way too many people in America have false ID’s!

This has allowed immigrants to obtain ID’s,

and then attack our security. This has to stop.


We do need a national Drivers license database

so driving status can be controlled nationwide. 

Drivers’ laws, highway markings should also be consistent; for all states,

since we are free to drive into, or through all states in our nation.

We need to know if someone from another state has had his drivers’ license revoked,

for Drunk Driving or any reason.

So when stopped in another state, the officer is aware whether that driver’s license is still legal.

I can buy something in any state and use my credit card,

and the computer knows if I’m overdrawn,

we can do this with drivers’ licenses too.


We are 50 individual nations; but combined we are the “United” States.

This is somewhat already in the works,

a National ID card Law was passed by Congress in 2006,

and has started to be implemented,

with states already complaining about the cost,

must we continue to do this.


We will investigate the best way thing to do in the future.

Of course the present government would just as soon implant

an RFID chip under your skin so they could scan you anytime you’re in public.


We must ensure this does not happen.

Now while we should end a National ID card,

all states should be able to file their ID/Drivers License info

into a National database.

Moving to another state should not allow a wanted person to avoid responsibility.

Dead beats are dead beats.


There was even consideration to bar code all of our money,

so all purchase could be traced by computers of the future.

You would have to account; for all money’s that you spend,

as to where you got the money, if not from legal employment.

That means the point of sale would ask for identity

even if you were paying cash,

so the government could trace all your financial transactions.

Sort of a Financial trail; for every citizen.

Imagine if you had to submit ID for every purchase even for cash,

so the government can have a financial trail of your expenditures,

it could happen.


Right now the government demands that banks report to the IRS

all deposits, withdraws, or expenditures you make of $100, or more. 

The bank demands your Social Security number,

or you can’t get a bank account, why?

For the government to spy on you.


Our government right now is installing TV cameras all over the nation

to spy on us.

To use Face Recognition Software in public

to scan us as we go about in public.

This is absolutely wrong.

We have the right to be free as we go about the country,

without being spied on.


You do realize that we now have the system

to read License plates on your car as you drive by any location

being scanned by the government. Don’t you?


However recently reported in California in a K-12 school system,

students are required to wear tags around their neck bearing an RFID tag;

for computerized tracking.

This is totally wrong, and must be stopped now.

Soon all citizens could be required to wear badges with their name, and ID

visible at all times. We must stop “Papers please.”


When you watch TV reports from other nations,

note how there are armed soldiers of that country,

very visible at all times in public,

to watch over their citizens.

Do you want that in America in the future


It is coming to your city, if I’m not elected.