72. DRUGS:

First legal Prescription Drugs, our government is so critical about you

buying Prescription Drugs from Canada or Mexico to save money.

Now we find American drug manufacturers importing drug/drug components from China.

Cases of HEPARIN contaminated and deadly from Chinese manufactures, WHY?

Name brand drugs from Canada at less cost, why less cost, if made in the USA?

Of course you must offer to buy these drugs with a “legal prescription”.



I want and will demand that all drugs manufactured,

be labeled with the statement of where all contents were manufactured.

While our Drug manufacturers claim they are making these drugs for your need,

"all heart", check out how much the CEO’S and executives are paid.

They earn Millions upon Millions, while you pay up to or more

than $20 for each pill.


I have no consideration for any Drug Manufacturer executives

who are only in business for the money.

Manufactures claim they are doing this research to fulfill your need,

but money is the whole fulfillment for those executives.

Maybe I need to review their income tax returns.


I want responsible drug usage. Buy and read the “Physician's Desk Reference”

 about contraindications of “all” drugs prescribed for you,

before you take any medication.


Be VERY wary of any over the counter medications.

ALL Drugs have after-effects, be aware of your health and what medications you take.

You will live longer if you do.

Not all patients require the same dosage to be effective,

starting with smaller dosage, and monitoring the patient is safer,

to avoid over-dosage life threatening effects.


“Users”, not sellers, will get medical treatment, not jail;

this drug problem has to stop, as well as excessive alcohol use,

and other drugs manufactured, and used in America.

Possession of Drugs in America does not make you a seller,

only if caught selling, makes you a seller.

Half, or more of the people in prison, are in prison:

for either "using" drugs, or alcohol,

or crimes committed when drunk, or to buy drugs.


If the only crime is the “use of drugs”, or under the influence,

I want those people out of prison, what a waste of American lives,

and the cost of incarceration.

Now I’m not giving amnesty to citizens who have committed some other crime

while on drugs or alcohol, then that is “no” excuse, but to be arrested

only for using or possessing drugs for your own personal use,

or alcohol is ridiculous, enough of these people,

being locked up for only that offense.


Maybe we should lock up anyone under the influence of Tobacco,

how many lives have been lost to the effects of smoking Tobacco?

How many lives destroyed by alcohol?

Should we lock up everyone under the influence of alcohol?


NO excuse if you are under the impaired influence and “driving” a vehicle.


Let me make this plain, being locked up is not to teach you right from wrong,

it’s punishment for wrong doing in the first place.

You do wrong, you do time.

Instead of time off for good behavior, you will get more time for misbehavior.

You get 10 years, you serve 10 years if you behave,

“more” if you don’t behave, and not by sitting on your behind.

Try me.


Our worse drug problem in America is Alcohol, and Tobacco.

Those two items have caused more loss of life,

and health problems than all the others combined.

Those passing drastic recreational drug laws, see nothing wrong

with themselves having an alcoholic drink, or smoking.

Let's try to sensibly cut the use of those drugs too.


I have never consumed an alcoholic drink,

although as a young man I tried cigarettes,

as friends offered me one of their brand,

cigarettes just weren’t my thing.

I found no enjoyment from smoking so that was not my thing.


MY Revised attitude:

Let me take this one more step further,

If it’s legal for you to take a leaf of tobacco,

cut it up and make a cigarette, or cigar, light it and smoke it,

then why is it illegal for you to take a leaf from a Marijuana plant

and do the same thing,

and smoke those leaves?

If it is legal for you to use any drink,

you want that may contain alcohol,

then it must be legal for you to use and swallow any liquid,

or substance you desire,

as long as you do not harm anyone else doing so.

Why do we arrest anyone who decides to ingest or smoke any substance,

if they are not harming anyone else?

Why do we have a government that can put us in jail for anything we do to ourselves?

Why are drugs, prescription, or non-prescription

a threat to the leaders of our government?             

 Who are they protecting? Sure as hell, not us.

Read about our Militarized Police ^ “SWAT” bastards that kill citizens.

Consenting adults: Have the right to do “anything”

they want to do, with each other.

PS: I do not smoke or drink,

I’m only concerned about YOUR RIGHTS.

But: 95% of the medications most people are prescribed,

are dangerous,

and harm your heath.

I am as healthy as I am because I do not use any drugs.

Almost every prescription for legal medications,

harm your health.

I do have a pain problem but

I will not take any pain medication on a long time schedule.

The only pain medication that was ever effective for me was Darvon,

and that is now discontinued as unsafe.

I know others get desperate for pain relief, but many of the medications

cause more problems than they solve.

Should we believe in Doctors, or cops?


The next time you need medical help,

go to your local police department,

since the cops claim to know what medications you need



Does it pay off? Well I’m 92 years old, not on any medication, have no illnesses,

I’m in perfect health, so I must be doing something right.

I never take any over the counter medication.

Maybe 6 aspirin/year, as a blood thinner.

Read those labels.