In 2007 the government claims 17,000 containers enter our nation “per day”.

We are told that complete examination and control of these containers

cannot be done until about 2020.

New computer programs are being developed to manage this,

but that takes time to implement.

Our vehicle insurance costs more to cover this loss.


I will establish 100% inspection of all incoming,

and outgoing cargo containers at the shipping ports.

An untold amount of stolen vehicles leave this country hidden inside these containers

yet then discovered later in foreign countries.

. Now the government wants to have all these containers come in to a Mexican port,

then by Mexican trucks or by train, ship those containers to Kansas City, MO

before they are even opened for inspection. NO WAY 

I will stop NAFTA invading the United States.


The fear that explosives could arrive in a cargo container is more likely than not.

I fear that this will someday lead to a great disaster if we don’t establish

an inspection of all these containers, coming, and going before the ships arrive in port.

We do not have to be invaded to be destroyed as 9/11 proved to us.

We have been entirely too trusting, and naïve.

We have enemies that must be stopped. Think BIG.

You only have to watch the investigation of passengers belongings at our airports,

 and seaports, to realize how ridiculous that is, versus the huge container cargo imports

that arrive un-inspected at all.

There is some progress at our ports of entry about this threat,

but until this is more successful, we are in danger.