Last, but not least, We have disasters in America, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados,

fires, floods, and the government claims these are national emergencies, and deserve aid to recover.

All’s well, and good; if you’re one of the “many” suffering,

but ONLY if there are a number of casualties all at the same time.

This was the idea FEMA, Federal Emergency Management Agency.

As FEMA that’s a good idea, but FEMA soon turned into a control agency,

to control US.


If “your” home suffers “alone” in this respect, that is not a declared emergency,


Consider that; for a moment. All Americans need help; for these Acts of God events.

Each event that harms humans is a National Disaster to that person.

We need to help our citizens from disasters.

Insurance may cover the financial loss, but the immediate concern

is about safety for victims, temporary lodging, food, etc.


It is common knowledge that if the New Madrid earthquake fault

in Southeastern Missouri ever shakes again, most of St. Louis,

and Memphis will collapse, killing 100’s of thousands

in those un-reinforced brick homes, and buildings.

People must start retrofitting buildings in those areas,

as that earthquake is going to happen.

In 1811 when it last shook, it rang church bells in Boston, Mass.


There are many such situations in America, tornados happen every year,

there is no prevention, only recovery after the fact,

if we build homes differently more of that damage can be reduced considerably.


I can’t believe the authorities dumped some 10’s of thousand of citizens

 in New Orleans Convention Center, and Sports Arena,

when they knew there were un-operable sanitary facilities,

no clean water, food, or any other necessities;

for that many human beings in the emergency.

Of course the Mayor should have evacuated the city

using some 280 school buses.


The Mayor was screaming that the government is racist, yet

“HE” was “the government” in charge in New Orleans,

and he failed to help evacuate the city before flooding occurred.

Totally inept government stupidity on his part,

he did not know what to do, and now it’s someone else’s fault, not his.

Notice that when any African American needs help

and doesn’t get it, claim: "it was because of race".


It was not racially motivated, as there were people of all races in the same situation,

regardless, the city officials were the closest to the problem. 

The mayor had the buses to use, and let the buses sit in 12’ of water after the flood.

Now the buses are useless junk.

They will want more taxpayer money to buy new buses.


I’m watching the suffering of those people on TV, and 4 days later

President Bush claims he knew nothing about the problems occurring in New Orleans. 

The Federal Government must respond immediately in these situations,

to alleviate human suffering, and death, when local governments fail,

or are incapable  to respond in these emergencies.

Sorry we don’t have the pony express anymore, there are Telephones, TV and Radio,

but guess the president is too busy to worry about Americans.

News travels slowly in his world.

I’d have been there in hours to direct all the help

those people needed, right then.


President Bush just sat there in a stupor, like the clown he was.

What a disaster for our nation.

I will assign people who can organize,

and take control of these emergencies,

within a few hours of a situation

that involves citizens’ safety, and health.

The Red Cross acts within hours to many disasters,

why can’t our government?


We have a military structure with vehicles, and manpower to help in these events.

There are retail outlets, for the acquisition of the necessary supplies,

and we need to be organized to know where to get what we need,

and where it’s needed. Let's get with it.


Bush of course had to state that what was more important was Iraq,

 and what we were doing there,

I can’t believe how totally out of control the Katrina, and Rita hurricane victims were treated.

There is no excuse; for this ineptness, on a federal level.

Now it is up to the citizens in this country to help me, to help you.