This is not a bilingual nation. “NO WAY, Jose”.

We must have a common language in America,

there are as many as 160 different languages spoken

just in Lost Angeles County, in California alone.

People come to America from all over the world

to join us,

we are not 160 nations,

we are but “ONE Nation”,

“Indivisible”, and we will have ONE Language.


Services may be available to tourists visiting America in various languages

for their safety, but on the every day living needs,

it is important that all citizens learn “our” language.



     To obtain citizenship, the major requirement is

that the applicant be able to,

Read, Speak, and “Understand” English.

The applicant must also have a reasonable knowledge of our history.

There are no more excuses, no more ballots in any other languages.

I don’t care where you came from,

if you don’t speak English; LEARN IT.

We will no longer make any exceptions,

if you don’t want to learn our language,

then go back where you came from.


In March 2006, in Ventura Co, CA the federal government

told the county they would have to install Voting Machines

that give people (who don’t speak English) the right to be able to vote,

“in their language” since the punch card voting technique

just wasn’t flexible enough for the aliens to understand how to vote.

How are illegal aliens going to vote in American elections,

unless we supply ballots in their language?


Electronic voting machines that don’t have any backup,

so recounts can’t be done in the case of there being any demand for recount.

This is just one more way for your future government to give you the election results

the government wants,

not what citizens wanted.


We are Americans:

We speak English, join us, or leave us.

We will teach English in our schools, learn English,

or leave our country.

We are not going to run our country in 160 languages

because some immigrants are too lazy, or stupid,

or arrogant, to learn English.

Anyone who has been in this country for 5 years,

and hasn’t learned English,

will be forced to leave America, no excuses.

Having medical problems?

Because English speaking doctors don’t understand you?

Tough, you made the decision to come to our country, not us,

so we’ve had enough of your laziness.

Get MAD, I am.