Who am I?

Actually: Now, Iím a 91year old retired American, that wonders if Americans really want to save our nation,

or is that just too much trouble?

What have I done in life? Iíve been a parent, a worker that supported my family,

self-educated in many aspects of what has and is happening to the industry of our nation.

I canít and will not stop loving The United States, and our people.

Iím watching the news every day at what destruction is happening to the citizens in our nation,

and how hopeless it seems for our future progress.


When you are young, you are too busy earning a living, advancing in your trade or skill,

raising children, paying bills, too busy to see what is happening to our freedoms.

You canít believe that our government is plotting against us, they have.

So Iím 86, do I sound like Iím senile? Iím 100% aware of the dangers to our nation.

Letís save America.


You were taught in school that we citizens run the nation,

by electing representatives to protect our nation.

We go overseas to confront enemies, and come home and hang up our hat,

job done.


Not so quick! While you go on with life, we have politicians who think the best future for our nation

is to remove our borders, get in line with the countries like in Europe,

and since Canada and the United States are like brothers, let's just become one huge nation,

OH! There are so many Hispanics here, (illegally invaded), so lets just remove the border with Mexico,

after all itís like it isnít there anyway.


Lets just extend the border of Mexico to just south of Canada. About 6 inches south of Canada that is.

We can now have a tribunal of all three nations to decide on our laws, taxes, and become the ďNorth American UnionĒ.


The Constitution and Bill of Rights

donít reflect the needs of our nations anymore, so we will just end that nonsense.


You will cooperate with our new laws or else.

I wonder if illegal drugs will be cheaper now, certainly will be more available with no border problems anymore.


Yes Iím supposed to be old, but not too old yet, I have had a lot of experience in life to educate me.

Iíve been in electronics all my life, I know what can be done,

and have studied reports about various inventions for years building up to this point.

Our government with our Social Security numbers has a database on every one of us.

More to come?


Tell me what elected politician really has more intelligence to run this nation.

I work on ďCommon SenseĒ, something our nation doesnít have in Washington DC.

I will make major changes in spending in this nation.

Iíve seen a lot of lost freedoms happen in our nation.

Lets Save: ďAmerica the BeautifulĒ.


Our children are being taught that the United States as a sovereign nation; is old fashioned.

That the future will be, where we have only one ruling power,

the United Nations, and when all nations are unarmed to stop war.

A Totalitarian regime to control all nations the people.


Even though Iím now 91, I will not allow this to happen to the United States of America

as long as Iím alive, with your help. You do want America Restored donít you?