9. HEALTH CARE: Obama Care?

Obama care is government controlled health care.


Do you want the government to decide, if you DESERVE health care?


I know this is a big concern of so many of our citizens.



First of all, I’m asking you, how many people have lost

Middle Class jobs the last 12 years?

How many of those employees lost Medical Insurance that is now cancelled?


How many new employees of that company,

now in the Orient, have Medical Insurance? NONE

You’ve been screwed.


The Medical insurance plans that we have, are a joke,

it’s all about costs/profit, no matter what plan you have.


When the government is providing your health care

that you are paying for,

they will decide what and when you can eat,

and tax heavily anything that is not healthy for you.


Do you know, the World Health Organization

in cooperation with the US Government can

“force you to be inoculated”,

any refusal shall mean arrest,

failure to cooperate in a suspected world health scare.


You can be forcefully medicated

to be controlled,

to conform,

so you will cooperate or else.

I worked for the USC Department of Psychiatry for 15 years,

I know what our government can and does do.

Is that the life you want with Government Medical Care?  


Do you know what they might pump in to you? Would you even care?


Will Illegal Aliens be eligible for Free Health Care, read


Want to read the 1990 page HR3200 bill, good luck. It’s an Adobe Reader file.


Latest news from my Congressman: Our government, those who we have elected stated:


Health Care dollars will have to go to protect those “who have not yet lived

 a Full life”.


Those of you who have already lived a Full life,

will have to bow out

to those with the most prospect of a future life.

“So don’t live too much longer,

we can’t waste money on your health needs”.



Did the Unions get you Free Health Care?

NO, originally employers offered

“Group Plan”

Insurance not Free Health Care.


Employees paid a minimal fee, “as a Group”

 to spread the cost among many ratepayers.


Many employee health plans still require the employee

to pay a certain amount, and as an enhancer,

 employers paid 50% of your insurance to work for the company.

In 1957 I had to pay $8/week for my insurance.

 Of course with inflation that increased, to where

I had 100% employer paid Health Care before I retired.

This was like most insurance policies,

 to spread the cost of coverage over many contributors

 to the expense of medical care.



#1 Let’s return those jobs to America:

Then you will have job provided plan insurance again.


Fact 1. Now I have discovered Michael Moore’s film Sicko online,

watch his revelations about Medical care in other nations

with government paid medical plans.


I “may” have to revise my opinion IF I can figure out how

we can afford this, “but don’t bet on it”.


I believe we might make this work,

if we only cover “catastrophic medical needs”.


Citizens should make part of their budget

for everyday minimal expense medical needs,

say up to $100/per event,

then help the citizens with expenses above that certain amount.

You plan on money for housing, food, transportation, education, clothing,

and those expenses,

well! Medical care is also something you as a citizen are responsible.


Maybe that means a used car, an apartment, and an austere budget,

but that’s real life.


Look folks, I’m 91, and yes now I’m on Medicare,

which I’ve paid in to since 1965, and still pay about $108/mo


Obama told us, NO increase in Taxes, but he didn’t say:

Those items wouldn’t have an increase in price.


I did not need any Union to get me a job, or keep my jobs

because I was hired for my skills, worth my pay.

But before that, in order to have insurance coverage for me,

and my family, I made sure I worked for jobs that had Medical Care benefits.


Well that meant that all my life in my job skills of Electronics,

that I had to constantly learn new technologies, state of the art, to remain employable.

I did that.


In 1982 (at age 55) I had to start learning Computers

to be a technician as part of my job, not a hobbyist.

We do what we must do: to remain in the job market,

and that’s what all of us have to do.


There is no Free Lunch. I keep telling you this fact of life, believe me.

Remember even grocery clerks had to learn the scanners,

and other Electronic Cash Register operations to stay employed.

WE all have to keep educated, so we can get those jobs with the benefits.

Not depend upon the government to support us.


I know people who spend $5/day on cigarettes, and do not have medical insurance. Why?


Folks, it’s really “Can we/you afford this”?


One of OBAMA’S plan is to establish a 10% -28% Federal Sales Tax

to support FREE medical care.

Or tax those who have struggled to become rich;

they deserve to pay for your medical care,


Redistribute the Wealth?


Where is Obama going to get the $1 Trillion needed

to support his Free Health Care proposal?

Robin Hood at your rescue? Tax the Rich for the Poor.


Even if you have a medical plan for yourself,

someone will pay the tax to cover those

who do not have insurance.

Soon your employer will tell you,

they are no longer covering your insurance,

now you can get FREE medical care from the government. OK?


Then: It is really simple, first the government

will decide if you deserve Health Care,

you must meet a “means test”, age, income level,

how valuable are you to society,

(and what Political Party are you registered to?).


Then you will be on the waiting list

(if you live long enough),

then someone else will decide even then Who is first,

Someone’s on Second, Maybe is on Third, you know the old joke,

well the Joke is on you for wanting government Health Care in the first place.

       Read on, this is not a comedy routine.


We must stop wasting Medical care on the aged,

who will not live much longer anyway.


“That will be our Government plan”.


How many of you want the government

to have a database about your health?

Then President Obama decided that

if you have employer provided Health care,

you must pay income taxes on the value of that benefit,

or give up your Health Care and

Join the Government “plan”.


Obama promised you, he’d only tax the RICH.

Do you have job?

Do you have health care?


“You are RICH”, and it’s time to tax YOU.


Fact 2. There are always two sides to every story,

now a second opinion about Government Medical Care;

that is negative about how the government would control your care.

Michael Moore isn’t aware of these problems: You should be.


Obama wanted to appoint Ex-Senator Tom Daschle, MD

as Health and Human Secretary; that would give you the same kind of Medical Care

as the Federal Reserve gives all of you with bank accounts.

I’m telling you, YOU do not want this kind of Medical Care.

That’s the fear I have for your needs to be cared for by your government.


Read this data by Wes Vernon as to what the citizens of South Dakota feel about Tom Daschle if he gets this power

over your medical care.


This is a man who couldn’t remember

that he owed income taxes and refused to pay them

until, it might affect his being appointed to a position paid for by your taxes.

Even if it is someone else appointed to this position,

I’m afraid any successor would handle this plan the same way.

READ: http://www.renewamerica.us/columns/vernon/090209


Wes Vernon is a Washington-based writer and veteran broadcast journalist.


Obama has told you: He wants all of your medical information

to be in Computer Data Bases.

So “anyone” can review your medical history,

and usage of medication. It must be “1984” again.

So you will get better medical care from the government?


Do you want the government involved in your health care?


Read on. Maybe you don’t realize what you would give up,

to have your government in control of your medical care.

Be sure you understand the cost to your freedom

to determine what Government Medical care is going to cost you.


Now: When you buy any medication, aspirin or other over the counter medications,

we can keep track of that; just hold your arm over the scanner as you pay for purchases.

Oh did I mention we have to insert a very small RFID chip in your arm,

so that we,

and the Medical profession can make sure who you are,

to prevent fraud of course, so now we know what purchases you make,

to be sure you are not spending more than our income tax record shows

that you claim you earned.


All for your own good of course, just to keep you honest,

you are honest aren’t you,

so why should you complain

if the government wants to monitor or murder you?


After all: It’s FREE, but you won’t be FREE, just sell your SOUL.


Our government does not want “YOU” to import Prescription Medications

because they may not be safe, and you just might save some money on Brand Name medications.

Then you find out the American Medications were manufactured in China anyway


82 people died in 2008 from contaminated Heparin medicine

from China. WHY?


Remember people’s pets dying from Melamine contamination

in the pet food, from a China supplier.


Read all of this, it’s quite involved

and there are reasons for my plan;

that will help you afford health care.


News Flash: It seems that insurance companies are now logging in

to the Prescriptions Drugs database,

and in some cases denying you insurance based upon your usage.

So how do you get insurance?

Not very likely, as the Insurance Company, of course,

only wants to insure healthy citizens.


If you want “Cradle to Grave” coverage for everything in your life,

then move to Sweden, where everything is supplied,

but you pay about 50% income taxes on everything.

If you want the freedoms we have in America, then this is the story.

You have freedoms to make your own choices.

In America you only pay about 49.9% of your income

for some kind of tax or the other FEE’s.


How much insurance do you want to “BUY”? How much do you want for FREE?


Now what are we talking about:

Health Care, or Medical Care,

these are not the same.

Many of us have or had Medical Care;

Health Care is far more inclusive against our freedoms.


There are three needs of Medical Care:

1. Prevention,

2. Illness, and

3. Injury.


What I keep hearing is “Citizens should be entitled to free health care”,



Why? What you are entitled to; is to “Learn to earn”.

Yes that may seem unfair, but lets be serious,

you can’t afford FREE Health care.


What do I mean you can’t afford FREE Health Care?


Do you want the government to control your “Health”?

Or do you want “Medical” Care?


First to control costs against citizens health,

Do you use Alcohol, or Smoke? No insurance

Are you overweight? No insurance

Cholesterol over 200? No insurance.

Blood pressure too high? No insurance.

Use any illegal drugs, tested monthly? Of course NO insurance.

Too many moving traffic violations? No Insurance.

And you want Free Medical Insurance?


After all, if you are not interested in living

what “we” think is a healthy lifestyle,

why should the taxpayers cover your medical costs?


Well there is no such thing as FREE.

Do you think the doctors are working for Free?

Do the hospital employees work for Free?

Of course not! So where does Free come from? From the taxpayers, YOU!

So how much increase in Income Taxes; are you willing to pay to get “Free Medical Care”?

I think we can provide Free Health care,

for added income taxes of $10,000/year for each person;

then you get Free.

Also remember when the government takes your money for something,

there is a Handling Fee, to support the Government employees

who monitor and run that plan.

Believe me you are going to pay, one way or another.


                               Medical Care is not Free: nothing is Free.


So now what? Well, I think we should “help” with Medical Care for children,

and seniors.

As much as society has decided to provide children with an education,

so they arrive at adult life able to be self-supporting.

Health care is important up to that point,

based upon the child’s parent’s income level.

And to help seniors after they no longer are in the job market

to pay for health care.

That’s why we paid in to Medicare INSURANCE to cover us in retirement.


You all have good jobs, you make a lot of money, everything is low cost:

“Oh” maybe I’m going crazy, You’re out of work,

You’re losing your home to foreclosure, the business where you worked

has closed and moved out of America,

Well! Sort of moved, they still ship their product back to America

for you to buy with your unemployment checks, while the checks are still coming,

What! Your last check is next week, Oh well! You will probably find some work,

I understand Taco Bell is hiring (if you speak Spanish).

You just have to have a sense of humor.


Why don’t I hear you laughing?



Now we come to another problem, government controlled Health Care?

What system in the Government do you think operates correctly?

You must be kidding, our government has never run anything correctly in its existence.

Do you want to go to a government medical clinic?

Have you ever been to any government office for anything?

Do you want the government demand you get certain injections for your health?

Are you ready to get a shot, that will make sure you conform to the government controls,

so you are submissive, and obey?


You want screwed up health care, welcome to Dreamland.

The New World Order

So what to do?

Well let’s have various health care providers compete for your business.


What we must do is make sure that “if providers are in business”,

they must take all applicants, even with pre-existing conditions,

and that some level of responsibility to provide good care, “monitored by the government”.


But that has to be tempered with the right of the insurance company

to have certain health standards for patients to begin with,

such as the insurers weight, use of drugs, alcohol, etc.


“Sorry! But “for your age”, that procedure is not financially practical”, care denied.

Is that what you want to hear?


Do you want our government to control private business,

and tell them how to run their business, and how much they can charge?

Do you want the government to tell you how to run “your business”?


As President, I will: “when it involves citizen safety”.

I will control the action of any company,

if that affects your safety.

We will assess financial penalties to companies

who have taken advantage of citizens,

when it involves danger to your health.

Of course some jobs have health risks,

and you have to decide if those risks are worth doing that work.


We can’t be protected from every risk in life.

But your insurance coverage costs will have to be based upon those risks

 you have accepted.


If you ignore healthy living,

why should taxpayers/or insurers pay for your medical problems?

So how are we going to ensure that you live healthy?

More invasion of your personal rights, but rightfully so, to be sure “your lifestyle”

is not going to cost taxpayers more money.


If you test positive for illegal drug use, no medical care?

Cholesterol too high, why?

Now we will have to monitor your food purchases

in the government database to make sure you buy only healthy food.

Not all illnesses are curable either; remember that.


Do you really want the government to monitor your health?


Employers are becoming more and more careful about

even the financial status of an employee as they run credit checks on you before hiring.

Do you want an employer to scan the network to see your medical records,

or your purchase of alcohol or tobacco before they decide to hire you?

After all that may affect your ability to work for that company.

I’ve read reports of employees being terminated because they smoke, after work, at home.

Not even on company time, is this the future you want?

Are you willing to give up any privacy in order to get Free anything?


Next will be the health of applicants, for jobs and insurance.

Already some employers are asking employment applicants

to take a medical exam/drug test, or other things like your Credit record?

Big brother: looking at you.


Remember in school,

Your “Permanent Record”,

well do you want a Permanent Record

by the government with today’s computers, computers that never screw up?


All of your wants, come with responsibility, if you want government help?

This brings government data about your health, all in one nice database.


Freedom: For “Cradle to grave care” in a government database?


We have so many people that “believe they are sick”,

and will be at the doctor every day to get attention.

Hypochondriacs galore, of course, so to end that,

we have to have some degree of Co-payment

to keep some control over misuse of the system.


As reported:

Speaking at a forum sponsored by several health care organizations,

then candidate Hillary Clinton addressed a range of questions

on the future of Social Security and Medicare, racial

and gender disparities in health care coverage

and ways to encourage medical students

to become primary care doctors rather than specialists.

She didn't directly address questions of whether smokers

or obese people should pay more for health care

but said as president she would use the 'bully pulpit'

to encourage healthy lifestyle choices,

particularly among young people.

To help you of course!


Most of all, there were questions about her proposed $110 billion health care plan

and how it would bring order to a fractured system.

Would this health care plan experience as much fraud as the Elder Medicare plan?

If we don’t have a national database on all patients,

then we won’t know if you are going to many doctors to get many prescriptions

of what might be dangerous when taken together.


I want you to see this is not a simple employer sponsored Medical Insurance plan, locally controlled.


Remember also, the insurance company is not your friend;

they operate on making a profit, whether they say they are non-profit or otherwise.

The Profit part comes in when they control costs by denying you Medical Care.


Now lets discuss, medical care! Many citizens have/or had some form of Medical Insurance.

Then the insured, has a medical problem, how much insurance covers that problem?

How many find there are limits on medical care? Either cost or procedures covered, or not covered?


Many find even with insurance, there are limits.

It’s usually that very expensive procedure

that has put you in financial stress

to begin with. Cancer, or some other drastic disease that you just can’t afford.

So don’t get Cancer!


The insurance company says:

“Yes, there may be a cure,

but that cure is considered experimental, and we don’t pay for that”.

Back to square ONE. How much coverage do you get?

Everyone thinks, IF we had Health Care

we would have unlimited coverage for any illness.


No one has that now, except for your politicians.


Remember you pay Congress $14,600/month,

they have Health care that taxpayers pay for, do you?


Now lets look at this again, the Term is Health Care, not Medical Insurance.


So what is your government going to demand, so that you have “Health?”


Now our government, in order to make sure you have “Health”,

will be able to monitor your weight, smoking, alcohol usage,

and other health planning so you are less a risk for this coverage.


I know you haven’t thought of all those problems,

but be sure you really want, what you’re asking for.


Service persons in the military could be Courts Marshaled for being drunk,

and a danger to government property, what Government Property, well a service person is government property.

They tell you immediately when you are in the Military Service

“We own your ass, so don’t screw up”.


Do you want to be Government Property, owned by the government?

You will be, if you do not fight back now.

The government wants to own and control your ass.


Remember how in some states that have Smog Testing of your car,

well lets have health testing of you every year, to see if you have been living healthy,

and if not, your permit to buy food and live can be cancelled.

Only those willing to submit to healthy living will be allowed to live in the community.

You might be a risk to others if allowed to live.


We cannot put the public money into providing medical care,

if you are not going to participate in living a correct healthy life style.


Insurance does not cure you. It may pay for “some” care,

but in the long run, we are going to die.

It’s only a matter of time. Children die, some of us live to be 100 years old.

We do not know what is in store for us,

the best we can really do is to start out living for more “health”.


Unfortunately our parents feed us from birth,

and as we get some choice of what we like to eat, we make selections,

but many times before we understand what diet has to do with our health.


Many poor people eat what they can afford,

 too often, those are bad choices,

but that’s all the family can afford.

Being rich does not mean you are eating a healthy diet either.

You are what you eat.


If you want private insurance, that has already been available,

all you have to do is “pay for it”. Insurance rates are based upon the cost to provide care,

even in Non Profit plans.

The insurer has the right

to demand you meet certain health conditions before enrolling you in their plan.

Just as your auto insurance agent checks your driving record

when you apply for car insurance.

Do you want a plan that covers the family?

Well if you are married, and this covers you, and your spouse,

if you (female) or your spouse (female) becomes pregnant,

the insurance has to cover that prospective event,

so the insurance cost must include that probability.

I think one of the big rip offs is so called Prenatal Care,

you visit the doctor every month, the doctor listens to the baby’s heart beat

and in 99.9% everything is OK, and the doctor charges you for that 5 minutes

as an “hour of care”. Pay on your way out. That’s milking the situation,

and our doctors know that, it just helps pay for the Mercedes.

As I understand it Women have been having babies for a long time, without doctors.

But now you have been convinced that only a doctor can deliver babies,

that you can’t do it without them.

It’s called Money in the bank,

yet still in this day, in America, women die giving childbirth

under Doctors care


Now the new plan can only cover the birth of the first child,

any other births after that government determined

what’s best for our nations future will not be covered.


As I said: “There is no easy solution”,

not just a simple,

lets have government provided Health Care!

For a reasonable fee!

What is reasonable?

Now we will have to consider your income,

and we will have to review your budget,

so the government can decide,

“What you can pay for Insurance”,

that means the government can monitor your budget.

Are you ready for that?


As we monitor your bank account,

we see that you can afford certain luxuries,

and after all we want to include all citizens,

and if you are making more money than other citizens,

then should you pay more for Health Care?


Health Care payments; must equal Health Care costs; plus some profit.

Someone has to pay more taxes to cover the costs for poor citizens

who do not work as hard as you do.

Whose taxes are going to pay the extra costs?

Should your insurance cost be equal to any other citizen

regardless of your income?

Employer provided insurance on a plan, with one standard price.


Auto insurance is also based only on cost to provide,

and the price of your vehicle,

some based upon miles driven for some period of time,

as that is a gage of prospective risk,

and on your driving record of tickets for mistakes you make.

How are we going to give you insurance coverage if you don’t live correctly?


Deciding on the cost for Medical Insurance

is based upon how many people in the insured group,

which is a gamble for the insurance company.


Now what kind of Health Care are you going to get,

HMO’s limit possible coverage to control costs.

Will you be denied Health Care to control profits?

If your procedure is more expensive,

maybe they will just deny what is wrong with you,

and going to another doctor for a second opinion,

might cause your HMO insurance to be cancelled,

as you agreed as a member of their service that they are your total provider.

All of these things must be considered before you accept a certain plan.


Lets go back to the beginning of Health Insurance.

We got coverage from our job, but some of us paid a minimal weekly fee,

deducted from our paycheck.

Great, then we have a procedure done, and found the insurance only paid 80%,

and we paid 20%. As soon as insurance companies started paying

X number of Dollars “more” for the procedure, the doctors increased their fees,

figuring that since you are only paying 20%,

you could afford more and more and more.

Every time your insurance company agreed to pay more,

doctors raised their prices. Constant inflation.


In 1958 Doctors charged $100 to deliver a baby in a hospital,

and we were paying $10 for an office visit. Compare that to today’s prices.


Now lets get to the very expensive treatments.

You have an illness, the doctor say’s “We have to operate” and that is going to cost $20,000.

The hospital costs equal $20,000, the anesthesiologist charges $3000.

The surgery took 4 hours. So the doctor just charged you $5000/hr.

Yes, the doctor knows how to do the procedure,

but is he really worth $5000/hr? Or is this greed?


Look at the costs in real life, how much is greed?

Why does the doctor charge that much? Is the doctor living in poverty?

Is that operating room in the hospital really worth $5,000/hour?

How much do they charge for a less critical operation?


Now if the government is going to pay for these procedures,

the government is going to control prices too.

You suffer, the doctor suffers; society suffers.

A little honesty goes a long way.

If that doctor is paid hourly wages, why should he do anything more than is necessary?

No profit motive to do any more, than what he can get away with/per hour.


If we still have Income Taxes!


What I will do is give you 100% reduction of owing any income taxes,

“on what you pay for Medical Insurance”,

and increase the reduction of Income Taxes for medical expenses.

When I cut a lot of government spending, you will pay less taxes,

and you will have more of your income (if you are working)

to pay for medical care, or insurance.


Remember: I am going to cancel Income Taxes on wages,

so you will have a lot more money to pay for Medical Care.


If you are not working, I’m working on that problem too.

If you are working you pay, if you decide not to work,

should you get free medical care? Why?

Why aren’t you working?

Oh! Your company closed up

and moved out of America where they don’t pay any benefits?

Good luck. Did you Vote.

But anyway we are talking about financial responsibility,

and if you want to improve the financial status of America,

then elect me.


I’ll bring those jobs back to America,

so you’ll have employer-financed insurance again.


Now what do we do about the expense of Insurance?

Our car insurance is based upon our driving record,

and in some cases the neighborhood we live in, as being more risky that somewhere else.


Remember your credit score? Insurance companies evaluate risk, based upon your life style,

so will your medical insurance rate be judged the same way?

If not, why not?  How risky is the area you live in?

Are you more likely to be shot, or assaulted and injured?

Do you work in a job that is more likely to cause you medical problems?

I want you to see, this is something that sounds great,

but there are a lot of variable that are going to control the costs.

I will query OSHA for job injury risks, which will assign a rate

of which will determine your cost for insurance.


Look folks, it’s time to start being responsible for your health

if you want someone to make Health Insurance available.

Don’t tell me you can’t afford health insurance

if you are spending $5 a day on a pack of cigarettes,

or spending $100/mo, or any amount on alcoholic drinks.


So do you want the government involved in your health plan?

Think about that, before you demand that you deserve” Health Insurance.

If you want the provider to have to accept all applicants,

they have the right to charge based upon risk.

This is common sense taking again.

Each time you have a major health crisis,

should your insurance cost go up?

Your car insurance goes up if you have too many tickets or accidents,

So! Be careful demanding what you want.

Things come with strings attached.

Overweight 20lbs?

Insurance goes up 20%.

See! Who determines if you are overweight, the government of course.


What do we do about the unemployed?

More and more of you are going to be unemployed,

because you are probably not going to elect me,

you are stuck with a Democrat, and then cry about being lied to, again and again.

Are you 100 lbs overweight? And poor? Do you smoke cigarettes, and drink alcohol?

Then tell us we should give you free health care,

when you don’t care about your health to begin with?


What health care do you think the United Nation is going to have for you?

Do you want the government having a legal reason to have a database about your health care?

Responsibility starts at home.


We must begin more research to find help on viral infections.

While we have antibiotics to control Bacterial infections,

too many citizens suffer from Flu, and other viral infections.

We need to fund, and find more solutions for that problem.

While there are some vaccinations for some viral infections (Polio, Measles),

we need more investigation to solve these problems.

If solutions are found using government funding,

then the government will control the price of those medications, or vaccinations. 


When you, or your children need emergency medical care,

and you go to the local emergency room,

what are you going to do when you find 30, 40, or more,

illegal aliens in line ahead of you?

Illegal aliens who are there, even for non-emergency medical care!


Your taxes, or the hospitals income is partially paying for their FREE care,

while you’re at the end of the line.

If the hospital is giving the illegal alien or non-insured FREE medical care,

and you’re a paying customer, it’s part of “your fee”

that you are paying, for the FREE medical care of someone else.


That is, if you can even find an emergency room open.

Thousands of emergency rooms have closed,

as they are unable to afford to stay open,

because of illegal aliens who can’t/don’t pay. 

Should Illegal Aliens get FREE medical care for humanitarian reasons?


Gee! Based upon this idea, Illegal Aliens should also get

free groceries, rent, (or home), and a decent car, they deserve it,

and “you” can pay for them to have this.

There is no end to FREE. I’ve worked for everything I’ve ever received,

that’s the American way.

Some may say, Well I’m getting Social Security, that’s free,

well it wouldn’t be if I hadn’t paid in to this plan for 50 years.

Nothing is Free for me.


Even if “you’re paying”, it’s first come, first serve,

and you’re going to pay more to make up

for what those getting FREE care are not paying.


“75” California Emergency Hospitals have closed in the last two years

because they couldn’t make a profit with so many Hispanics asking for FREE care.

Are they closing in your area?

If you have an influx of Hispanics, your hospitals are NEXT.

They can’t run forever giving FREE care.


Do you work for FREE?


To add insult to injury, all homeowner-taxpayers in California

we’re paying a Fee (tax) of $72/yr to support Emergency Medical Centers,

and the Centers are still closing:

Too many illegal aliens wanting free medical care.

(That fee now raised in 2016 to $112/year) how much more next year?


You are not being denied Medical Care;

you can get medical care, “and pay for it”.

It is not like you Can’t get medical care at all.

You just don’t have unlimited “free” medical care.


Have you ever looked in detail to Hospital Billings?

$18 for giving the patient an Aspirin, and similar hard to understand billings.

Talk about Fraud, right from the Health Care providers.

Many of you have been shocked by billings on your hospital bill, rightfully so.

I’ve seen these bills, $20 for a 3” square gauze patch?

This is part of what we also need to fight.

You need medical care, you get it,

and when you question anything on the bill, it’s a clerk that tells you:

“That’s our policy,” PAY.


Remember that the hospital made you sign a waver

“not to sue them” before you entered the Hospital?

You didn’t read that paper you signed under duress:

Sorry that’s no excuse, PAY.


Medical care has been a problem for centuries,

only when the Unions started offering this care

as a part of employee benefits in the late 1930’s

did this start to be available.


Someone, somehow has to “pay”, you pay

as the cost of the employer funded medical care

is added to the cost of the product manufactured

or service provided, or you’re paid less wages,

where do you think the money for medical care is going to come from?

Your employer is not giving you FREE Medical Care; that is part of your “pay package”.


Nothing is “FREE”. Face it, “someone”, “somehow” has to pay for it.

Do we add additional tax on wages to pay for this?

How about the unemployed?

They go to the local county hospitals if they exist,

if not, they go to the local private hospital

that we have demanded provide these people with FREE medical care.


That is like demanding that restaurants give free meals to the poor and hungry,

is that fair?


What kind of work do you do?


Should the government force “you” to provide your services for Free

to someone who is poor?



We would all like FREE everything, that’s part of our having a free nation;

you’re free to get an education, as provided, that’s it.

You’re free to work as hard as you want; to earn as much as you want,

you are free to get as much medical care as you can afford.

You eat a “Hamburger”, someone richer eats “Filet Minion”, because they can afford it.


Now what else has happened, is that medical care

has become more advanced in technical skill, this costs more too.


There are very few local practitioners of medicine anymore,

no more family doctors, no more house calls, medicine has changed,

technically for the better, “but costs more”.


You may have a cold, or you may have, who knows what?

Medicine is more precise “now- a-days”.

So you may only have a cold, or bubonic plaque, or?

When you look at cause of death on medical reports prior to 1900,

you only see a few diagnoses, such as congestion, or consumption, not heart attacks,

“kicked by a mule”, or many of the precise causes of death now known.

This costs more money. NO one just dies of “natural death” anymore.

The government wants details, so all of that costs “money” so who pays?

If you say “the Government” hey!

You’re the government.

It’s your money one way or another.


So how much are you, as a citizen, suppose to get for FREE?

IF we decide that the government

must provide us with everything we want, that is not a FREE society.

Russian’s had “Free Medical Care” under Communism;

do you want Communism?


You only deserve what you’re willing to work for, that’s our system.

So get that education, to get that job I’m going to bring back to America,

and be self-sufficient.


Remember jobs in the 50 ‘s and 60’s that provided Health Care?

Where are those jobs?

Probably in Mexico or China now? 

The jobs don’t seem to be here anymore.


Remember now, that citizen who can afford that Filet Minion

probably has more education, that took them more time to obtain,

they worked harder, or smarter to afford better.

Did you get more education? Or deprive yourself when younger,

to be worth more as an employee to afford more than Hamburger?

That’s the answer in America.

How much are you really worth as an employee to your employer?


England has a government medical care system,

all you have to do for necessary medical care, is to wait in line

for them to be able to fit you in to the schedule,

now if you really want “quick” medical care,

you go to private doctors and pay to get instant service.

So England has a 2-tier medical system care, the rich get good care;

the poor (most of us) are on a waiting list.

The same thing happens in Canada. Is that what you really want?

You really don’t understand how this works.

You do not want this; private Medical Insurance is great if you can afford it.

 A nice home is great if you can afford it. 

A nice new car is great if you can afford it.

Medical Insurance is not a given, needed: yes, but not FREE.

I’m just being honest.

Why do Canadians come to America for critical medical care?


Most of my life, I myself have worked for business’s that provided Health Care.

I enjoyed repairing Radio’s and TV’s but those businesses being small

privately owned stores couldn’t afford the cost of Health Insurance plans,

so I went in to industrial electronics, better pay and still an interesting occupation,

that supported me and my family comfortably. 

With the security I knew I needed for my family. You can do the same.

If America is still FREE.


My medical care provider, under Social Security, is the Kaiser Permanente Group,

and I’m very pleased with the care I receive when I need any care.

There are always going to be differences in opinion as to care needed vs. provided.

But medicine is not an exact science,

that’s why we sometimes want to get a second opinion

before we get some advanced medical care.


I wish all Americans had access to Kaiser Permanente care.

There again in areas where this insurance is available

it also comes in degrees of coverage.

Purchase the level of care you wish to receive, or can afford.

There are other health plans Blue Cross, Blue Shield, etc,

some where you choose your own local physician, and hospitals

that work with each provider, but of what Quality?

I’ve found in “working with Kaiser”

I’ve received the best care available in America.

But I’ve been informed already that my coverage next year will be reduced,

I don’t know by how much. In the beginning of 2009 my co pay was increased.

From Zero to $10 per visit.

Prescriptions were free, now $5 to $10 per 30 day supply.


 I worked in the Los Angeles County Hospital for 15 years

(as an employee of Univ. of So, Calif. Medical School),

I saw a lot of good care provided to the poorest of poor,

and of course there is some negligence, sometimes

there is just too much work to do, and not enough time,

or “skills” to cover every care needed.


“Emergency Room Doctors” want to help,

but there is only so much knowledge on diagnostics,

and while that is getting better, a doctor who had been on call for 18 hours

may not be able to give you the best attention.

Don’t give up, just understand,

giving the doctor the best description of your symptoms, is a good start.

Then following the doctor’s orders is next.


You alone must determine if you are getting better or worse,

communicate closely with the doctor, and use common sense.

Doctors are not mind readers. Doctors can’t off hand remember

every single patient’s medical history, keep a diary of your illness, and symptoms,

take that to the doctors office with you to share with the doctor.

It’s your medical care, cooperate, and get well.

Some of us will not get well, we will die, someday.

With the computer data bases now a days,

a lot of symptoms can be input into a search,

the more data you can give the doctor, the more likely the doctor

can get a diagnosis of your problem and probable cure.

Just telling the doctor, you don’t feel good, is a hard start to get help.


Seniors visit this AARP site http://www.DividedweFail.org/story

and get involved to save our Medicare’s reasonable medical care.

Do you want the same quality of Medical care our Congress and Senate get?

when they retire? Sure you do, HA. Good luck if you dudn’t vote for ME.


You could have Elected Independent candidate Don Cordell for President.


Oct 2007, the Vatican has just declared that “all” humans deserve free food,

as a humanitarian right. I’ll believe that when the Vatican offers to pay for the food.

Maybe now I could afford to eat Filet Minion at last, no more Hamburger.


What if the United Nations decides that all people of the earth deserve food,

and ration food in America so we can feed the world?

Don’t think this can’t happen, these people can do anything they want,

to make us support their world.


Obama wants us (you and me) to divvy up $1.1Trillion a year to feed the hungry in the world.


Can I put you down for your contribution to this fund?

It will only run you about $32,000 a year for each person in your family.


You do want to end World Hunger, don’t you?


Help me to get up, I’m laughing and crying so hard I can’t stand up.