So, we were attacked on 9/11 2001, by whom? Why?


This was a plot that we deemed so evil, that we gave George Bush the right to go to war, against Whom?



Do you think President Bush cared about the American lives lost on 9/11?

That mother ……. was involved in this treason.

I’m convinced beyond any doubt that our Government knew this was plotted

and as you study all the history of that day,

you too will know we were suckers to believe the bullshit in the 9/11 report

published by the Government.

It makes me sick to know

we have such traitors that we elected, trusting these bastards.


We must make a 100% change in Washington DC,

I don’t trust anyone we’ve elected before 2016.

I’ve studied all the history of that day, the events as they happened,

and others have published their doubts too.

We have TREASON happening to our nation.

It’s time to REVOTE and RESTORE our nation, while we still can.

Once we are in FEMA CAMPS it’s too late.


I want you to review the expression on his face, "when he was in that classroom",

many hundreds of miles away from Washington DC at that moment,

and his totally blank expression. Do you think he was surprised, I sure don’t.


Because, I think this was all part of the plan to condition you TO BELIEVE:

He had to remove our rights, FOR THE SECURITY OF OUR NATION.

Wrong, it was a plan to allow him to change our future forever.


I analyze facts, like later Bush DECLARED:

HE had watched the video of “the first plane hit the Tower”

BEFORE he went in to the classroom.


He could not have done that,

"That video wasn’t on TV, until the next day".

Would our government lie to us?

All the rest of any facts about 911 are lies.

We are under attack, only its’ our government that’s attacking us,

to condition us to give up our rights, for safety.

Just as Hitler did in Germany in 1933.


History repeats, wake up and study this website, so you know “we are under attack”,

and it’s our government that is doing this,

so we will surrender our Constitution and Bill of Rights: for Safety?


Then the plane that crashed? In Skanksville, PA,

parts of that plane were found within about 7 miles of the crash site,

but all you see at the so called crash site, is a dirt circle about 400’ in diameter,

absolutely NO plane parts, at all. NOTHING. Only dirt.

Was that plane shot down, or ? Where is the plane?


At the Pentagon, no plane parts immediately after the building was hit,

then a few parts one wheel assembly and one engine found the next day,

where are the other plane parts, they were not in the building. WHY?

The weight of an engine would have been enough that the engine

would have made an entry into the Pentagon as it tore away from the wing.

Notice, no entry marks other that where the body of the plane supposedly entered.


Why 911? I want you to add up the events happening to realize, WHY!

First the towers were only 30% occupied. A Mr. Silverstein leased the whole complex

on July 1, 2001, and insured the entire complex for $30 Billion "if" it were completely destroyed.



The Towers were buildings 1and 2. What were buildings 3, 4, 5, and 6?

One of the buildings was a bank. In that bank vault, was the paperwork on the Enron scandal, and GOLD.

After the 911 attack and destruction it was discovered the contents of the vault were gone. Why? 


Then there was Building 7.


I, and many others have reviewed what happened, and didn’t happen on that fateful day,

that we handed over our rights,

so the “Homeland Security Act”,

and the “Patriots Act (Treason Act)”

could be instigated.


Now the revelation that the NSA, National Security Agency,

or National Spy Agency logging our phone calls,

and who knows what else, requiring the building of

a huge 1 Million Sq Ft Computer Center in Utah,

to spy and record more of our activities,

“while you watch the ball games”,

and you believe we are a free nation.

Shame on you.


If you watched a number of the links about 9/11 in the Video’s I recommended at first

then you know more WHY we were attacked on 9/11,

a put-up-deal by our own government?

< Air Force protection?

“25 Air Force officers respond”.


READ Governor Jesse Ventura’s revelations: JESSE


Isn’t it funny they report they found the intact unburned Passport

of one of the so called Arab High Jackers on the streets of NY City

after the Twin Towers collapsed,

now we find that person is still alive. HOW?

Must have been printed on Asbestos.


9/11 was so phony, that I’m ashamed more Americans don’t realize we have been suckered,

to hand over our Constitution and Bill of Rights to George Bush,

who demanded that we no longer have any rights to privacy. He will wiretap us if he wants.

Obama is continuing this right now. For your security.


Is it true: Americans will believe anything our Government tells us without Question?



I have two books that are very interesting, “COMPROMISED” by Terry Reed, and John Cummings,

reporting about Clinton, Bush and the CIA, and OH Yeah!

And about Some guy by the name of Oliver North, that’s Lt. Col. Oliver North,

all about training of the Sandinistas in an area just north of Mena, Ark.

The relationship with the Clintons; the Rose Law Firm; about Vince Foster;

Hillary’s friend “who committed suicide”?


Very Interesting CIA flights to bring tons of Cocaine in to America from Columbia, payoffs, intrigue,

to raise money for Central America where Oliver North claims:

We did not sell arms to Iran to raise money for a war we were not in.

What happens does not read like a mystery, it reads like treason.


If you like that, then the next novel is called: “HELL TO PAY”, the unfolding story of

Hillary Rodham Clinton”, by author “Barbara Olson”.

Nice stories, about the Coldness of a woman who will not let laws interfere with her plans.

A note about the author, just before the book was published:

Barbara Olson was a passenger in the plane Flight 77;

that supposedly crashed in to the Pentagon on 9/11.

The publisher decided to publish the book after all.

Accidents do happen, don’t they?

Where is the plane that didn’t crash into the Pentagon?

9/11 was a plan by foreigners wasn’t it?

And you still believe that?

When will you ever learn?


Continue: It’s all about BUILDING 7, that’s the clue to this whole scheme.

Just analyze that the 47 Story World Trade Center Building #7

was reported to have collapsed 23 minutes before it actually collapsed, HOW?

The Building was empty already, and watching the building going down,

was like a series of bombs as we’ve seen other buildings destroyed. Why?

Someone in charge said: “Pull it” a common term used by building demolitionist,

when hired to bring down unwanted buildings.

“Then the building fell”.


Now what bothers me more about the Twin Towers collapse

is actually the collapse of the so-called Building Seven.


review this and other Video’s you can find about Building 7,

and then you will question, what and whom were responsible for this entire tragedy,

and the fact that the steel from this building was quickly removed and shipped to a foundry in Louisiana

to be melted down to make the new USS NY, proudly sailed back up NY harbor when built,

to quell any investigation as to why this building fell, it was not an accident, it was deliberate.


That spells Treason to me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rP9Qp5QWRMQ

Review my links to research being done by the ex Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura

As you review how this building was dropped, you will question everything about 9/11, and who did this.


Watch this next: Then you will join me, to Restore, not Change America.


“Analyze this”, why were explosives already installed to destroy Building 7?

As you watch this you will conclude, this was an act of Treason by our Government against US.

Guess what was in Building 7 that could be claimed as an accident,

so case closed, listen and you will learn what and why.

Could there have been explosives already on board the planes?


Your rights to privacy for First Class Mail can also be abused,

as after all the security of the nation is imperiled, to let our government do anything it wants.

Who needs a Constitution and Bill of Rights when our nation is being destroyed?


I hate people who say: “I’m not doing anything wrong, the government can search me all they want”.

They don’t deserve ANY Freedoms.

After all we are at WAR. How long to be in Iraq?

We’ve only been in So. Korea since 1950,

while we still support 38,000 US troops there,

year after year, at our expense.


This was the next step in ending our nation.

Globalization was the start, with more and more plans

by the Trilateral Commission/the Bilderberg group to eliminate our borders,

for us to join the New World Order, One World Government.


Step by step to downsize America, to join us with the rest of “the Plan”

that started with the European Union.

If we don’t restore our job base soon, we may not recover at all. American is bankrupt.

I had written this in March 08, now its December 2018

and millions more Americans have been laid off, with many more to come.

“This is SAD”


Most citizens’ work hard to support themselves and their family.

Most of us have enough worry just to pay our bills and enjoy some life.

We trust our government will take care of protecting our shores, and borders,

so we can enjoy that life of Liberty and Justice for all.


We collectively have elected and hired certain people to protect our life style,

to protect and guide our nation for the safety and security for all of us.


This is no longer happening, we have no security, our cities are overrun with illegal aliens

who “do not” desire to join us, but to overrun us, bringing uncontrolled crime to our communities.

These immigrant thugs, divide your communities in to Gang Territories, do you feel safer?


WHY? “9/11 Crap”

The “Office of Homeland Security” is the result of all this nonsense, 9/11 had to happen

to give Bush the Power to enable the “Homeland Security Act”,

for the future of the United Nations, “One World Government”.

This comes under How to take over a nation”

This was enhanced more in 2006 with the enactment of the War Commissions Act

that removed our rights to a “trial by jury”,

they eliminated the Habeas Corpus act,

so you can be held without trial as long as the government feels you are a threat

to the takeover of our nation by the United Nations, NEW WORLD ORDER.


Basic plan, first have a traumatic event that threatens the nation,

then remove all rights of the citizens, based upon,

“We are under attack, and you might be the enemy”.


This is exactly what Hitler did in 1933; then he eliminated all citizen rights.

Then he eliminated Citizens.


On the Internet, YOU can find “The Homeland Security Act” 145 + pages,

I couldn’t find any way to save the file, or print it out,

if YOU find this document online, read it; it was all done in just 40 days after 9/11?

Can YOU believe that? Our government, that takes two years to get anything done,

and we are told this was not even thought of until 9/11 happened?

Sure it was!



The 9/11 attacks were no accident; think about it!

The warnings were totally ignored, so it would give President Bush “Total Power”

to take over this country.

Isn’t it wonderful that when “all” flights were grounded on 9/11,

the next day the heads of state, of Saudi Arabia were still able to fly out of this country?

What were they even doing here, at that time?

Oh that’s right, all but one of the so called terrorists was a Saudi citizen. Bin Laden was a Saudi!

This whole 9/11 event smells of treason.


The various government organizations tried to warn those in Washington

about the possibility that this was in the works,

and Bush apparently fluffed off all warnings,

“Bush didn’t worry, nothing is that important, after all, did the Muslims attacked the World Trade Centers

in Feb. 1993 of course, But hey! Why worry, the Muslims will love us after we leave Iraq, “if” we ever leave.


Analyze this:

The Air Force scrambles jets to protect Washington DC, “and” sent 200 miles south. 

“No planes out there headed to defend Washington”,

does that mean those pilots were out of touch with the control tower

to know that the attacking planes were headed towards Washington,

"from the west" over land?

Those of us watching TV that morning knew the planes were headed to Washington DC,

but our Military didn’t know? Come on now, how dumb do they think we are?

Or are you? Those pilots were told to Stand Down, in other words, “do not do anything”.

This was a serious attack on our nation, from within.


IN January 2008, our government gave one of the Flight school instructors

an award of $5 Million for warning our government in July 2001,

that these Muslim traitors were asking to learn how to fly 747’s,

but not interested in how to take off or land. A bit late, huh?

They just hope you don’t even pay attention to this little bit of news.


The President did not want to hear the warnings.

Well! NOW after 9/11 they state that,

“NOW” the various organizations “should” share data, and work together.

This exact situation occurred in 1940 and 41,

then tell us: "The government had no idea Japan was going to attack us".

Bull, they knew, and had already anticipated the attack,

but didn’t expect Japan to do as much damage as they did.

The clue was total Radio silence from Japanese Navy for about one week. Why silence?


Then as now, they claim all the agencies didn’t work together to share data,

so Dec. 7th was a surprise, well is December 7th coming again and again.

69 years ago, we jumped in to action, and our auto plants began immediate production

of vehicles and other military needs to protect the United States.


Now the government wants those companies to go out of business.

We don’t need to protect America after we surrender to the New World Order.


Isn’t it wonderful that the President was a long way from Washington DC on that day?

What about the school children in Brooklyn that told their teacher the week before; that

“Those buildings (Twin towers) would not be there next week”?

This has been confirmed now that those children

did indeed tell the teacher that statement.

Who were those children?

Notice how that statement was quieted immediately.

Not another word in the news about that.


There are too many wrongs about 9/11, to not believe in treason in by our government,

to instigate the current war, to enable all these laws to take away our freedoms,

and Bill of Rights.


This whole 9/11 event was a set up to justify the current war, and reduction of our Rights,

to enable the passage of the Homeland Security Act,

and to allow the President to pass other laws and treaties, to end our sovereignty = TREASON.



* Ask your Congressperson about “Able Danger” presented by Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA) on Sept 21, 2005

about how Bush wants to stop anyone doing any research on the cause of 9/11,

and evidence on the planning that led up to this event. Bush wanted to invade Iraq, no matter what.

Search Google; for “Able Danger”.




Was this (highly suspected to occur, but ignored, to get the citizens in the mood for war?)

an event like Pearl Harbor on the 7th of Dec 1941 to get us in to WW II).

The intention is/was, to have a reason to suspend our Constitutional Rights for an emergency.

Well you have had an emergency, and we have lost our rights, with the “Homeland Security Act”.


What will I do about 9/11, Well! There is an old saying, “Vengeance shall be mine”,

and I’ll take care of that situation in totality.

The Koran tells Muslims that they must kill all nonbelievers.

The war between the United States, and the Muslim nations, must be solved.


We will stop all terrorists, so we can enjoy our America again.

No Muslim killers anywhere in the world.

No more Illegal’s from anywhere entering our country.

This will give you an insight into what incompetent bunch of clowns is running (ruining) this country.