Our Bill of Rights:


After our Constitution was ratified the founders of this document decided to make sure that these rights were to be secure, with no reason to doubt that we had these rights. The founders obviously had training in law, and were quite explicit that these rights were imbedded in to our freedoms in this new nation. They have now been trampled, and diluted, to protect our government from being overthrown by upstarts wanting to continue our freedoms. Lets restore these rights and show this present government that we are in charge. If they don’t like it they can retire and leave the United States.


1st Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or the free exercise thereof:

It did not say: The government could not acknowledge any and all religions practiced in the new colonies. But that no specific religion could be claimed as the only correct religion. That we could not be prevented from worshipping or not worshipping as our individual choice. Of course our government decided the Mormon Church practice of polygamy was wrong and not allowed. Native American religions were incorrect and to be ended, wrong for Native Americans to use Peyote. So religious freedom, as long as you follow correct religion ideas. The Bill of Rights did not say those in Church could not discuss Politics, the government decided that citizens could be influenced by those leading churches, so the idea to end that risk to the government was formatted by establishing a Tax Free Status by the IRS, and the Supreme Court since 1948 claimed they had to shut up Churches, so NO religious training or teaching of Christianity or Judaism in our public schools.


Or abridge the freedom of speech or of the press: This gave our citizens the right to gather and disperse information and for each citizen to speak freely about anything, except to incite terror, of course not hollering fire, when there was no fire, or to slander someone or a business with false information. Common sense of course. But now it has been decided that if you make any statement about any sex, race, color, or any statement of not liking any life style, that you are guilty of HATE speech and can be arrested.

The Sedition act of 1797 and re-enacted in 1918,

that you could be arrested for saying any negative remarks about our government. (Some 32,000 were jailed in 1917-1922 for speaking out against the government) Which quite obviously I am doing right now, that you could be punished in jail and a fine. The government is preparing to enact this again, as our government will establish Martial Law to take over our nation, to end all of our rights. Since the 9/11 event was staged as the reason to remove our rights (of course to protect our elected officials) so the law tells us to shut up, go home, and do not demonstrate against the all powerful government.


A government that can do no wrong. We can print anything we want, as long as it does not slander or cause anyone to commit crimes. This is one touchy Amendment, slowly eaten away by acid, so our government can twist any free speech to be illegal at their will. When our government disagrees with us, they will find some way to shut us up, put us in jail, and deny us our rights of free speech, until we learn who is in power. Try to demonstrate against our political system at a political convention, and you will find yourself not welcome. Try to demonstrate against Illegal Aliens, and there again, the government only allows Illegal Aliens to assemble by the thousands to tell us we can’t enforce our laws, that we are unfair racists. So if you are an Illegal Alien “It’s legal to demonstrate”, it you are an American citizen it is illegal.


The Right to Assemble for redress of grievances, has been deemed, an Illegal Assembly. Shut up and go home, the government does not want any demonstrations about what it does. So this Right has and is constantly abused, to deny us any argument about the laws our current leaders are enacting. Our Government knows best.


That the government will not demand any particular Religion is the correct Religion, now abused as the Muslims insist they have the right to demand our laws be changed. The Muslim Religion is not just a Religion, but a way of life, with the intent to destroy anyone who does not worship their way of life, and they have promised they will spend until eternity to destroy anyone who does not believe in and live a Muslim life.


2nd Amendment: The right to own guns. See other items where I discuss Gun control.

There is no use listing the other Bill of Rights, as they intend to end all of our Rights anyway.

The intent of our founders, was for citizens to continue to be armed with guns, to protect us from another out of control government, that we have the Right to replace our leaders with new leaders if we don’t like what our present leaders are doing.

Everywhere in our nation, we have employed people to police the behavior of our citizens. We have elected citizens to decide what laws will govern our lives. Unfortunately, these people have decided they know best, based upon their beliefs, just how we should live. This is now out of control. There are at least a million laws to govern every moment of our lives. When the police want to get rid of you, they will find some law to shut us down. I’m sorry, but we have lost control of our government of “We the People”. We try to speak up, but our leaders ignore us, (Congress and the Senate). Our elected leaders, have become our Controllers.


3rd Amendment: That the government may not house troops in our homes, well where do you think the United Nation troops are going to live when they come to your town, to control you.


4th Amendment: The Right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated.

This has been eliminated by the Supreme Court. They decided you are not to be trusted, that if the police even believe you might think of doing something wrong, you can be arrested for Conspiring to commit a crime.

The Supreme Court decided that your car is not your home, so while the Cop might ask you if you will submit to them searching your car, what they mean is “WE are going to search your car, or arrest you if you deny us the Right to search every inch of your car”.


Do I believe Cops will plant contraband in your car, so they can confiscate your car, to sell to raise money for the Cops, YOU BET! I, and you should not trust any Cop. Sure there are honest Cops, but they are very few.


5th Amendment, that you have the right to not be forced to admit you have done anything wrong. That your property can’t be taken from you without just compensation. Well that sounds good, it was meant that only the government can take your property IF it was needed for government use, such as for government buildings, schools, offices, roads, parks, etc. Now the government says, if some individual wants your property to build something that will bring in more taxes for the community you are out of luck. Your land and buildings are in the way of Progress, so go away and shut up.


6th Amendment, that you have the right to a speedy trial, to have your accusers face you in court, and to defend yourself, if you can’t afford to defend yourself, a defense attorney will be appointed to defend you.


8th Amendment, that you are protected from Cruel and Demeaning punishment. Yeah! Well who are you going to tell that to? Remember the cops, the prosecutor, and the judge all work for the government.