You wanted our borders defended!

I want our borders defended.

You want Illegal Aliens out of the United States!

I want Illegal Aliens out of the United States.

You convinced Congress to build a fence to protect our Southern Border with Mexico,

or did you?

Money was awarded on a contract with Boeing 2009 , to build the fence.

We (you and I) paid Boeing some $3 Billion for 27 miles of fence, that does not work. Why?


The fence, the fence, the fence, who’s got the fence?

We don’t got, the fence, we don’t got the money,

Congress killed the money for the fence. Why?


Welcome more and more illegal aliens. Americans screwed again.

This is the “New World Order” coming for the United States.


26 December 07, Congress “un-funded” the border fence with Mexico.

No more fence, “no more fence funding”, do I have to repeat that so you understand.

No more money to build that fence on the Mexican border.


A mailing I just received from my Congressman Buck McKeon on 5 Feb. 08,

states: OVER 4,000 aliens continue to illegally cross our border EVERY day.


Promises, to close our borders and to stop illegal immigration,

and slyly Congress cut the funding to close our borders.

Bill S. 2611 is in Congress right now to give Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act:

NO WAY, AND LET CONGRESS KNOW IT. (4000 X 365 days =1,460,000/yr)


Candidates did not want to talk about the War, and Illegal immigration.

Treason in Washington, DC and these candidates tell you they are for ”CHANGE”.

I do not believe them, and I hope you don’t believe them.

More about the WAR later, but I cover that too. They’re not going to do anything.


“Has” President Bush protecting our borders? NO!     Who is protecting our borders?

“Have” the Democrats protected our borders? NO!     Who is protecting our borders?

“Have” the Republicans protected our borders? NO!    Who is protecting our borders?

“Have” the Border Guards protected our borders? Not enough!

They are not allowed to protect us too much.

The border guards say they are “only” looking for terrorists,

how many terrorists have they caught?

That Hispanic gang member in your neighborhood, is a terrorist,

why didn’t they stop them?


OK, the MINUTEMAN.ORG group “ARE” trying protecting our borders.

Unarmed independent citizens at their own cost, and personal time,

“AND” they are suppose to be building the fence at their own cost,

from donations received.


Are our Border Guards stopping Drug Smugglers?

NO? Of course not, they can go to prison

for protecting us from Drug Smugglers,

the Border Guards were not President Bush’s buddy,

they don’t get a Pardon. Shoot a drug smuggler, go to prison.

I would invite Border Agent’s Ramos and Compean,

to my Presidential Inauguration, as hero’s of America.

Now I want you to understand how serious bringing Pot in to our nation is handled,

this will seem like a joke to you, but in Tucson, AZ

the judges refuse to prosecute smuggler bringing less than 500 lbs of Pot

in to our nation,

they claim the court just doesn’t have time to handle that many cases.

So less than 500 lbs and you walk free.

Isn’t that a crime?

But if you are found with One ounce, Oh boy!


OK, the National Guards are/were (protecting) watching our borders,

unarmed of course,

so they don’t accidentally injure any illegal aliens.

If the National Guard annoys any invader, the guards can be prosecuted,

so they “RETREAT”, when threatened by the invaders,

can’t have our National Guard troops getting in to trouble just to protect our borders.

We are placed our National Guard on our southern border,


with strict instructions that they, “may not” apprehend,

nor detain any alien that they see invade our border,

hands off. WHY?


Jan 07: Hurrah! The “Tennessee National Guard”,

were commended last year, for retreating in a confrontation with Hispanic invaders,

since the Guard was unarmed, and could have been prosecuted

for stopping the invaders.

Isn’t that great, our National Guard commended for Retreating.

Something wrong in: “America the Beautiful”.


2009 the National Guard have been recalled,

no longer on duty to protect the border, since we were going to build a fence. HA