Now check out , by a retired Border Agent

who could not continue employment for the Border Patrol

when she saw such treason happening on our borders,

and sanctioned by supervisors, with orders from Washington DC.


Bordergate” by Darlene L. Fitzgerald,

and Peter S. Ferrara about the Customs Service in America.

Unfortunately Miss Fitzgerald’s website has been removed.

Her book IS still be available on the Internet,

and well worth the conditions happening on our borders.

“The story the government doesn’t want you to read.”)


Read about how import of drugs, and other possible weapons

of Mass destruction are being allowed to enter America,

while any attempt by agents to stop this resulted in Border Agents being “fired”,

or arrested, and sent to prison for doing the job we hired them to do. 

Don’t interrupt your government’s importing drugs.

Our government imports drugs for profit.


When agents discover an oil tanker car entering America from Mexico

actually contained tons of drugs, those agents were fired for disobeying orders

from Washington D.C. to not search those tankers.


See something wrong here?

It is no wonder this agent finally quit in disgust, she couldn’t stand this

anymore, and walked away while she still had respect for herself.

When I’m President, I want Border Guards to contact me directly about violations.

When you have “hours of free time” > Look what our government is

actually “not doing” about this problem, you just won’t believe this.

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