Change is coming; sure it is: Obama promised you it was time for “Change”.

Yeah? But, what Change?

Change in your pocket?

More taxes: To support more government giveaways.

Free Medical care? Free Food, Free Rent, Free cars,

Free, Free, Free?

Cradle to Grave Free, all you have to do it pay for it with taxes.

Free citizenship for illegal aliens: Wonderful?


Our government in February 2008,

wanted to pass a new law to force us

to give more money to the United Nations,

to support “Foreign governments”.

Obama approved you paying $1.1 trillion/year

to feed the poor people of the world.

We must stop this treason.

Charity begins at home.


Change? What Change, Obama Yelled, “We need Change”,

without explaining what he was going to actually do, is folly.


I hope you Read, and listened to what the candidates were saying,

before you handed our nation over to Democrat Obama.

I am telling you specifically what I would have done to run this nation,

to protect this nation, to have pride in this nation.


We send our military to protect other nations

and ignore the problems we have here,

because this government plans to turn us over to

the United Nations,

our government has no intentions to protect our nation.


Bush gave us CHANGE, Oh! Did he ever,

but we were sucker punched, hit below the belt,

hit in our pocketbooks and wallets. Can we recover?

Not since you’ve elected another Democrat.

Now you replaced a few Democrats with Republicans,

big deal, they are all the same, spend, spend.


Why 9/11, and the controversy about Why!

This was a plan just like Hitler used in 1933

to take over control of Germany.

Pearl Harbor!

Was allowed to happen: To convince our citizens

that the nation has been attacked,

and that we must let the government have unlimited control

to save the nation,

but that unlimited control is just to reduce the rights of the citizens.


There are problems about how those 4 planes were taken over,

to attack our innocence, to convince us

to let our government remove our rights, to defend our nation. Right?


Other candidates have a small website, because:

All they are telling you, is

“We need Change”.

Well yes, we need America Restored,


“what Change has Obama given you”?

With their plans all you will have in your pocket is Change,

non-silver coinage at that.

Do you believe if you elect more Democrats

that our nation will Change for the better?

What are you smoking?

It has been “both parties” that have led our nation to this ruin,

and they will continue to do this

if we don’t make a major change

in electing the next President for our nation.


After 9/11 Bush felt he had to lead us to WAR,

based upon bad information.

He was in a hurry to get revenge,

and that was understandable,

go after the Taliban!

And we did, but he made a mistake going in to Iraq,

and then bravely claiming the war was over when he flew in,

and landed on that aircraft carrier.

George Bush is a stupid idiot.


In the first place in the 1980’s

when we were trying to rescue Afghanistan from Russia,

our government helped put the Taliban in power,

then we let this situation get out of hand.

This is a war we must win, and win fast, and completely.

NOBODY is protecting the United States,

we are constantly being invaded,

and we arrest our own Border Guards

if they injure any illegal invaders.

I will stop this.


I think Bush really thought the war was all over,

it wasn’t and isn’t.

Is the United States over? ALMOST?

I know many families who are losing their homes think so.

Many who have lost their middle class jobs think so.

Those who have had someone die on 9/11, and in Iraq and Afghanistan think so.

So what are we going to do, Americans?


I don’t want Change, I want to Un-Change,

I want to Backup, and restore America

to the life we had in the past when coming to America

was the desire of immigrants to “join our nation”,

to be proud to become an American citizen,

to learn English, and assimilate to our way

of life.

I remember how proud we felt to see our children enter adult life,

and do better than we did.

That’s over, now the kids are moving back in to our homes,

hoping they can live with us, until our home is foreclosed.

“We are going the wrong direction:

I don’t want to Change America, lets Restore America”!


The America, that had opportunities:

and a chance for a better life: Now gone.

Our citizens are angry, and listening to the Candidates,

citizens wanted to know what each candidate

was going to do about Illegal Aliens,

and the War.

But citizens still elect only

a Republican or Democrat?


They are telling you, it’s Time for ”Change”,

what else do you need to know?

Big subjects: How were the Republican or Democrat candidates

going to improve our economy?

All the candidates sidestep answers,

because not one of them will actually take the bull by the horns,

and really do anything about these problems. I sure as hell will.

I do not believe the response from any of the candidates.

Not one of the candidates tells you

how they will recover our financial problems.

I want our factories to open again.


I want our electronic items: Made in America.

That NAFTA Super Highway from Mexico to Kansas City, MO

is still under construction, to aid more imports

from China to your stores. Stop this.


I want furniture made in America.

I want ALL of our cars made in America, by American employees,

paid American middle class incomes.

I want our stores to sell products made in America:

By clerks that speak English.

I want American citizens hired to work in these factories.

I want Americans to be able to stand up and cheer,

that they are proud to be Americans.

Our manufactures are making cars in Mexico, or Brazil

and bringing them back in to America,

selling them to you, that you think is an American car.

Well the manufacture can sell those cars in Mexico or Brazil,

because I’m going to block any imports of cars from there.

We are losing jobs, losing our homes, losing our sovereignty,

losing our civil rights, losing our Bill of Rights,

losing The United States of America

while you sleep in front of the TV.

We have candidates now claiming “it's only words”,

and repeating previous candidates promises.

Well I’ll go “way back” to the promises made:

“A chicken in every pot, a car in every garage” (1932).

You may have a car, but no gas to go anywhere,

you can walk to the poor house.

It took Roosevelt to give us this promise,

not Herbert Hoover who made this statement,

even though Roosevelt had to give us a touch of Socialism

to achieve this goal.


Chicken in the pot? No! Chicken Tenders® from McDonalds®.


What actually brought us out of the Depression in the 30’s?

The budget for WW II production; nothing else.


Then the amount of men who died in the war

did not come back to jobs that didn’t exist.

When about 1 million men were killed,

that certainly made a difference when the war was over.


When times in America were financially hard,

“Chicken was a Sunday treat for the family”.

I’m afraid those times are coming to our nation again.

Even hamburger is priced out of many family budgets.

Fish use to be a substitute for more expensive meats,

now Fish is priced out of many food budgets.

Tomato’s actually $3.00/lb, unbelievable,

it is only going to get worse.

What is happening to my America?

(Tasteless Tomato’s from Mexico?)


Now, I know there are some jobs

where employees are making a lot of money,

but these jobs are not filled by the millions of middle class citizens

that use to work in our factories.

I want those jobs returned to our nation,

and I will block the imports of all those products

that interfere with that need.

I want those foreign manufactures,

who are now producing in the United States;

to keep the profit they earn, in the United States.

I do not want any property or manufacturing in America

to be foreign owned. Protect America now.

To hell with outsourcing,

I want jobs back to America,

and I want to see

“Made in the USA”

by American Citizens

on every products you buy.

I want the purpose of our government to protect our nation,

and to protect our citizens.

 That’s all. I want us to protect our banks, and “your” money.

This was one of the most serious election ever held in our nation;

we are at a crossroads for our future.

The sovereignty of our nation is at risk,

The SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership) Treaty

will remove our borders, and we will become the North American Union.

No more borders for the United States, then no more United States.

Welcome to the “New World Order”.


How about bringing manufacturing back to America

so you have jobs to afford to support you, and your family?

I know, and you know:

There is “No free lunch”.