Sunday June 28, 2009, 9:30 am
The Clean Water Act they have just passed gives the federal govt. control over all the water in the country not  just navigable water. All of this is a step in the process of the UN AGENDA 21 which is part of the Kyoto Protocol that was sent up during the G8 Summit meeting in Brazil in 1992.


Robert Pastor represented the US at this Summit meeting and he wrote a interesting document titled "Building a North American Community".

It is my thought that all of this is orchestrated by design in order to spread the wealth.
I encourage you to read the Articles of Agenda 21, read the paper by Robert Pastor on Building a North American Community. There are other interesting papers out there too... for example a document by Michael Nield called "The Police State Road Map".
Here is a link to that document

There are some other articles of interest too. Such as the Law of the Sea Treaty...
It seems to me that this more of a dismantle of the United States of America.