FREE MONEY!   Tax rebate? Free money?

I’ve heard a good joke: Congress says; “ To help the economy, lets give our citizens a “Tax Rebate,” first $600 for singles, $1200 for married couples”. Some consideration is also planned for the poor, legal unemployed citizen. The magic work here is REBATE, rebate on what? Will you get a Rebate Check each month? We got a Rebate, long gone, but our problems are still here.


Now lets talk “real money” to send to our citizens. Lets pretend that each of us were a nation that hates the United States; our government sends them, “our” money”.


If Politicians want to buy votes, lets send each American citizen $10,000, or $50,000, that will really help the economy.

Of course we’d have to stipulate the Rebate had to be spent on something “Made in the USA”: Like your local politician, they’re American bribed.


To send each family in America $10,000 would cost about $800 Billion, Gee that’s about what our government has spent in the Iraq war since 2003. So what would you buy with this money? Probably a TV set “made in the Orient”.


Now! Where would the government get that money? They will just “print it”, like they already do now; there is nothing to back that money anymore, they tell us it’s backed by your faith in “the government”, do you have faith in our government?

You do???? What a pity. When are you going to start Mental Health therapy?


So why not just let us print all the money we need at home, it has the same consequences, money that no one else in the world trusts anymore. This would ease the employment problem, since you wouldn’t have to work anymore to buy what you want, just print your own money and go shopping. Problems solved. Opps! All the stores are closed, everyone is out trying to shop, and no one is at work, selling.


Up until 1964, our Dollar Bills use to say at the top “Silver Certificate” what did that mean? It meant that there was on deposit in the United States Treasury, Silver at 92 cents per ounce ready to be exchanged for that paper money, “upon your demand”.

Now you can buy that Silver for about $30 an ounce, in Federal Reserve Notes.

That is 4600% inflation; folks.


There is talk of Silver rising to $60/oz, why? 400% more inflation folks!

Ready for potato’s $1/lb? Bread $10 loaf, milk $4 quart? It’s coming.


You think I’m kidding, I’m not. Review my statement above about the rising cost of Wheat. Starting in 1964 our government reduced the Silver in our coins from 90% to 50%. Then starting in 1969 they reduced the Silver in our coins to 0%.

Where is our Silver that we citizens owned, as guaranteed by the Constitution? It’s in our government’s vaults.


The FEDERAL RESERVE is not a government bank.

In 1963 Gold was $35/oz, now Gold is $1400/oz, that’s over 4000% increase.

That’s called Inflation. With a capital “I”.

A 2500% increase in Silver Price would be  $52/oz. It’s coming to a bank near you soon.


Historically, Gold to Silver price has been 17:1 ratio. Gold went to $35oz in 1934 and Silver stayed at 92 cents until 1965. That meant Silver should have been at $2.06/oz.

With Gold at $1800/oz Silver should be $105.84/oz. So right now Silver is under-priced historically.


Our United States currency is no longer respected by other nations, now they want the European Euros. What backs the Euro? Faith, that those governments have a future?


If you remember history: That is what Germany did in the 1920’s, every city, and community printed their own money, “Billion Mark” Bills, it took a wheelbarrow of money to buy a loaf of bread. Those were called “Notgeld”, beautiful, but “not real money of value, just like our funny money now”. After the Revolution some of our money was printed, and then the slang term for that was “Not worth a Continental Damn”. Since our government has promised our money was safe, it buys less and less for a reason.

The destruction of the financial base of the American banks; and you.


Our money is becoming more and more like “Play Money”, only we can’t afford to play, it’s time we stop Playing, and get to work so we can begin Paying, with middle class jobs brought back to America, to earn real money that represents the value of our work.

Now Boardwalk at $1800/mo sounds cheap. (Monopoly® money that is) Now is time to use that Get out of Jail Card, if you have one. Or win the Lottery, or get that check from African Nations on the internet, that tell you, they want to help you, all you have to do is send them your bank account number, cash the phony check and send them some of the real money.


With the tax rebate, then each citizen can pitch in, and contribute to a candidate’s election campaign.

Since that’s a rebate, Rebate of what?