Now, the next huge problem all over our nation: Next to losing your jobs.

Home foreclosures. 25 Million + foreclosures


A predicted 1.1 Million more Foreclosures in 2011 (91,000/mo.)


It is not just loans that homeowners could not afford.

It was two things, loans originated at 6% to get

buyers in to these new homes,

BANKS offering these loans to buyers,

with the offer that if they have a good payment record for two years

they could refinance to get an even lower interest rate.

Instead borrowers found at the end of two year

their interest rate went up, from 8%, to as high as 14%,

refinancing was only a dream, never to happen in this world.

Bank foreclosure fraud, explained by Florida congressman.


This was a set up to start this collapse of our economy,

Stop and think, WHY did this start to happen?


343,000 Foreclosures nationwide in the Month of September 2009,

things are not getting better, those 30 Million unemployed

can’t make their home payments, and where are they going to go?

Our elected traitors in Washington can go to HELL if we do not recover from this treason.

Don’t surrender, fight back now, join me to stop this treason, I’ll save America.

Things are really going great in the state of California,

in 2008 there were 236,000 foreclosures,

last year only 190,000 foreclosures, glory be,

the people of California are so lucky.

Let's go to Disneyland.


What caused this problem? BANKS, BANKS, BANKS

that now want you taxpayers to bail them out.

BANKS that took your bailout and give executives Million Dollar bonuses,

now the BANKERS want the right to bring 78,000 H-1b Foreign Workers

in to our nation, so they can save money on employee expense.


**We had a government that “forced” financiers to give loans

to minority borrowers; chiding banks for demanding

borrowers have a good credit record, making this a racist statement.

Now the same government wants to punish the banks for making un-secure loans.

You can’t win.


There is a citizen in Toledo, OH who bought a home for $147,000,

paid $40,000 down, now has a sick husband, lost her job

and found she had a “sub prime loan”, even with that much down payment.

Well’s Fargo raised her monthly payments from $850 to $1500,

and she doesn’t know what to do.

Her Congresswoman says: Stay put, do not move out,

get an attorney to represent her, and FIGHT.

Wells Fargo is on my list.

They did the same thing to me,

and we are bailing out the banks, why?

I wish I had some way to help that citizen, in time of need.


The other cause: Is that MILLIONS of Americans

have lost their middle class income jobs, due to outsourcing.


How many homebuyers would default on their home loans

if they were sick in the hospital for 30 days?

Faced with $100,000 medical expenses,

and that homebuyer would be in foreclosure.

These emergencies are happening all over America,

that even those with some Medical insurance, are

not covered for all Medical expenses.

In other words, you should have at least $250,000 in the bank

 to cover emergencies first, before you attempt to buy a home.

Well, get elected to Congress or the Senate,

so you have $14,600.00 month income, then you can afford

to buy a lot of things that the average wage earner can never afford.

Over 650 foreclosures in Los Angeles County in May 2008.

Not one foreclosure was a home of a Congress, or Senate member.


Fantastic, my hat off to the Senate:

May 20, 2008:

The Senate just claimed there are 8000 foreclosures “per day” in America.

The Senate is passing legislation to help homeowners.

It’s too late for millions who have already abandoned their homes

at great loss to the banks and mortgage holders.

I hope it’s not too late to save other homeowners.

Our nation must act fast, to stop this crash,

and to somehow get families back in to these foreclosed homes.

Well now it’s February 2009, and more homes in Foreclosure,

and we taxpayers, are still being laid off, and more homes gone. Why?

What we must do is:

Restore jobs, and refinance these loans at 6% interest or less.

Unfortunately the Senate is a dollar short and a day late for millions

who have already moved out of their homes.

IF we don’t restore homeownership, and JOBS our nation will continue to be destroyed.

So no wonder we are having Foreclosures of Americans homes.


Solution! My Plan:

Return manufacturing to our nation “NOW”.

Restore jobs, and middle class income.

I want to see these factories back to full production, and full employment.

We must start to do this quickly,

as our nation is headed to a drastic depression if we don’t.


In my community we had Lockheed making aircraft, the F-117, and the B2 Bomber. We could be

building the needed Air-tankers for the Air Force, but our great government decided that France

could do a better job, and France needed the income. We have the employees who are or were

skilled mechanics here, but! Oh! And there were some 650 homes “foreclosed on” “here” in May 08.

I wonder how many were ex aircraft mechanics: or the associated jobs?

That contract was finally awarded to Boeing.


The recovery will take years, and I don’t know if our nation will ever recover

before we turned over to the United Nations.

For those other situations, I will give government FHA loans, up to 6% interest,

to get people back in to these homes.

The value of my home went from $395,000

down to $149,000 in 6 months, now 2019 valued at $340,000.


We need to aid those laid off,

because their employer moved production out of America,

(or downsized) and now find themselves in foreclosure,

we need to help buyers to prevent them having to move out of the home.


Think this doesn’t affect you?

Dream on,

if America is downsized, it will affect all of you.

Think that doesn’t affect your home! Think again, if there are homes in foreclosure in your neighborhood, what does that do to the value of your home?

When these citizens are downsized, they stop buying in the community,

so more and more stores close.

The owners of those businesses soon are losing their homes too.

It does affect all of the community sooner or later.


Congress stated on 28 Jan 2008 that 240,000 (8000/day) foreclosures per month are happening in America.

How many of you citizens are about to lose your homes?

Because: You have lost your job, or were downsized,

or other expenses, medical or whatever, but losing your home.

More and more industry closing, middle class jobs gone,

and you have nowhere else to turn.

These are not new loans in many cases,

many have owned these homes for years,

but when you lose your job,

and all you can find are minimum wage jobs,

you can’t afford even reasonable loans.

Americans need help,

and I’m going to return those jobs to America.


We know there are foreclosures because of adjustable loans,

because loans you had, have been raised to as high as 14% interest.

But those are not the only reasons people are losing homes.

Why are the Savings and Loans, Mortgage Companies, and Banks

raising the interest rates to put you out of your homes?

You know as well as I do,

these finance companies knew that people would probably fail

to continue these loans above the initial loan rate.

With 1.5 million jobs lost in the last three months,

how many more homeowners will give up.

We just can’t continue this downsizing.

What are we going to do?

This implication is that recent homebuyers were irresponsible,

then explain to me why many of these homeowners have been in their homes for more than 10 years,

but have been downsized or lost jobs completely,

and now are making 50% of previous income, and now in distress.


In 2003 it looked like the United States was doing great, what happened?


Well this Outsourcing and Globalization are finally catching up with us.

This will continue until our nation is a third world country.

Like all the rest of the world under the United Nations “New World Order”.


Why did they continue to offer these loans? What was their plan?


This is a disaster, happening all over America.

We, and I’m talking about as many as 22 million “families”

Have been evicted or about to be, to close down America?

I will fund FHA loans at “no more than 6%”, using excess Social Security deposits that Congress

Should have done long ago, but instead, they are spending this money to buy favors (i.e.: elections).


We are told, “You made stupid home purchases, without thinking”,

“So you should suffer.”

“Look at the “overall picture”, you’re buying a home

with a 6% adjustable loan, and then disaster strikes.

The stupid mistake was electing Bush in 2000.


These buyers are not irresponsible, buyers were originally sold, Buy! Buy! Buy!

Then after two years, apply for a new loan “at a probable 5% loan”.


Buyers believed in the American Dream,

to have a home of their own to raise their families.

No more Jobs, No more Homes,

No more future for Americans. Why?


It’s usually “families” that buy homes.

Houses were appreciating about 10% per year, so it made it

seem like you were gaining equity.

Then layoffs, medical problems, and a few other problems, like

“No lower rate loans being offered”, adjustable rate loans instead,

rose to as high as 14%.

Disaster, and you have no recourse; you and your family are out.


Hey we have to help China get modernized,

so they can join the New World Order too.

Many manufactures moving to Mexico,

and yet Mexicans are still invading America,

looking for a better life, to extend the borders of Mexico,

not to become Americans.


Why can’t family homebuyers get, and keep loans at 6%?

The latest listing of foreclosures is reported

to be 22 million homes, IT is not just 22 million homes;

it is 22 MILLION American families.


“I want Families in those homes”, (to earn interest on Social Security funds,

so we have the money to pay future retirees).

Right now, our government used Social Security funds for the general budget,


Let’s get families back in to these homes,

with compassion to the financial problems facing our citizens.


Homeowners are out in the cold,

the bank says they are losing money,

and ALL property values tumble,

further hurting the market.

Who will win financially in the next few years?

I have faith in Americans.

I do not have faith in our present government

to care about our citizens at all.


The banks are now in trouble, you’re in trouble,

our nation is sinking, you can’t pay other bills, sales

in stores tumble, stores lay off employees, and our nation

and the people are in a disaster mode.

What to do?

Who wins in these situations?

Don’t tell me the Mortgage Companies didn’t understand this situation,

so who orchestrated this crisis?


In Stockton, CA and Las Vegas, NV about 25% of the homes

are in the process of default, or foreclosure.

This is getting more and more typical all over America.

We have to stop this depression condition;

we need people in these homes. Families in distress!

No one wins, America further “down the drain”, for whom?


If the bank/finance companies had continued the 6% loan

that buyers got originally, then the bank/finance company is solvent,

less foreclosures, and property values stay up.

It doesn’t take a scientist to see that would help immensely.

“Home purchase interest should not exceed 6%”.


Now you have to understand finances;

more Americans are in lower paying jobs;

Middle Class citizens are losing ground quickly.


America is really in trouble, then you are offered that

“If we become part of the North American Union,

this will help us financially”,

It won’t, but you will be ready to try anything when you are down.

So you go along with this, things don’t get better,

but now you have no recourse.

We are being led to the slaughter,

and you are not even complaining enough.


Now, I also want America to start re-building new homes all over the nation.

Many homes that are over 80 years old are in need of replacement.

Those older homes lack insulation, and have substandard wiring and water pipes.

New homes built with community help, The Habitat for Humanity,

such as ex president Carter has been helping to get started

need to upgrade our citizens living conditions.

Older homes require more heating,

and are more dangerous in many cases.

Let’s put our citizens back to work to build modest homes,

which will improve our life style, and be safer.

It is possible to build a 3 bedroom prefabricated home for as little as $30,000,

or less, with new construction techniques.

Just think about how many jobs would be created to build new homes.

We can upgrade many of these homes if they are still in decent condition,

others are just falling apart, and seriously need to be replaced

on the same property lot.

Many citizens living in these homes cannot afford to upgrade,

but with volunteer help and a modest federal funding this can be achieved.


Jennifer Kerr (Associated Press 15 Nov. 07) in a survey in Washington DC claimed

28% of Americans have feared being Homeless, are you one of these 28%?

That is a disgrace in America, the land of Polluted water milk and honey debt.