Our government now plans to charge us with a “Carbon Tax”, to force us to reduce our energy usage, for us common folks of course. To reduce the economy of our nation so other nations (India and China) “no restrictions” on their CO2 emissions can expand their economies.

Are you ready for about 50 cents to a dollar, or much more/ a gallon tax, to convince you to buy less gasoline?

An increase tax on ANY energy usage, your electrical, and natural gas with increase taxes, now what are the TAXES going to be use for? What politician is going to feather their nest with that money?

Stop this stupidity, or our nation will shut down completely. There may be global warming but the amount of CO2, is so minute that only uneducated can still believe this theory; that included Al Gore.

Scientists who are very knowledgeable assure us that the earth has always gone through changes like this, and will continue to do so.

The New World Order is again trying to shut down the United States


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