No more “writ of Habeas Corpus”,

with the “Military Commissions Act of 2006”

Now the Defense Authorization Act added in Dec 2011,

just in case the government missed some small point

in the Military Commissions Act.

Our nation land is now the Battle Ground

and if you annoy our government YOU are out of here,

for indefinite confinement, or elimination.

I'm waiting for that knock on my door.

Hey it worked fine in Germany in 1933, to clear out

any interference to the future plans to bring our nation

under dictator control.

YOU have NO RIGHTS. YOU are a Threat!


As I’ve explained before, so that you can be detained with

“no rights for any trial”, you can be declared an “Enemy combatant”,

how dare you demonstrate against the government, you are out of here,

you will be detained in these “Detention Centers” so other citizens will learn,

“You do not confront our government”.

Keep your mouth shut, go home and let our government screw us,

as they turn our nation over to the United Nations.


Our National Guard, or our Military forces, or United Nation troops

“can” be used in America to shoot you into submission.

Where will you be detained?

Look at Google for “Detention Centers”

or search Google for “REX 84” as mentioned before.

Some 900 Detention Centers ready to detain you

if you protest against what our government is doing.

That website is listed further in my presentation.


“60 Minutes” TV show, May 11, 2008, reports the sad medical care for detained Aliens

who have arrived in America without permission, and ask for Amnesty,

they are detained in facilities throughout our nation,

and don’t receive medical care they need.

Let's see,

if you have an illness and no way to pay for medical care,

come to America, ask for Political Amnesty,

so you will be detained and then “at cost” to the American citizens,

complete medical care until cured.

Got TB? just invade our nation, we taxpayers will then do all we can

to cure you, at our cost.

Our own citizens don’t get that kind of care.

We cannot afford to give medical care to our own citizens

let alone aliens, no matter how deserving.



President Bush should have been prosecuted for Treason:

against the American Citizens.

He has set himself up as Dictator, and Traitor

to our Constitutional Rights of Freedom.

He insists that he has the right to spy on anyone,

“without a Warrant being issued”,

as the “governments right”

to monitor all citizens for our “own safety”.

Where have we heard that before?

“In Germany of course”.


Every bill that Bush signed, outlawing Torture,

he adds a footnote that excludes “he, and his cohorts

from the restrictions” while he is in office.


Should Dictator Bush be allowed to ignore the Constitution,

and Bill of Rights, as he so desires?

Will Obama continue with the same action,

under “WE are protecting our nation”.

Deport all non citizens who wish us harm,

back to where ever they came from.

So now, if “YOU, and, other citizens”

gather to discuss, and complain about our government,

the government can claim you’re involved in a Terrorist Act,

arrest you as a “Terrorist”, held without bail,

no right to a speedy trial, (or any trial at all), and “Wa La”

you’re out of here?

Into Detention Centers, Don’t think it can’t happen?


Keep reading, and you will see

why I’m running for your President in 2020


In Fresno, CA the police infiltrated a peaceful group of citizens, meeting in 2005

because they were discussing the War in Iraq, and the consequences,

of that War. See


If you give the government an inch, they will take a mile.

Don’t give up any of your rights, you will be sorry, sorry, sorry.

President Bush says; “THAT” this is within “HIS” law.

Dictator Bush was livid about someone telling American Citizens

that he was wiretapping our phones for our own security.

He will hang whoever he finds, told “us” about what he was doing,

how dare someone squeal on him eroding your Constitutional Rights

to be secure against the government spying on us.

He will spy on you if he wants to, and you have no rights anymore.

After all, he was the President, and that is more important than the “Constitution”.

As he stated,

He was in power now, so enjoy this.


In a meeting one aide said: “Mr. President,

There is a valid case that the provisions in this law undermine the Constitution”.

“Stop throwing the Constitution in my face,

“Bush,” screamed back;

It’s just goddamned piece of paper. GWB 12-11-2005

Absolute Power corrupts absolutely, of course.

President Bush recently stated that “He” has the “executive power” to Apprehend,  

(Arrest) American Citizens of the United States, and hold us “indefinitely”

without; either giving us a trial, or charging us with a crime”,

or affording us, access to legal counsel.

That could be “YOU”,

when you peacefully gather to protest anything our government is doing.

You will be considered to be committing a “Terrorist Act”.

Anything you may do, to protest,

will be considered a threat to the new controlling

“New World Order”.

You can be (arrested)/ “detained”.


In the case against American Citizen Jose Padilla, arrested

(as an enemy combatant)

 at O’Hare airport in Chicago, ILL, in May 2002,

Bush insisted he can be held in Open Ended detention

for as long as he wants, and he told the Supreme Court to stay out of his decision.


That means without a trial, or rights given by our Constitution,

 and the Bill of Rights,

Mr. Padilla was deprived of his day in court.


You may be next, if you don’t like what our government is doing, and attempt to voice your anger, the government (Bush) knows what is best for you, you will be classified as a Terrorist “if you complain”, or anything else.

You may be next, if they decide to shut us up,

how dare "I tell you" how they are stealing your rights.

Will they decide to shut me up?


The Million Man March on Washington DC a few years back by African Americans,

will seem like a Summer Picnic, when all of us march on Washington

when they try this.

We absolutely “must not” surrender our Nation

to a “One World Order”.

We have to protect America.

I want your promise that you will march with me

when that time comes.

Illegal Aliens march, and our government does nothing.

I can guarantee you, they will be angry

when American Citizens march.

Who do we think we are?