Headlines in November 2008: Obama elected, new days are here, millions go back to work, taxes cut, building new homes for our future. Happy days are here again!

Well that sounded good, hasn’t happened as of the end of July 2012, but Hey! You elected him, and it’s your fault. Maybe after you re-elect him in Nov. 2012, things will get better.


or November 2008 Headlines:

“Don Cordell elected by a wide margin”, the United States has a future after all. Happy days are here again. Factories reopened, millions back to work manufacturing goods for American stores, labeled “Made in the USA, by Americans”

    Well that didn’t happen, sorry, but you did not understand how serious this really is for our nations future. There probably won’t be an election in 2012. No more United States of America. Maybe I can get appointed to the New World Order council.


Headlines 2009? China buys General Motors, all American workers laid off and much of the tooling for production moved to mainland China.

Chrysler closed, plants destroyed, Chryslers will now be Fiats from Italy.

Ford moves all production to Mexico, can’t understand why Americans no longer buy American brand cars.

Unemployment reaches 30 million workers, citizens riots as they starve, and demonstrators arrested and sent to Detention Centers, controlled by the Army.


FDIC claims bankruptcy, as most American banks close doors, and the military have to protect bank property from angry customers.

All Social Security payments cancelled, as the government no longer can pay obligations. Citizens are warned to remain inside their tents that they live in since 50% of former homeowners, are now homeless for failure to pay property taxes, and the government throws former owners out on the street.

Canada protects borders from Americans trying to invade Canada. Is this the future you want for America?


Headlines: 2012: The United States has surrendered to the United Nations control, to end all military action,

“To make our nation safer”, To join the world in Globalization of all business.

Gasoline: only for government vehicles until further notice.


(Don’t believe in a Federal Record? Why do many Americans find they can’t Fly, because their name is on a Federal Danger list, are you on the list, I probably am, but I sure won’t be flying, because I am offended easily when denied my Constitution and Bill of Rights, and I tend to get noisy, and objectionable and demanding).


You will not be allowed to bank or use any money for purchases until you have registered for your new National ID card, and have submitted to have an ID chip inserted in your arm.

We must protect the new government system.

This is coming, since you didn’t stop this in 2008.



Notice: The United Nations troops now in charge in our communities will not tolerate any demonstrations.

Anyone attempting to demonstrate will be detained as “enemy combatants”.



Any attempts to Complain in writing or publication will be considered Treason to the new government,

and you are an Enemy Combatant, and will be dealt with severely.

Total cooperation is a must, or all Utilities for your home usage will be turned off.

Now we are looking at your permanent record started when you were in school.



Yes I’m old, but have had a lot of experience in life to educate me. I’ve been in electronics all my life, I know what can be done, and have read reports about various inventions for years building up to this point. Just in the week of June 08, I read that RFID codes can now be read reliably up to 40 feet from the subject. When you enter a store, the store knows what you have bought in the past, as you go down the isles, lights will blink to catch your attention that some previous purchased item is on sale today. Buy NOW.


Been arrested for using alcohol? Sorry you can’t purchase that anymore. Have to find someone else to buy alcohol for you, and that purchase will show up on the medical records of the purchaser. How many friends do you have now? In England February 09, reports that the government is installing TV cameras in all store that sell alcohol, to record, who made the purchase. Next, you will find you can buy alcohol in America, but only after submitting ID, (or they will read your RFID code in your arm) and a record kept on every purchase you make. Of course in some states, you can’t buy any alcohol on Sunday, (must be controlled by the church). Oh! Saturday is the Sabbath for Jewish people, but I guess they don’t believe in the right religion.


    Now, it will be subtle at first, we are just “joining” the other nations, opening our borders.

Then control of our nation by a national tribune, HEADLINES WILL READ,


                                 “United Nations to bring PEACE to all nations”


    Sounds great HUH? Now the World Leaders will elect the Head of the United Nations, no need for you to get involved in elections, since not even 50% of American citizens vote anyway, of course they never discuss that “Many Americans don’t vote, because all choices of candidates are bad choices”. Some politicians are so entrenched, that meaningful changes are next to impossible to achieve. Until now, if you elect Don Cordell.


    Hating illegal aliens will classify us as racist, so be it, the illegal aliens are only here to better themselves, how can we complain. Illegal’s demand that we leave America, are you ready to leave?  To go where? Do the Illegal Aliens from Mexico intend to return to Spain? These invaders come here for a better life! What kind of life would they have if this were still part of Mexico? Of course Hispanics are too dumb to understand this.



    After the government takes all of your guns, they won’t have worry about the citizens rioting against the United Nations, when the United Nations becomes our government. They would just arrest you as a “Terrorist” or shoot you if you demonstrate publicly.


    Would our government use guns against us if we tried to take over the government again? Sure, They will, the government will just use “United Nations” armed servicepersons to shoot any American citizen protesting about the end of our Sovereignty. You have no rights, stop kidding yourself. Again, for your own good, “Your Government knows best”.


    The government, OUR government, under command of "General Douglas McArthur", “SHOT” WW I Veterans in 1932, veterans that marched into Washington, D.C. demanding veteran benefits they were promised after WW I.   Search on Google for “Bonus March”. When African Americans marched on Washington DC with Rev. Martin Luther King, the government didn’t shoot them, that would have upset the African Americans who would claim that was racist, but if White Americans were to march in Washington DC the police would round all of us up, and we’d be in detention, as inciting treason. Anything White citizens do to aid White citizens is considered Racist.


    Our government wouldn’t think twice about shooting you, (if you’re an American citizen, heaven forbid they'd shoot an illegal alien) if you resist the ending of our Constitution, and Bill of Rights, for the “New World Order”, brought to you by the “Trilateral Commission


Sorry I keep repeating this, but it’s so crucial, and so important:

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