My plan will be: We invite up to 1 Million immigrants

per year, to join our nation.

Qualifications: Have something to offer as to

why we should let you join our nation.

Every immigrant must be sponsored and supported by

an American  citizen for those 5 years, NO welfare.


IF you are arrested and found guilty of "any crime",

you will be exported, with NO right, to ever reenter our nation


Limits: The immigrant has 5 years to learn English,

to learn about our history, and apply for citizenship.


The Government will set up classes to educate the immigrant.

The Immigrant must pass a citizenship test "at 5 years",

"if you pass",  you become a citizen.


If you have children in that 5 year period, that

child or children will only become citizens if you pass

the Citizenship test. Both parents must become

citizens for a child/children to become citizens. Period


No crying about your poor child having to leave our nation.

IF:  You do not pass the test, you will be exported back

to your home nation, and eligible to try again in 10 years.


WE will not have a bilingual nation, every citizen

must be able to read and speak our language.

Join us, not invade us.