To stop our factories from producing what Americans needs!


Maytag, now gone! The last Maytag washing machines were made by Samsung in Korea,

$1000 machines, with major problems,

Whirlpool took over the name, but what next. Kelvinator, Amana, Bendix?

America is falling apart.


In Mexico, a spot-welder makes $2.20 an hour

at a plant owned by Whirlpool Corp.,

a Michigan based Company, that also had a plant in Evansville, IN

where in Sept 09 they closed that plant also and laid off at least 1000 workers.

In the United States, the same job might pay up to ten times the amount.

It’s not as though these Refrigerators and Washing Machines

are selling for a lot less money,

We are talking about Refrigerators selling for over $700,

and Washing Machines selling for up to $1100.

That is not cheap, but I guess these CEO’s of these companies

really need $10 million a year income.

Where are these Americans going to get jobs? They aren’t!


Will all our white products be from Mexico, and the Orient?


NO more Merry Oldsmobile’s! No more, Touring the USA in your Chevrolet,

no more Pontiacs, no more jobs.

People bragging, no more steel mills, no more dirty factories, and no more jobs.

Wait! We need jobs! I keep repeating this: We need JOBS for AMERICANS

How many more of our jobs leaving this nation?

There are in excess of 30 Million Americans unemployed,

and under employed,

the under employed are not counted anymore. Will this quit?

TRUMP can’t stop this, until he stops IMPORTS of items

that should be made in America by Americans.

Are you ready to quit? Stop this now.


Citizens want only residential neighborhoods,

no factories, no jobs, make everything in China,

Clean empty neighborhoods, where no one can afford a house anymore,

so they are living on the street downtown, homeless.

Some of those boxes for the Double-wide refrigerators

are big enough for a family on skid row.


I want Americans to be ready to go to work,

and “earn” that living in America.

I want to see Americans stand on their own two feet,

and have a job, to earn their own way.

The American way.


America is being destroyed, our manufacturing is/

has left the country, electronics, cars, textiles, furniture, machinery, tools,

more, and more.


Where are RCA, GE, Philco, Magnavox, Sylvania, Capehart, Motorola, Zenith, Emerson, Admiral, Dumont, Crosley, Curtis Mathis, Silvertone, Hoffman, Muntz, Setchell-Carlson, and Westinghouse?


Those American brands of electronics that have been forced out of business by foreign imports.

Of course the imports are cheaper,

you can sell cheaper if you’re paying your employees $3 a day.

Who needs middle class American workers who earned $15 to $20 an hour?


The so-called Big Two, GM, and Chrysler have filed for bankruptcy,

closing plants in America, moving manufacturing to Mexico.

The poor executives will each have to pull about $20 million retirement

 out of the company and retire.

The head of General Electric retired recently on

$18 Million “a YEAR” Pension.

No wonder GE pays employees so little.

What kind of living needs $18 Million a YEAR.


First we have to FORCE industry to move back to America, to hire you.

So, let's see, if we get more and more Americans back to Middle Class jobs,

paying more income taxes, to help to pay down the deficit,

and more solvency. 

As we get Middle Class jobs back, then more lower class jobs will appear,

and we can recover the financial status of this nation.

If not: Do you have any other solutions? Going to Vegas to gamble isn’t the answer.


We can’t keep importing all the products that we buy. 

As the citizens of this nation have more income, to buy houses,

buy furniture, buy furnishings, (Made In America)

the stores will need more employees,

those employees then can spend more money,

and soon we have a win-win situation.

Then it’s off to Las Vegas for fun.

Or do you just want to quit, and join the United Nations as slaves?


I, Don Cordell can do this: If you want a future.


I recently considered buying a used Chrysler vehicle,

after researching the internet about a 1995 “Dodge Intrepid”,

I was stunned to find Chrysler has been making a series of cars

with a steering design that “WILL” Fail; they manufactured vehicles

with this dangerous steering design from 1992 to past 2003,

with many deaths caused by this failure.

Chrysler has failed to respond to NHTSA demands to correct this problem.

Purchasers are left with no recourse other than to pay for repairs themselves,

with absolutely no guarantee that the repairs will be “safe”, it’s a design problem that

“NO REPAIR WILL BE SAFE, at any speed”.


If you're driving any front wheel drive Chrysler product of that design,

you most likely will die in this vehicle.

Chrysler has gone overboard to refuse warrantee repairs,

with orders to dealers to deny responsibility.

This includes Chrysler Concorde, LHS series cars,

New Yorker, 300 M, and Eagle Vision vehicles.

Investigate about these vehicles “before” you buy,

or continue to drive any Chrysler product, or you will die in that car.

I want all those vehicles removed from the highway,

before the driver of those cars die, or hit your car and you die.

These cars are a death trap.

The ability to steer suddenly breaks.


No wonder Daimler Benz has now dumped Chrysler.

Chrysler has designed and built some of the best cars in America.

Something is wrong in that company.

What kind of engineers are they hiring now?

My brothers and I have been a Chrysler fans since 1936. No longer.


The New “HEMI” engine! Built in Mexico! Why?

Chryslers aren’t cheap to buy.

Maybe it’s the price of Corporate officials that are so expensive,

of course that’s what it must be.


A Fiat with a Hemi, that should be interesting.

How long before Fiat dumps Chrysler?

It’s time for me to talk to Chrysler engineers.

In fact I need to have some serious talks with the engineers

of each American auto manufacturers,

they have forgotten to design Quality in our cars. 

They know how, why not now?

I want paint that lasts more than 3 years,

I want Frames that survive a 10 mph crash.

I also want the design of many of our highways

reengineered to reduce some very dangerous locations.

I want you to survive the “way too many accidents”

that kill more drivers and passengers every year than any war we are in.


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