Are you willing to elect an “Independent Candidate”,

or just settle for more of the same?

You elected a Democrat again in 2012, now you only have yourself to blame,

by 2013 you will knew you had screwed up.

2016, you elected Donald Trump, mistake?


You could have Elected an Independent candidate

that would protect your nation, since our current administration won’t.

Don’t believe they will change when elected, don’t be that naďve; they think you are.


The TV stations only told you about the Republican and Democrat candidates,

did you heard a single bit of news about the other Independent candidates, why not?

Newspapers controlled by large corporations, not for the news, but the advertisements.


Somebody has to protect America, before our nation is dissolved,

and we are just become part of the “New World Order” under the United Nations.

“I” am that someone: Who will protect our nation.


Since you didn’t elect ME, there were other Independent candidates.

But do something, don’t just trust that

the only choice you had was the Republican and Democrat candidates.


Review why, Ron Paul, Republican; will not get the party backing. *

Why did Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado give up* ?

Why are potential candidates only selected in very few states

during the Primary elections, to weed out someone

that the rest of the nation might be eligible by the voters in other states after all?


* Because: “The Republican and Democratic Party’s” will not back anyone who “would not” give Illegal aliens Amnesty after the election.

Every single candidate (except me) running stated:

“We cannot throw illegal aliens out of our nation”.

WHY? ”The New World Order”. I keep repeating this.

Remember, the Electoral College actually elect the next President on Dec 15th in election year.

Not you or I.

"We don't actually elect anyone.


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