Iíve had enough!

Lets YOU, and I, do something about this.


Iím trying to save this nation; for all of YOU

who live from paycheck to paycheck, (about 80% of us do),

so those of you who make less than $12/hr now,

and for those families where both husband,

and wife have to work to survive, you need me.

While your children come home from school

to an empty house, because youíre both at work.


This is a real problem in this nation; mothers used to be homemakers

to care for the children.

When children donít have a parent to come home to

from school they all too often get involved in trouble.

Our children feel lost and not part of a family anymore.

That bit of sitting down to share supper together,

to discuss the day, to be together is now a rarity.

So many marriages are burned out from Overwork. Finances, and Taxes,

are a great burden on middle class families that on the surface

think theyíre doing great, until that day when they come home,

and look each other in the eye, and wonder where the years went.

One day when youíre 40 or 50, youíre wondering what happened,

the excitement gone, and youíre not doing as well as you did

when you were 25, and things are going to get worse

if you donít elect Don Cordell,

America is being downsized.

Over 800,000 jobs eliminated by outsourcing in the last 7 years.

Over 30 million now unemployed, or underemployed the last 8 years.

Since August 2008, we have experienced an average of 600,000 jobs

lost each month up to this July 2009.

When will this end? Maybe in 2013? Or 2020? Or?

How many of those lain off, also lost their homes to foreclosures?

If I donít do something to bring our jobs back to our nation,

we will have a depression that will put 1929 to shame.

In that depression, factories closed, and as employees were laid off,

they stopped buying, just like now.


Hispanics invaders send as much to Mexico as they can

to support families there, they donít spend their income in America,

like American employees would do.

The Mexicans; send as much as $40 Billion to their families in Mexico each year.


ďOneĒ American airlines reported as to have lain off

163,000 employees since 2003. Why?

How are those ex-employees doing financially?

Are these employees part of the 800,000 lain off since 2003, I doubt it.