President Kennedy's murder: NOW about trusting our government:

   Since I started this website, and this explanation, there has been a new TV program, where supposed tests have been made to assure you that there was only one gun used to kill President Kennedy. To explain exactly how Kennedy was shot in the head from his right rear.  Was Future President Bush present at the crime scene? If this doesn’t work use the link below.


   That few seconds of film, actually reveals the truth as to what was happening, something our government didn’t expect to exist to confuse citizens as to this treason event. Until this website opened opinion again as to what happened. More film!


   Read this, and think, do “YOU” trust our Government?  NO WAY, This is a government that tells us that in the year 2025 they will finally tell the public how, and why President Kennedy was killed in Dallas, TX, How can I respect a government that tells us by 2025, “no one” will really care anymore about HOW, and WHY”.


Why would our government actually tell us that in 2025, that they will then “tell us the truth”?


Oliver Stone’s movie “JFK” brings out these facts. Why am I concerned? Because I believe this was a conspiracy, because our government didn’t like the way Kennedy was handling our nation. Was it the Mafia? I don’t know, but I do believe “he was killed by our Government”. As other things are happening now, I see the destruction of our Freedoms, and sovereignty at risk. I want to protect our nation and citizens to continue the best for our nation.


    Notice how the “alleged” killer was conveniently killed “in” the police station before his trial. Oswald, and Jack Ruby were the patsy’s for this murder. Where was any attorney for Oswald?

Big question! So the rear of Kennedy’s head was blown away.



    Anyone who knows about gunshots will confirm that a bullet makes a small hole going in, and a large wedge shape leaving the body. Oswald supposedly shot Kennedy from the School Depository Building 6th floor window, hitting the upper right rear of Kennedy’s body. On the day Kennedy was shot; on the way to the hospital, the news reported that “The back of Kennedy’s head was blown away”, how? Because Kennedy was shot in the front of the head, not in the back as all later reports listed. I was listening to the radio at work at that moment “live”, I remember that statement exactly. “That fact was never reported again”, it was ignored, as that would prove Kennedy was shot in the front of his head by someone else. Listen to this video and you will understand the treason that killed Kennedy. Who is next? Now, one report claims a Secret Service Agent accidentally shot Kennedy from the car behind the Limo, NO way, Kennedy’s head went Back when he was shot, not forwards. Was it the driver? NO, So WHO?


Where is the spent bullet that blew Kennedy’s brains out?



    If you have a chance to see the Zapruda film on TV, watch Kennedy’s head as he is shot in the front of his head, and his head goes way back towards the trunk lid of the car, while Jackie is climbing back to catch him. That shot did not come from Kennedy’s right rear shoulder. Conclusion? Shot by a second gun to the front of Kennedy’s head. See Zapruder film link below.

    Not only was there confusion by the police, Secret Service and everyone else involved, the same scenario occurred when Robert Kennedy was killed in Los Angeles, in the Ambassador Hotel. Total bedlam, no one can remember how many shots occurred then. Two important political leaders of one family and the best our police and authorities can do, is confusion and lies.


    So who killed Kennedy? Not Oswald ALONE! Where was security in this very important event of the Century? Who entered the restricted police station with a gun in his pocket?Jack Ruby”, well known by the Dallas police, who had a police record for some time. Case was closed, no trial, or any other investigation. I think Oswald was set up, and then silenced, as our government (or?) ambushed President Kennedy from behind the fence on the grassy knoll. NW of the Kennedy parade. Why would I think it is our government?

The planning that it took for the parade route and what happened in the Dallas Police Station to see that Oswald was killed.

Notice that Jack Ruby died soon after conviction, and imprisoned. Collusion?

Watch this movie at about 1:10:00 where the murder if discussed: “Invisible Empire”


In the first place all controls of parade route were ignored that day, making those turns in Dealey Plaza were totally against Secret Service plans. Those slow 90 degree turns from Main Street to Houston then up to Elm Street where the entourage all turned about 110 degrees to head west, very slow turns for a reason. Kennedy was set up. Now the Dallas police have discovered conversations between Jack Ruby and Oswald before Kennedy was killed. Collusion? What do you think? Funny how the Dallas Police just found boxes of forgotten paperwork in the police station. Wonder what wonderful stuff is in those boxes. This was the beginning of conspiracies that have happened in our government since Roosevelt came in to office in 1933. A total change in how our government is being run by a conglomerate of very rich people.


Our government is/has been stolen from us.

Wake up Americans, we are being destroyed.


    Sunday March 16, 2008, the History Channel on Cable TV is running numerous films about Kennedy’s murder, and the huge mistakes made right at the time Kennedy was killed, very interesting that 90% of the people still to this day, do not believe the Warren Report or our governments story about this murder, so I’m not alone in believing this was a conspiracy.


I was sitting here 7 PM 18th of Nov 07, adding this information from the Washington Post, when CBS program came on the air with the same report. See more about the FBI in #63.


   The FBI first used the bullet lead analysis technique after Kennedy's assassination, hoping to determine whether various bullet fragments came from the same gun. In July 1964, then-FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover wrote to the commission investigating the assassination that the bureau's findings were "not considered sufficient" to make any matches. (Washington Post, Silent Justice), CBS “60 Minutes” “Evidence of Injustice” 18 Nov. 2007.


The Justice Department says they are not interested in whether people are in prison based on erroneous testimony by the FBI.

Now a video about Kennedy’s murder”


Yes! We had the Warren Commission report, what a “White Wash”. So this is your government, at work for us. How did our government know immediately that Oswald was the gunman?

Just before Oswald was shot by Ruby, when asked: Did he kill Kennedy, Oswald replied: “I haven’t been charged with that”.

Dead, end of story! 

“Think people”. THINK!