Katherine Chatham

"Yet a word or two of Katherine Chatham

of whom I have made mention in the margin

of what hath been said before.

She came from London through many trials and hard travels

to Boston and appeared clothed with sackcloth as a sign

of the indignation of the Lord coming upon you in the weight and sense

of which she came there and appeared for which instead of coming

to a sense of your condition and what was coming upon you

in the burden of which she Came so far and through such hardship.

You laid hand upon her and put her in prison

out of which you would give no deliverance

until with the seven and twenty aforesaid you drove her out

with sword and club in to the wilderness

and that was the reward you gave her for her love in coming so amongst you.

And such was your rage and cruelty to her that at Dudham

she was not only whipped but the man that was with her

and traveled together through you had little to say to him.

After this she coming to Boston again you imprisoned her

a long season there to pay a fine you laid upon her thinking

to be rid of her that way in cold winter and sad extremities

and sickness near to death

but the Lord otherwise provided for her and disappointed you

for she was took to wife by John Chamberlin

and so became an inhabitant of Boston"

1690 –Bishop: New England Judged


When John Chamberlin died about 1667,

she moved to Dartmouth, MA area,

where she met Valentine Huddlestone who had recently arrived from Maryland,

his port of immigration, she married Valentine Huddlestone,

and had "4" children with him.

(one of those 4 children is my ancestor)

John Chamberlin had married Mary Brown first,

had 5 children with Mary, Mary died,

John married Katherine, had 3 children with her,

so when Katherine met Valentine, she was arriving with 8 children.

Valentine was 44 years old, at the time of marriage to Katherine.

and became a father to John Chamberlin's 8 children.

Valentine died in 1727 at age 99.


Valentine, and Katherine are my ancestors.