Are you aware, at least 90% of our Prescription

and Non Prescription Medication now comes

from CHINA ????

CHINA cut prices to drive American

manufacturers out of business, then China

raised their prices up to 600%.


Various medications including even simple Aspirin,

can involve China in some way.

A Chinese manufactured medication called Heparin

killed many Americans because:

It was contaminated, On purpose?


I ask you, stop and think;

"Do you really need that pill"?

Or would a diet change do the same for you?

My doctor admitted, 90% of the medication he

prescribes, the patients demanded or they feel

they haven't been served.

Change your life style for your health.

NO more Alcohol, no more Tobacco, it's your life!

What are you eating that you should not be eating?

It's  your health, do you care?

What do you do, to protect your health?

Consumers Report(R) reports:

Why are drug prices excessive?

They barely mention China, Why?

In 1963 the Russian leader, visiting the USA

bragged that we'd fail from within.

We are failing from within.

Where is our Manufacturing

that made America prosperous?

>>>> "EXPORTED".


What do our LEADERS do to protect us?

Is that product you are using Counterfeit?

Will you risk your life on a product from China?

Wake up Americans, we are being KILLED.

China is not America's friend.

Fraudulent products are invading our nation.

View the video "BROKEN" on Netflix.