My Plan:

It all starts with JOBS

Who will save our nation? Me! of course!

Who is correct for America? ME! Don Cordell, of course!

I am bilingual, I speak English and Profanity,

and I’m becoming even more proficient in Profanity as I see our nation screwed.


I’ll bring those jobs back to America, so you can earn a decent living,

“if you’re willing to work”

more than an Illegal Alien will do, that is.

Not jobs for the government, but private industry,

and retail jobs that support the Middle income class of Americans.

We can afford more, if more of us have middle class incomes again,

more total employment, less spending by Congress on trash.

You work, then you buy, and those you buy from earn enough to buy,

and pay their bills, and America returns to the wonderful days of plenty,

and “all is well” in the nation.


You don’t know the half of it. I think you will be confused;

that I report on so many subjects in this website,

but our Economy, our Jobs, our Inflation, endless War,

everyone of these subjects affect our entire nation and our future,

“if we are to have a future”.


So look all the information, so you know what we should have done in November 2008, and didn’t.

2020 is coming next year, are you ready to Restore America by electing me then?


What are the other candidates Really telling you they will do??????


I’m going to be a different kind of President, an American President, who speaks for Middle Class American.

YES I am for big business, because Big Businesses bring millions of jobs to the market. We need JOBS.

Millionaire Presidents forget Middle class America, I won’t. I’m not a Millionaire.


Will you help me save our nation?


Don’t worry about my foreign policy, read about my American policy. “America will win”.

Most of you do not really believe “any candidates’ promises” during an election, why?

Because you know: Not one of them will carry out any promises once they are in office.


Read my lips, NO New Taxes! Remember that one? Of course Bush didn’t raise taxes, he initiated

“Revenue Enhancement”.

Laugh, and laugh some more, it’s sad that Bush thought you believed him! But you did.


Well this is one candidate you can believe in.

What I promise you I will do, “I will do”.

If you follow me and help me restore our nation.

Every bit of this website “is my statement”, and

I’ll back up every plan with action. “Believe in me”.

Where have I heard that statement before?

Well here we go, and lets save this nation and return prosperity for our citizens.

There is going to be a new way to run the business of our nation. With Honesty.


Well: I’m your INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE that will save this nation.

In January 08 the government claims 60% were registered as Independents, and that rose rapidly.

But whom did those Independent Americans vote for?


The coming election really requires you to understand how this will affect the entire future, or failure

of the United States of America.


If not me, then some other INDEPENDENT candidate!


Now let’s get down to what “we” can do,


must do, to save this nation.


First, as my Vice President I will enlist: Jesse Ventura, previous governor of Minnesota.


As our Attorney General I will enlist: David E. Kendall, attorney. Check him out.


These are people I can trust to help me lead our nation correctly.

I will carefully select my cabinet with people indebted to the security of our nation,

who love our nation, who owe no allegiance to anyone except

the citizens of our nation.


Czars belong in Russia, I’ll have no Czars, but Patriots who want this nation, and it’s people to succeed

and prosper. A far cry from what is happening now.


There are many, many problems happening in our nation, each point is important.


Of course the first thing on your mind right now, is the cost of energy, and it’s source.

I have an engineering background, with a good knowledge of electronics, chemistry, mechanics,

and a practical sense of what we can and must do.


What about my knowledge of business? That is really simple; make a profit; hire Americans,

so they can afford to buy your product.

 Don’t spend more than you make. 

If you take too many taxes from the public,

they can’t afford to buy American products.

Then citizens can’t make home payments, businesses fail from lack of profit spent on taxes.

I’ll give you FHA loans at 6%. (up to $300,000)


My slogan is “Regular Gas $1.29 gal.”


To get your attention: To keep our government in the dark as to my plans until I’m elected.

Does anyone know where I can get a Guillotine; because:

If I’m elected, a lot of heads are going to ROLL.


So how can we go forward?

First we must backup, to where we had jobs for Americans,

 jobs with Middle Class Incomes,

where a family could afford to buy a home, “and make the payments”.

Where the Items in our stores said “Made in America”.


We have to backup, and get on the right track, (we’ve been on the wrong track)

before we can go forward. (We’ve been sidetracked for too long)


Welfare is not the answer, checks from the government to entice you to buy something to get the economy going;

is Great, but they only arrive once, not every week.

So let's get on the Right Track for America, and then full steam ahead,

(can’t be a diesel train, we don’t have any Diesel fuel for that train).

I will be the leader to push the plan to restore our nation to the security we use to enjoy.

Many of you have been told, the way America is today; is the way for the future, NO!

America was a land of Freedom, and Opportunities for all;

I’m going to take you back to those days of opportunity.

I’m a leader, who can remember what our nation was, and can be again.