NAFTA Super Slab Highway

Now they are planning to build a super freeway THE SUPER SLAB, from Southern Mexico,

where ports of entry are being built,

and then all the imports will come north on this super highway to Kansas City.

(They are already taking land by “eminent domain” from citizens in Texas to build this highway).

Mexican Trucks will “then” be searched for contraband, 1200 miles inside,

what was our southern border. Totally irresponsibility on the part of our government.

There again, this is part of “The” PLAN. The NAFTA Super highway, called the "SuperSlab".

One half mile wide.



KANSAS CITY SMARTPORT, INC Is a non-profit organization dedicated

to transforming the Kansas City region from an historic trade hub to a cutting edge,

high-tech inland port. Its goals are to grow the transportation and logistics industry

to make it cheaper, faster and safer for importers and exporters to move their goods,

and to improve access to international markets for all businesses.

Kansas City Smartport, which promotes the bi-state area’s transportation assets under the banner of

“America’s Inland Port Solution, is supported by dozens of area companies, communities

and trade-related organizations in the Kansas City Region.

For more information about the Lazaro Cardenas Kansas City Corridor or Kansas City Smartport,

visit their Website at