I think Obama was probably a good guy, with good intentions,

but he is a Party person, and the party will told him how it works.

Prior to Obama’s run for political office,

we know nothing about his employment in the past.

Who is he, what has he done?

BUT Obama is an illegal alien.


I’m afraid Obama might carry the anger of African Americans

against White’s, in to the office of President.


Since Obama was not outspoken against his pastor’s continuous rage

against the White Americans for over 20 years,

to me that indicates his agreeing with his pastor,

and he continued to attend services with that pastor,

indicates some agreement in those feelings.


He might put on a good act now, but just that comment

about his White Grandmother bothers me.


Why did his White Grandmother have negative feelings about African Americans?

Why do many/most White Americans have negative feelings for African Americans?

Why White Flight in communities? THAT’S THE BILLION DOLLAR QUESTION!

I personally don’t believe; he is correct for America.


I don’t see him suggesting that we close our borders,

or turning the ships around, and sent back to China.

I’m not totally against all items from China,

but a more equal trade balance with the Oriental nations.

Right now China imports items from the United States,

but only about 12% of the value of our imports from China.

We need to bring some equal exchange with these nations.

I’m also bothered by poor quality of most imports from China.

We need to work on this problem, for our safety.

Don’t trust anything from China.


Obama spent some $860,000 to hide all of his college records,

and birth information,


Who is behind all of this?

The Supreme Court?


The Supreme Court refuses to do their duty, to investigate that:

Barack Obama is not actually a legally born US citizen.

He says he was born in Kenya.

There is proof of him being a citizen of Indonesia since he was 8 years old.

Obama visited Pakistan when he was 20 or 21 years old,

and if he were an American citizen at the time, that was illegal.

The fact that his father was a citizen of Kenya,

which in 1961 was a British Protectorate,

making President Obama, not eligible to be our President.

Obama holds at least dual citizenship with Great Britain, from his father’s ancestry,

or he is an illegal alien, and our Supreme Court did nothing.


Obama is an Illegal alien.

Why do the members of the United States Supreme Court

insist they would not investigate these allegations?

I predicted that the court would make this decision

after Senator Obama is sworn in as President,

then when he is denied the right to continue as our President,

it can be said: “Americans elected an African American,

so we are not racists”.


Then “Democrat” Vice President Biden would become our President.

If Obama were denied the Presidency before being sworn in as President,

John McCain would have been our President.


Why is my website still here? 

Because: Obama couldn't LEGALLY be our President;

since his father was a British subject as a citizen of Kenya.

Obama is not legally qualified to be our President.

I will not give up to save America.

I am shocked as I watch a Justice of the Supreme Court

lead the inauguration of Obama as the 44th President of the United States.


Why have our Supreme Court judges avoided their duty to our nation?

One more step in the process to end the sovereignty of our nation?

I will not quit, as long as I see that viewers are logging on to this site.

Let's Roll America, we can survive is you don’t surrender,

don’t let our “out of control” government shut down everything in this nation.


The members of our Supreme Court refuses

to enforce the Constitutional law; that says:

A candidate for the office of President must be a “Natural Born American Citizen”.

Obama is not a Natural born American, in fact

he is not an American citizen.

View the following links and learn, before our nation closes shop.

“Learn”, try this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8b_usFyLHQ & More X and more X

^                    ^

A presentation by Presidential candidate Alan Keyes


Another report that Obama is not a natural born citizen



What did Obama do as Illinois Senator? He voted “Present”

What did Obama do as a U. S. Senator?  He voted “Present”

I want someone who does more than; Be Present,

I want our nation saved.

Now that he is our President!

What did he do, other than be, a token African American?

What a display of RACE during the inauguration.

We can’t save this nation by electing anyone based

only on the color or sex of the candidate,

no matter how well intended, for Racial Relations.

That’s all you have elected, an African American.

Now, there are many African Americans that would be

very worthy of the job, who are already serving our nation,

with a record of accomplishments,

but not Senator/President Obama.


In his inaugural speech Obama told you:

We (YOU) must stop using the Worlds Resources;

which means: We (you and I) must stop Global Warming,

turn off your lights, stop heating your home, stop driving your car,

hovel down to the level of 3rd world living,

while of course President Obama will live in the White House,

using those resources he tells you, to stop using.


Obama’s home in Chicago is no tenement,

I’m sure his $400,000/year income will buy a lot

of Global Warming on his part.

Will he cut the temperature in the White House

and on the US Capitol to save on heating usage?

Only we peasants must cut back.

When he makes a trip in Air Force ONE,

what will he do about the 50,000 gallons to fill those fuel tanks?

Maybe he can fly slower, to save “gallons per mile”

or start flying in a Piper Cub.

It takes those 50,000 gallons to fly 10,000 miles,

in other words 5 gallons per mile,

flying at 10 miles a minute, that’s 50 gallons every minute of flight time.

Are there Hybrid 747’s? Where would you plug that in?

While the government, wants you to get, over 30 miles per gallon.

How much pollution does “Air Force One” emit per mile?

Will he consider: “Is this trip really necessary”?

Then there is ex Vice President Al Gore

living in his mansion in Tennessee.

How many of the “Very Rich” will be able to afford

the high prices of heating or cooling homes,

or fueling their cars,

while you peasants are priced out of the American way of living.


President Obama outlined a plan similar to the immigration bill that failed to pass the Senate this year.

He said "My answer is to stop illegal workers from coming in, hold employers accountable, “but give the 12 million people who are here illegally” ... a pathway to legalization,"

We fell for that in 1986, will you give in to that again? I won’t.

Obama doesn’t know/or care that it’s over “32” million illegal aliens, and he certainly wouldn’t tell you so, even if he knew it.

Reagan told us in 1986 we were giving Amnesty to 1 million immigrants, 4 Million applied for Amnesty, and as of 2006 our wonderful government has only processed 2.8 million of those 4 Million applications.

You saw Obama on tour, and he doing a lot of smiling and hand shaking, but have you actually heard anything from any candidate so far as to what they will do:

Have they said how they would:

To stop the War in the Middle East? American troops surrender.

To return jobs to America? Back to working on the railways, and digging ditches.

To reduce imports from China? Never gonna happen.

To stop stupid taxes? Yeah like we’ll ever see that in our lifetime.

To protect our borders? Just remove the borders, and you do not need a fence.

To deport illegal aliens? Never happen, after all they want to recover the USA for Mexico.


Obama endorses the “Dream Act” to give illegal children amnesty. Which at first sounded like a humane act. Except; that includes amnesty for “all family members of the child”, and I do mean “all” family members, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, spouses, spouses parents, spouses siblings etc, our government calls it Family Reunification, never ending relations, granted amnesty, or admittance to our nation to join those who came here illegally in the first place. For each child in this Dream Act you can consider that would give about 50 to 100 people the right to enter America to be reunified with that child, no way.

Obama is still praising the Dream Act. Stop him.


All over our nation, citizens are fed up with the Illegal alien problem, and since the federal government is not taking action, the local and state governments are now fending for themselves.


On a weekend in January 2008, Obama and Hillary were discussing Politics from the pulpit of Churches, not exactly preaching, but explaining the state of our nation to that collection of church members, I thought our First Amendment forbid that? Separation: of Church and State.

So if I also discuss our politics from the pulpit I don’t want to hear any complaints.


Suddenly now Senator Obama is discussing Racism, I thought that was a moot point in this political race, but now Senator Obama’s religious mentor has been portrayed as spewing racial hatred for years, and the Senator has been a member of this “church, and pastor” for some 20 years. I’m afraid that even in his upper class presentation, that under this calm exterior is a racist African American that will expose our nation to this rhetoric if he were to be elected our president. We have tried for 40 some years to end this hatred, we have to be careful to understand his message, such as explaining his White Grandmother is a typical White person (Typical ?) Is he a Typical African America? What is a  Typical white person? Is that someone who is afraid of being the victim of racial hatred crime when accosted by African American people?

Perhaps this racism didn’t seem out of place in the African American community, as this is normal in all of their churches.

Candidates: Republican or Democrat?

Did you plan to elect any Republican or Democratic candidate, instead of an Independent?

Did you elect Senator Obama because he is an African American?


Or do you want: Specifics as to what they offer to be your next President?

Obama may mean well, but he will do as the Party wants, or else.


Who is Obama’s Religious Mentor? Jeremiah Wright? Remember, as the child is raised so shall he lead. Can a man who has been subjected to such Anti American rhetoric for years,

change spots suddenly, or is this the calm before the storm.


Now I understand the hatred the African Americans claim against the White race, but Bill Cosby tries to set the record straight, “Stop blaming the White man and do something yourself to raise your standard of living”. Stay in school, learn, and struggle to get ahead, as White citizens also have to do.


Do you want “United We Stand”, the “Stars and Stripes” waving over our nation, people in our nation that love our nation, people who learn English, and are proud to be Americans?


Is that the CHANGE you want? Then you did not want to elect any Republican or Democrat, because their programs included more outsourcing, more immigrants to invade our nation, to wave other flags in your face.


The “Democrats” promise you more government help, more socialism, more, more, more help, with more, more, more taxes to pay for all of this. Sorry; unless you want a government that takes care of your every need, at great cost, and “no freedom.” In the real America you have to earn your way, get off your behind, and work for what you want.

I will supply the jobs, you supply the labor.