In 1620, 3 of my ancestors arrived to this land,

on the Mayflower, searching for FREEDOM.

In 1776 my ancestors formed a Union of States

to again liberate our nation from abuse

of the British for FREEDOMS.

After 1776, we had Prosperity and FREEDOMS

up to 1913, when our Elected Leaders

decided to screw us;

with the formation of a Banking Cartel called

the Federal Reserve Bank: ILLEGAL!

Also in 1913 our Congress passed a Bill to

Tax our Wages that we earned: ILLEGAL!


Both of these events changed our nation forever.

Our founding fathers were very specific about

TAXES, and included those facts in the Constitution

spelling out what taxes, and how, and also

included that the only Legal Money for our

nation, was Gold and Silver.

Do you have any Gold or Silver money?

Why? Because our founders saw Paper Money

constantly become WORTHLESS.

"Taxing our earned wages is illegal".

I remember my Paper Money said:

"There is on deposit in the Treasury of

the  United States SILVER" that backed

the value of my paper money.

We had Silver Dimes, Silver Quarters,

Silver Half Dollars and Silver Dollars.

Not anymore. WHY?

Our elected leaders have SCREWED US!

You have no Government Legal Money.

YOUR PAPER MONEY has right on the top

the name of a Bank,

The Federal Reserve Bank.


is NOT FEDERAL anything,

it's a Private Banking corruption that



"IF, no one will accept that piece of paper

for anything", It's only good for wiping your ass.

It's time to save the United States of America.

Help me to help you, elect ME to save you.