American politics, how it works. As an example: Does this happen in  your state?

The Runner family, of Lancaster, CA

Once mayor of Lancaster, CA, now California State Senator George Runner, started first as City Councilman, then Vice Mayor, and finally Mayor of Lancaster, CA. Then became California State Assemblyman. After serving three terms as Assemblyman, (limited out) his buddies on the city council of Lancaster hired him as Advisor for $100,000 year until he could run for the office of State Senator.


As he now runs out of his two terms as Senator, what is next for this politician? Update, now George Runner placed himself on one of the State Boards. WHO could be his replacement for State Senator????? Well of course his wife, Sharon Runner, who had been on a State Board at $128,000/yr, to move up to be our next Senator.


Oh yes!

Sen. George Runner, R-Antelope Valley, officially announced late Thursday (Oct.15,2009) that he'll be running for the state's Elected tax board in 2010. Board members typically meet once a month.

He was finally elected to the Tax Board for life in November 2010 at $128,000/yr


Runner, a conservative voter in the Legislature, will be opposed by former Assemblyman Alan Nakanishi, a Republican, and Barbara Alby, a top aide to current Board of Equalization member Bill Leonard.

They are all running in District 2, which is, well, enormous, stretching from Los Angeles County to the Oregon border along the east side of the state.

Tom Ross and Matt Rexroad, the GOP strategists of Meridian Pacific, are running his campaign.

Then there is Mrs. Runner Biography.

Once timed out of political office, after serving two terms, Mrs. Runner and her husband, George Runner are typical of politics all over our nation.


Capitol Weekly (Sacramento, CA)

Sharon Runner pulled from Agriculture Board

Former Assemblywoman Sharon Runner has been appointed to the Unemployment Insurance Board, a job that pays more than $128,000 per year. Runner's appointment means she will not serve on the Agriculture Labor Relations Board, which she was originally appointed to last month.

Serving the public, or serving themselves? What next for this family on the public dole?

Did I forget to mention, these Board positions only meet one day a month, pretty good employment for $128,000 year. When her husband has served two terms as Senator, he follows Sharon’s footsteps, her latest Board position a lifetime appointment.

"Sharon is a great public servant with experience in addressing the critical needs of Californians," said Governor Schwarzenegger spokeswoman. "We feel she is better utilized in this position at this time."

Runner's appointment to the ALRB was vigorously opposed by the United Farm Workers. A posting on their Web site urged supporters to reject Runner as a "callous appointment that could put farm worker lives in jeopardy."


She voted against every major protection for farm workers," said Giev Kashkooli, legislative and political director for the UFW. "She voted against water, shade for workers, minimum wage, drivers' licenses, making it easier to organize -- she voted against all of them. She had no business being on the ALRB."

Sharon Runner, the wife of Sen. George Runner, R-Lancaster, is herself a former Assemblywoman. She is currently suffering from a rare lung ailment and is currently awaiting a double-lung transplant. Runner missed much of last year's legislative session because of her illness. (Of course I hope she recovers, regardless of politics)

As a member of the UI Appeals Board, Runner will replace Fred Aguiar, who was named State and Consumer Services Agency after Rosario Marin was forced to resign earlier this month. (Musical Chairs anyone?)


Runner will join some of her former Assembly colleagues on the board. Former Republican Assemblymembers Bonnie Garcia and George Plescia also serve on the board. Garcia was tapped by Schwarzenegger today to chair the board. (Got to take care of those politicians who have no other prospects for jobs after leaving elected office.)