Seniors on TV:

On TV (May 2, 2008) stories about 80 year old Seniorís,

living on the street, or in cars and vans in Los Angeles,

because they canít afford to keep their homes or apartments,

and pay utilities.

Having to get food from thrift shops,

day old bakeries, and dumpsters, to survive.

Welcome to ďAmerica the BeautifulĒ?


This is happening in America, where these citizens have devoted their lives

to support this government.

And now our government wants to end Social Security,

because the government has already spent all the Social Security money

invested for their future retirement.

In the last 10 years inflation has gone up 50%,

2%/year raises donít take care of the living costs of our Seniors,

that puts them out of homes and apartments and on the street.

Social Security money is gone, thanks to Congress.

How dare we live beyond 65 55.

I want to build safe economy facilities for our poor people

to help them survive, thatís the least we can do.


What is happening to our Blue Collar workers?

And still you want to elect a Republican or Democrat?

Our nation finally hemorrhaging from outsourcing, and the end is coming.

We canít continue to destroy our job base without total bankruptcy.