NOW: What can we do for real. The following suggestions were in Congressman Tom Tancredo’s  (D) (CO) book. 

“In Mortal Danger” © 2006     "Fixing our Broken Borders"


Begin Building a Border Security Fence

   Put troops on the border

   End “Catch and Release”

   Mandate passport usage; for everyone traveling internationally (now being done)

   Make volunteer border patrol a sanctioned federal activity

   Suspend visa waiver program


Enforcing the Law throughout the Country

   Require a federal response when local law enforcement asks to have an illegal alien arrested.

   Restrict federal money that goes to local governments that have illegal alien sanctuary policies.

   Close the loophole that allows religious organizations, and their agents to be immune from

      Illegal Alien sanctuary policies.

   Make DUI a deportable offense.

   Increase penalties; for smuggling of illegal aliens

   Increase penalties; for terrorists who are illegal aliens

   Increase penalties; for gang members who are illegal aliens

   Draft minimum standards for birth certificates, and birth/death registries

   Make unlawful presence in the United States a felony.


Stopping businesses from Hiring Illegals

   Make employment verification mandatory

   Eliminate the business tax write-off for illegal workers

   Increase the penalty for employers; who hire illegal Aliens

   Make businesses that hire illegal aliens ineligible; for future guest workers.


Reducing the Incentive to Come Illegally 

   Disallow all federal funding; for states that offer in-state tuition to illegal aliens

   Disallow the Matricula Consular card as a legal form of identification

   Reform the use of individual taxpayer identification numbers

   Eliminate Social Security totalization; for illegal aliens


Disentangling Foreign Policy from Immigration

   Block any immigration provisions from trade bills

   Block Visas to countries that refuse to take their nationals back.

   Reduce the availability of yearly legal Visas per country by the number of illegal aliens

     from such country.

Restore the Meaning of Citizenship

   End birthright citizenship for illegal aliens

   Eliminate dual citizenship

   Make English the official language

   Write the oath of citizenship in to law

   Strengthen safeguards against voter fraud


Reform Legal Immigration

   Eliminate the visa lottery

   Eliminate chain migration

   Eliminate H-1B visas (temporary work permits)

   Eliminate unskilled workers green cards

   Create a Department of Immigration, or cabinet level agency