Will you be happier when our nation joins the United Nations, as members of the “New World Order”?

When all middle class jobs are exported from the United States, when all citizens earn less than $10/hr.

Our government is claiming that “Global Warming” is “Just Cause” to stop the use of energy in the United States, to tax us excessively for using “any” energy, to convince us: To shut down America.

When our electricity and natural gas raise 300% how are you going to pay for that?

Think Americans.


Manufacturing has been the mainstay of our employment system in this nation since 1872, when our nation became urbanized, and depended upon a paycheck each week to sustain life.

Obama has no clue as to the problem most of us face.


Not in to manufacturing? So you don’t have to worry? Well your business will go down when these Middle Class Americans can no longer afford your products or services.


Our government claims unemployment is only 10.5%, but how much “UNDER” EMPLOYMENT do we have now? Six more months, 99 weeks, 88 weeks, of Unemployment Insurance is not the answer. Did you elect Obama as our President to get six more months of that money? What happens after six months, then where do you go, to the poor house? We must consider the total future.


“80,000 jobs lost in June 08, only 30,000 jobs lost in April 08, much better than Jan. to Mar. when each month 100,000 jobs per month were lost to outsourcing and plants closing.

16 May 2008, Associated Press: Reports unemployment rose by 28,000, to 3.06 million now applying/receiving unemployment funds, unemployment funds only pay for about 6 months unemployment, then what are you going to do?

Three million-plus people on unemployment, how many have just given up, or only the wife is working at near minimum wage. Men who can no longer provide for their families, out of work, while we have a steady stream of imported products entering our nation. This is a disgrace. How many of those three million unemployed are or were homeowners, who now can’t make the payments to keep their homes? note that this is a .gov site.


Reports August 2008: Unemployment by community: Maine 5%; Indiana 5.1%; NC 5.2%; Conn 5.3%; GA 5.3%; ILL 5.5%; Tenn 5.5%; MO 5.7%; OH 5.7%; OR 5.7%; SC 5.7%; NV 5.8%; Miss 6.0%; RI 6.1%; CA 9.9%; D. C. 6.2% (doesn’t include politicians); Alaska 6.7%; and MI 7.2%.

This has expanded to many communities with 10 to 17 to 40% unemployed in 2012.

That’s Americans out of work, folks. Are you mad about that? I am.

The only people I want to see in the Unemployment Office are our present politicians who have allowed/made this to happen to our America.


When I stop all the containerized cargo from entering our nation we are going to have a lot of new factories open, with full production to meet the needs of our retailers, and you will be paying in to Social Security to back up the obligations of that plan. I want to see factories operating at least 16 hours a day. I want our cities glowing with production, and Americans proud to work for a living wage. Are there factories in your city that are closed and no longer hiring Americans?

What a disgrace.


Desperate “underemployed” citizens; delivering newspapers (as newspapers go bankrupt) or other low skill jobs just to survive, since their middle class job left America. For each person laid off from work that affects 3 other citizens, then that affects 3 more citizens each, until we have 300,000,000 people in trouble. Yes! “All Americans” sooner or later.

Why is this happening?


The “PLAN”. I remember some very rich people that found themselves penniless in the 1930’s who didn’t think about the poor people, when it started.

This is going to happen again, if you don’t elect me, as this is part of the “PLAN”.


Let me ask you! Have you gone shopping in the last few years? Where was everything made, that you looked at “to buy”? Certainly not in The United States of America, by Americans, and the quality stinks.

You thought some American products sucked, well it is only getting worse.

I’m just a straightforward guy who is really concerned about America.


What do we make in the United States? Cigarettes, Alcohol, chemicals, tires, food, some industrial electronic items, some machine products, but the basics of our economy is/was consumer products, clothing, electronics, automobiles, bicycles, toys, and those factories are closed. Let’s open America.


Study the many links I’ve included in this website, your future depends upon these exposés.


                  Help me to help America.


This is serious Americans, our future as a Free Nation depends upon you, as citizens, to really know what our leaders have allowed (PLANNED) to happen.