We have a problem: My opinion; about what may be coming.  IF we do not have cool heads to protect all of us.

Are we about to have a disastrous Race Riot in America? Since Obama was elected, the racial tension in this nation has centered around: “If you don’t like what Obama is doing, you’re a racist”. I must agree, I do not like “anything” Obama has done while in office. Not based upon his color, but on the fact I do not believe he is a natural born citizen, he is not eligible to be elected to Dog Catcher, let alone President. His agenda has been to destroy the rest of the economy of our nation, to be the final cog to turn citizen against citizen, to break the unity of our political system.


I am angry, about Black Crimes committed in America, far beyond the percentage of our population. I had hoped that an increase in the income of all citizens of any color would bring financial equality to our communities. What we have under the lack of leadership with Obama in the highest office in this nation; is more unemployment in the minority communities of America. This is sad, because we have many black politicians in America, who could lead our nation, “with pride as leaders” not based upon their color or ancestry. Where is the anger about a 6-year-old Black child killed by Blacks in Chicago last week?


What Obama has done, along with his choice of Attorney General Eric Holder, is to prove we can’t trust his choice of Black citizens to lead this nation. While blatantly ignoring actions by the Black Panthers, in Philadelphia at a voting precinct, it shows America that “Racism is still alive.” Black leaders are now standing up to defend a young man, who may have been the attacker of Mr. Zimmerman. I hope this will cool down and the truth will be investigated by the police.


I’m sorry, but the young man is portrayed as a 12 year old innocent youth, when in reality he was a 17 year old, 6’2”, 220 lbs, young man, regardless of any prior crimes Trayvon may have committed, that has nothing to do with his being killed. Was he innocent, or the aggressor? Why was Mr. Zimmerman (5’8”) needed to patrol that community? Was it because there is more crime in that community that required having Mr. Zimmerman on patrol for the safety of that area?


If this leads to Riots, I’m afraid many innocent people of any color, are going to die. America has tried to look the other way about Racism, to turn the other cheek, to hope Black citizens would join our nation as equal citizens, equal behavior, this has not happened. The Riots in Los Angeles in 1991 over the brutal action of police against a black motorist, Rodney King, and the flashback of Blacks to destroy private property, is going to end any compassion for the plight of Black citizens.


White citizens have tried to overlook Black Crime, hoping this would finally cool down. Unfortunately this is not happening. With more and more unemployment under Obama’s leadership, our Black citizens are losing financially, and with increased frustration. Rioting will not end this Racial Divide, it will only bring extreme retaliation and damage race relations. White America is not going to continually back off, and give give give.

Any Riots now, I believe will forever end any co-existence between Black and White America. Let’s pray!

I want to return jobs to America, so all people can restore our economy, we can’t continue to live on handouts.