Shut down the United States,

for the United Nations?

Hell No! We won’t surrender!


In 1918 our leaders tried to start the League of Nations,

didn’t work then.

After WW II Rockefeller donated the land in Manhattan, NY City

to build the new United Nations building, for the United Nations

to establish a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

Citizens were tired of WW II

and ready for anything claiming

“World Peace”.


What has happened is a slow but sure Globalization of world trade.

Why make it in America when poor people in 3rd world nation citizens

will work for pennies.

Our Taxes on American manufacturers drove many companies

to lay off Americans and move their production to poor nations.

There is one long-term problem,

when we can’t afford to buy cheap produced goods,

those foreign factories must close,

further driving ALL workers into poverty.

The Politicians we’ve elected have given their soul

to destroy the economy of our nation.

We can’t survive on Welfare.

Remember, our world leaders intend to reduce the World Population

from 7 Billion people to 500 Million.

That’s 499.9 million slaves and .1 million


Which will you be?


Hey! If you elect a Republican or Democrat candidate,

and you don’t listen to all the warnings about this problem,

because you don’t care about the security of The United States of America.

Thanks, but no thanks.

You are being told; are you listening?


It is time for responsible “Government”,

we cannot give away what we can’t afford.

If you want “free”; someone has to pay for that, unless “you”

are ready to volunteer to work for free,

to give the fruits of your labor away to those who do not work.


The Democratic Party candidates;

traditionally promises giveaways to the citizens.

Well then, let's just put everyone on Welfare.

Why should you have to work, and be inconvenienced,

when the government can just supply you with all your needs?


Let the illegal aliens do all the work.

Now, just one little problem with that:

Who is going to pay the taxes, to give you all that free money and benefits? 

Wake up folks, how much should you be eligible to get, for Free?

The Democratic Party policy does not work,

at least not in the long term.

What does work, is when “you” work, and you earn your own way.

The American Way.

My way. Let's roll up our sleeves, and get back to work

in American factories to make

“Made in the USA”

available in our stores again.

Now, it will be subtle at first,

we are just “joining” the other nations, opening our borders.

Then control of our nation by a national tribune,



“United Nations to bring PEACE to all nations”


Sounds great HUH?

Now the World Leaders will elect the Head of the United Nations,

no need for you to get involved in elections,

since not even 50% of American citizens vote anyway,

of course they never discuss that

“Many Americans don’t vote,

because all choices of candidates are bad choices”.

Some politicians are so entrenched,

that meaningful changes are next to impossible to achieve.

Until now, when you elect me.


Hating illegal aliens will classify us as racist, so be it,

the illegal aliens are only here to better themselves, how can we complain.

The illegals demand that we leave America,

are you ready to leave?

To go where?

Do the Illegal Aliens from Mexico intend to return to Spain?

These invaders come here for a better life!

What kind of life would they have if this were still part of Mexico?

Of course Hispanics are too dumb to understand this.


After the government takes all of your guns,

they won’t have worry about the citizens

rioting against the United Nations,

when the United Nations becomes our government.

They would just arrest you as a “Terrorist”

or kill you if you demonstrate publicly.


Would our government use guns against us

if we tried to take over the government again?

Sure, They will,

the government will just use “United Nations”

armed servicepersons to shoot any American citizen

protesting about the end of our Sovereignty.

You have no rights, stop kidding yourself.

Again, for your own good,

your Government knows best.


The government, our government,

under command of "General Douglas McArthur",

“SHOT” WW I Veterans in 1932, that marched into Washington, D.C.

demanding veteran benefits they were promised after WW I. 

Search on Google for “Bonus March”.

When African Americans marched on Washington DC

with Rev. Martin Luther King, the government didn’t shoot them,

that would have upset the African Americans

who would claim that was racist,

but if White Americans were to march in Washington DC

the police would round all of us up,

and we’d be in detention, as inciting treason.

Anything White citizens do to aid White citizens is considered Racist.


Our government wouldn’t think twice about shooting you,

(if you’re an American citizen, heaven forbid they'd shoot an illegal alien)

if you resist the ending of our Constitution, and Bill of Rights,

for the “One World Order”, brought to you by theTrilateral Commission

Sorry I keep repeating this, but it’s so crucial, and so important:



We are “NOW” (already) under control of the United Nations

as to the running of America, (supposedly for environmental regulations),

and the provisions of NAFTA. FTAA, and other treaties recently enacted.

Is this what you wanted for the future of our country?


Out of the “United Nations”

The “United Nations,” are not our friends.

It’s time for a: “NEW, and IMPROVED Government”

A Government of “real Americans”.


Who do “you” think is the government?

“We the People”?

 No way! So let's change that.

Isn’t that the catchword that we all look for when we go shopping?  

New, and Improved?

Our government considers it a done deal,

to open our borders to Canada, and Mexico.

It has been in the planning for years,

to make our country into,

The “New World Order”,

as planned by the “Trilateral Commission.”