February 20, 2011: Again trouble with VERIZON: When Verizon took over General Telephone service in our area about 10 years ago; there was MCI and Verizon available. Since then MCI was bought out by Verizon. Verizon is now the “only” local phone company available, either you have Verizon as your phone provider, or you do without landline phone service. At the time Verizon took over General Telephone, my previous Internet Provider PTW.COM (on dial up) lost 500 customers since Verizon cut various phone trunk lines that PTW used. Verizon explained they would now offer PTW customers Internet service; that those PTW customers would not be without the Internet.


So I then contracted with Antelecom.net as my provider for DSL service, now again Verizon has raised the cost of DSL lines to Antelecom that they have dropped my Internet Service. Antelecom lost 80 + customers.

There again Verizon says:


Come with us, we will be your Internet provider!


NO way, screw Verizon; they are in direct competition with companies who used Verizon DSL lines for customers.

I call this Unfair competition, either they are a phone company or they are an Internet Provider, but not at the expense of others to offer DSL service lines. We thought the government broke up the phone companies monopoly, apparently not. I filed a complaint with the FTC, and the California Public Utilities Commission to see if we can shut down this direct screwing of anyone wanting to provide DSL Internet service to customers, when Verizon is the only DSL line provider for such service.


I contracted with DSLExtreme who still must use Verizon lines, as my next provider, but this has put me offline for ONE WEEK. DSLExtreme had excuse after excuse to delay service, so I signed up with NetZero.net to have DSL access do I an still log in to my real provider Antelecom.net. I want a class action suit against Verizon to stop this monopoly.

Screw Verizon! Is satellite service now the only way to go, OR if you don’t use Verizon NO INTERNET?


April 1, 2009, and this is no April fools joke, this is customers being screwed by dumb ass Direct TV or DirectTV/ Verizon either spelling will cause you unlimited grief, poor service with stupid assholes running the company tell you that even if their equipment doesn’t give you satisfactory service, constantly out, that you may not cancel your service, and IF you have subscribed in connection with Verizon telephone service, Verizon will cancel all but your local area phone service, but Verizon still insists you pay then for the full amount that would be for Unlimited Long Distance service of $65/mo. Both Verizon and Direct TV can go f**k themselves.


I subscribed in April 08 for Direct TV and Verizon phone service as a package deal. BUT the Direct TV equipment would constantly go in to Screen Saver mode while I was watching TV programs, and if I didn’t catch it within a few minutes it would recover to some Audio service channel, now all I had to do was figure which of the 200 channels I was watching to try to get back to my selected TV channel I was watching. Service call after service call; change equipment, reformat hard drive, everything they tried and still the same problem over and over.


So DO NOT subscribe to Direct TV or get involved with Verizon in any way or you will be f**ked. Then I was threatened to losing my land line phone service since there is no other provider for phone service in my area of Los Angeles County. F**k Direct TV and F**k Verizon, Verizon insisted that Unlimited Long Distance was really 4000 minutes per month until I reported them to the Federal Trade Commission, now Verizon assures me that Unlimited is Unlimited. See what you can do when you fight back. This is the way I intend to run American as your president.

Don Cordell

Lancaster, CA