Following below, are some video presentations, not controlled by the FCC, and corporate controlled TV stations.



You must watch these Video links, it will make you enraged, but this is very serious.

Learn what is really going on in our nation. Rise up and ReVote to ReStore America.


Turn off the Ball Games, and pay attention to what is happening in our nation.

I know you don’t want to think this could happen in our nation, but it is.


So you don’t think: I know what I’m talking about, that I’m preaching conspiracies, well the video links on this page, and others that you will find online as you start viewing these links, will open you eyes, and your mind, as to what treason is happening in our government, to destroy us.


Take the time now to view these Video’s, to educate yourself, while we still have a nation with laws, about to be abolished.


Please take the time to watch ALL of these videos below, and while they are long, you will begin to understand what our nation faces.

So here are the links below to these videos


Further in this website there is more about Daneen Peterson who also has these links on her website

                                     “Stop the North American Union”.  Her Video Links

Some of these are links I already have on this web page, as both of us know what you must watch and learn NOW.


Little 6 years old Jon Bennett Ramsey murdered in Colorado, strange situation?

Well as you listen to the revelations by Kay Griggs in the following video, you will hear what was really going on, and who was doing what!

Why that investigation still did not tell you why or by whom she was murdered.


This is sickening, to find this is going on in our nation, and we really have so little control.

Who is Kay Griggs, click on her links below, as she tells you how our Military run our nation.

Learn why NOW.

This link is OK, investigate and listen to Kay Griggs.

Desperate Wife: Kay Griggs, widow of a Marine Col. tells you what is going on, at risk of being killed.

She was inside all of this happening, and has been threatened, but tells all.


She made an interesting statement: All of the paperwork about the ENRON scandal was in one of the vaults in the Twin Towers, now gone?

Part One: (3:34:00)

Part Two: (3:33:00)


 This is a concerted effort of many people to help you understand what treason our nation faces. Wake up Americans, you had until last November 4th 2008 to stop what is happening to our nation. Citizens elected Obama with no idea what his agenda was other than “Change you can believe in” There are more links about Kay Griggs if you Google her name.


Then for more on the fun our elected official have in Washington with the children of Boystown in Nebraska. If you play around with minor children you go to purgatory, if you are in Congress and the Senate, you Deserve to have fun.

Read about the scandal. Sick!

Can’t our elected officials control behavior from the Oval Office to the coatrooms.


Do we run the government, or does the government run us? Many of our Freedoms are being outlawed. Enough of this treason, so many have died to preserve our rights to be Free, and “bit by bit” our government has cut more and more rights. I’ll stop this.


In many states you have the right to own a gun, but you had better not use it, or you go to jail for trying to protect yourself, WHY? Keep your gun locked up so intruders won’t get hurt. If you own guns, do you own them, To preserve our Constitution and Bill of Rights?


The founding fathers of our nation, knew citizens needed to be armed to preserve our rights, “we have let” our government remove the right to protect us “from the government”.


We must restore our rights, and continue to protect this nation, or totally surrender to be dominated by the New World Order, One World Government. Are you ready to surrender?


Do you think I’m overreacting? Suppose it was one of your loved ones in the Twin Towers, or the Pentagon,

or on those planes that crashed on 9/11. Why 9/11?

View the information in the following videos that explain “Why 9/11”.


Look at the many links in this website and think, think, think.

We have been attacked, and we are being subject to treason from our politicians in Washington DC. Let’s stop this now. Or else!


     View the information in the following videos that explain “Why 9/11” this is treason.

Who is a terrorist? “ANYONE: who confronts our government”.

Love your government, right or wrong?


If you are against our elected government, you might resort to terrorism: “By demonstrating illegally”.

“Illegally”, that means attempting to get the governments attention that you are troubled by the lack of action to save our nation, but the cops tell you, you are creating an Illegal Assembly, so go home, or get arrested.

Forget the First Amendment that gave you the right to demonstrate.


The police can’t tolerate this behavior; you must be detained so you don’t poison others with your ranting and raving about Citizens Rights.

I am against those running our nation, not the principals that started this nation.

We need new blood to lead this nation, not reruns that Obama is picking.


Stop bringing up the Constitution, and Bill of Rights, you only confuse citizens with that kind of treasonous talk. Your children will know your nuts, because the Schools of America have told your children the “right” government plan for our Nation. They have been told it’s not fair for individual to own property, that all citizens should own everything collectively.

Where have we heard that story before? Communism!



Do we have Homeland Treason, to disarm and destroy our nation, YES!

Posse Comitatus Order: forbids US Military operation in the United States against citizens. “Not anymore”.

“Habeas Corpus”: Cancelled your right to a trial when arrested, but you will only be detained, “indefinitely” with absolutely no right to any trial at any time.

REX 84 here you come.


Yet our Military is performing joint operations with local police, and foreign military staff to show how to use “Martial Law” takeover of communities. To prepare for the final surge of taking control of our nation, by United Nations troops. Swat Teams deluxe.


WARRENTLESS SEARCHES? Homeland Security funds spent to outfit local governments to be able to enact Martial Law, to enslave our citizens for the New World Order. Watch these video’s of our Military in operation. Stop pretending our rights are secure, we are not secure, and our present government plans to stop our rights.


They are preparing our local police to cooperate with the Military takeover of our nation. Distributing military vehicles all over our nation under the guise of Homeland Security. Will you refuse to be searched when you have committed no crime? You had better submit or else; Refusal to be searched, even an illegal search makes you a criminal.

We have a battle right here in our nation; being prepared for occupation of United Nations troops to force us into submitting to the New World Order.


Our very own government (FBI) has now given itself the right to enter your home and search, and remove anything they want, and you are warned that “If you tell anyone about the search”, you can go to jail for telling. They think you might be

a terrorist, or against our government. Isn’t that our wonderful government? They are just trying to protect us!

Why would they think you are unhappy with our government? Of course other citizens will feel you must be doing something

wrong if the FBI searched your home, are you a Terrorist?


Who is a terrorist? “Anyone who disagrees with our government”. Love your government, right or wrong,

or “you are against our government”, so you might resort to terrorism, by demonstrating illegally.


We can’t tolerate that behavior; you must be detained so you don’t poison others with your ranting and raving about citizens rights. Stop bringing up the Constitution, and Bill of Rights, you only confuse citizens with that kind of treason.


Is this why my website was destroyed sometime between Sat night Oct 18th 2008and Sunday afternoon, Oct 19th 2008?

Now restored, and on to educate you as to what we must do to save our nation.


Get comfortable with some refreshments and relax, as once you start to look at these Video’s you won’t want to stop, until you have seen all of them. Then you will be livid.


Once you start this review of video’s you will find other links also available to educate you as to what else is happening by patriots who are trying to get the messages to you. It seems various links I had to sites have been grossly changes, Why”

But I am trying to watch over this situation more closely to bring this TREASON to your attention. Everyone of these Video links will educate you as to why we must stand up and face our elected officials and send them to jail for Treason.

Lets Restore our Constitution AND Bill of Rights and retake control of the nation of We the People. Don Cordell


Is this our real America? Who is the government, is it “We the People”? Yeah Sure!


1.     FREEDOM TO FACISM”: Is Income Tax Legal? “Jury said NO”. There is NO law to demand you either file an Income Tax Return, or Pay taxes on “Earned” INCOME. The Supreme Court said so in 1920 and in 2004:

      view video link below.

Then: More about the Federal Reserve System treason.

We have a government that makes us get permission to do anything. You can’t start a business, or build a house, or change the level of your ground, or do almost anything with out getting a permit from someone.

Permits: that can be denied.

Complete government control.

You need a permit to demonstrate, soon you will need a permit to breath, and that can be denied.

These Videos make take a few minutes to load, patience is a virtue, but rewarding.


Listen to Congressman Ron Paul explain how we are headed to being a police state.

Yet Ron Paul was not selected by the Republican Party to run for President. Why?

IF you don’t bother to view this Video, then don’t bother reading the rest of my website, because you are already a slave to this treason. You have no idea what is happening in America if you don’t care to see where we are headed. A vote for anyone but me, is a vote to end the United States > New World Order. You will be livid as to what is happening.

2. AMERICA: from FREEDOM to FASCISM“Director Commentary”,

        (Try this bit of website for more examples). in St. Charles, ILL  (58 min)


3. ENDGAME: by Alex Jones. The Trilateral  takeover of America, New World Order  (2:19Hr)


4. The UN Deception: In 5 parts each about 10 minutes, at 33:00 min: discussion of Agenda 21 for total submission of all

    citizens to global law.   Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5. You will be led to believe that the future of

   our nation must include United Nations leadership to Restore our Economy. You will be WRONG.

    Military Control of your community Just obey; surrender and you’ll be OK. Otherwise, you will be eliminated.

    Have more than ONE child and you go to prison, or eliminated! Wake up Americans we’re being screwed.


4a This American Legion booklet is available for download from the following site, about the problems of Illegal Alien

      invasion. Check this out too.


5. THE SECRETS OF THE CIA:  (44 min’s) Part 1 of many parts, view all.


6. POLICE STATE, 2000 Martial Law for the World. (Parts on YouTube) Alex Jones


7. POLICE STATE 2: The Takeover, by Alex Jones. (@1Hr 2 min) Listen carefully to the interview with Terry Reed,

     I have Terry’s book and it is totally reveling about the CIA importing tons of Cocaine in to Mena, Ark.


8. POLICE STATE III: Total enslavement. (in 16 parts)


9.  POLICE STATE 4 (2:20:38) The Rise of FEMA

“Citizens may resist: Unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer’s life if necessary.”

Plummer v. State, 136 Ind. 306.  This premise was upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States

in the case: John Bad Elk v. U.S., 177 U.S. 529.


10. TERROR STORM: (1 hr 52 min)


11. 9/11 THE GREATEST LIE EVER SOLD, by Anthony Hilder: (2Hr 6 min) More 911 expose (6hrs 30 min)

How 9/11 was orchestrated to give Bush the right to declare war.


12. ORWELL ROLLS IN HIS GRAVE  (3Hrs) Treason in our government. Is your future worth

      3 hours of your time, or don’t you care about treason against all of us by our elected leaders?

Think you can’t change anything; of course you can’t: If you sit on your ass and allow this to continue. This file tells you how dumb citizens are about voting. Learn how the media is restricted in what they will report, and “who controls coverage. for you to know what is going on”.

IF this video stops midpoint RESTART and move pointer to the last moment it quit. I experienced this at 27 minutes into the presentation.


13. CASHLESS SOCIETY: Get scanned as you enter private parks (Disney, Magic Mountain) or make purchases, or “else”. Scanned for RFID chips in you or your children as you go anywhere away from your home. Scannable within 40’ for now, but later? First we put chips in your pets so we can find them if they are lost, then chips in your children, so we can find them when they are lost. When they grow up, they’re use to being scanned for the security of our nation. Then everyone has a chip so we can trace all of you, where ever you enter will be on record, just for “your” security.

Keep it up, who needs freedom anyway?  (59:59)


14. LOOSE CHANGE: (2:09:00) The true story of 9/11, you will be furious that our own government has done this to us.



15. Invisible Empire: (2:14:01) The name tells you all, follows Loose Change with more information on New World Order. Newer version: Invisible Empire (2:14:01)

      If you get the message: Unable to run: Cancel the message 2 times, back up 2 times and keep trying, on the third

      try it will run. NOT a Google site.


16. MASTERS of TERROR, OUR OWN GOVERNMENT: Alex Jones presentation  (2hr-2m)


17. ANOTHER 9/11: The Truth and Lies about 9/11 (2hr/17min.)

Drug Smuggling by the CIA. by Michael Ruppert, LAPD, retired.


 You just won’t believe the facts reveled in this video, presented by a Los Angeles police officer, who was fired, because he questioned the CIA; about drugs our government smuggles in to America. This embarrassed the Federal Government too much. Learn who owned what, that tie in to Osama bin Laden, it’s time for you to learn what is really happening in our nation.  This police officers website is review his information, TREASON? His link to “The War on You”.  The information by Michael Ruppert is very important, an officer with inside information on more treason in America.

He also explains: Who owned the Twin Towers, what insurance payoff existed, very interesting, and you still believe in fairies.     


If you don’t have time to watch this information that is critical for the future of our nation, and if you don’t realize what is going on, then help me to fight this treason, or our nation will cease to be a Free Nation, and we will just be another part of the New World Order under the United Nations.


View the following video that shows how your children are being taught, that the New World Order, United Nations is the correct way of life. Teaching your children that the under the United State law, that Freedom was old fashioned, and survival can only exist with the new laws of our nation. Telling you, that “only” the government has the right to teach your child, no more home schooling. So watch this video about our future education system under the New World Order. Your children are being reprogrammed.


18. * GET The United States, out of the United Nations, NOW.

Another Video presentation: (30min)


19. Overview of American: from the John Birch Society. Parts 1-4

1.   (7:48)

    2.   (8:20)

         3.   (6:15)

              4.   (7:08)